JC ALVAREZ         jcalvarez@ambiente.us

A native New Yorker fortunate enough to have been
nurtured on both spectrums of the cultural melting pot:
born on the isle of Manhattan and raised in the heart of
Little Havana in Miami.  JC Alvarez is solidifying his place
on the pop-culture radar as a voice on the highly-
popularized local access and internet driven talk show/
pod cast TALKING ABOUT celebrating everything from
entertainment and the arts, to politics, and covering the
myriad dimensions of our diverse community!  With an approach that is always
accessible and full of humor and a dash of sex appeal!  JC Alvarez has been fortunate to
interview such notable personalities as Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman, as well as pop
divas Kristine W, and heartthrob Colton Ford and one day aspires to entertaining on the
national level with his own late night talk show!  

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JC Alvarez is a contributing features writer for Ambiente