PAULA XANTHOPOULOU  (paulax@withoutboundaries.com)
Paula was born and educated in Stockton, California, attending the University of the Pacific and
majoring in International Relations. She spent ten years as a teacher and administrator at the
American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece -- followed by consulting and working for non-
profit organizations when she returned to the U.S. and a 6-year stint managing opera singers for
her own company.  In New York City, Paula was involved in a myriad of community efforts, which
has also been the case since moving to Miami in 1994.  She headed the Miami Shores Brockway
Memorial Library Building Fund and serves on Executive Committee of the Miami-Dade County
Commission for Women.  Paula served two terms as president of the National Women's Political
Caucus of Florida (2001-2005).  During that time, she worked on the Janet Reno for Florida
Governor campaign and later served as Deputy Campaign Manager on the Carol Moseley Braun
for President campaign based in Chicago.

In 2002 Paula was a Miami-Dade "In the Company of Women"honoree for her work and was
honored with the NWPC/FL  2005 "Elaine Gordon Leadership Award."

As a writer and commentator, she is a committed advocate for the creation of a real power base
for women by electing many more women. Paula also publishes and maintains her own website
(www.equalrepresentation.org) as a hub for strategies like “Every OPEN SEAT A Woman's
Seat, and related issues/information.
Efren Martinez Pulgaron; La Habana 1965. Periodista.
Curso estudios en la Academia San Alejandro de La Habana.
En 1992 se integra al Movimiento Cristiano Liberacion grupo opositor al regimen castrista.
En 1995 comienza a trabajar como periodista independiente en la agencia
Cuba Press, una agencia que reportaba para el mundo libre las incidencias de las violaciones
de los derechos humanos en Cuba. Debido a sus actividades como opositor y comunicador
alternatico sufrio acoso de la seguridad del estado por lo que la Oficina de Intereses de los
Estados Unidos en La Habana le otorga asilo politico y viaja a Miami en 1999. Trabaja como free
lance journalist y scribe una columna mensual sobre asuntos de Cuba, en Ambiente.
                        BODEGA AVE | CARTOON ARCHIVES
Mr. Brenesky is a native Floridian of Hispanic heritage, President of UC Florida PAC - a Political
Action Committee, and is a charter member and serves on the board of Unity Coalition of
Miami-Dade as Vice President.
As an expert in Political Consulting and Medical Management Services, Mr. Brenesky has
focused his community and professional efforts on minority public health and education,
immigration rights, and other minority issues in South Florida.
In 2002 Brenesky and Herb Sosa co founded Ambiente Magazine.
In January 2003, Ron Brenesky was named one of Tentaciones Magazines Top 16 Latina/o
activists in the U.S.
In 2007 Brenesky was awarded a Premio Azucar in Miami for his work defending Civil Rights,
and in 2008 he was named co-chair of the GLAAD South Florida Media Awards - for the 2nd year
in a row!
A proven track record in verbal & written communications
and excellent public relations/cause marketing successes

Community activist, Miami historian, preservationist and freelance writer, Herb Sosa was a
founding member of, and currently serves as Director of  UNITY COALITION|COALICION UNIDA,
the leading Latino|Hispanic gay civil-rights nonprofit initiative, offering leadership on issues that
concern Latino|Hispanic LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and other minority groups
across the U.S.
In 2002 Sosa became co-founder and Editor in Chief of Ambiente Magazine (www.ambiente.us),
a Florida and Latin America focused bilingual e-magazine for the Latino|Hispanic LGBT

Mr. Sosa brings over 20 years of corporate and not-for-profit leadership experience
in the community.

In January 2004, Herb Sosa was named one of Tentaciones Magazines Top Ten Latina|o
activists in the U.S. and in 2005 was named one of OUT magazines Top 100 LGBT Activists
and featured on LOGO TV.  On April 2008 Sosa was named Terra.com's Activist of the
Month.                                                                      He can be reached at
Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a middle class family. Grew up in the San Juan and upon
graduation from high school there, escaped to The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.
Then proceeded to attend the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan where he obtained a Doctor in
Medicine degree in 1980.

After an internship in New Orleans and a four-year obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Cook
County Hospital in Chicago, he went to work in the private practice in the Chicago suburbs until
1996.  Retired since, due to HIV disability, he currently shares life between Chicago and Three
Oaks Michigan with his life partner, Bill Rattan, and their dogs Mellow and Mocha. In 1999
founded The Capitol Club, Equality Illinois High-end donor club.  Currently serves on two Boards
of Directors: Equality Illinois and  Orgullo en Accion, the New Chicago Latino LGBT Organization .  
Very active fundraiser in the GLBT community in Chicago, maintains a travel website
www.pinkagenda.com, a personal website: www.carlostmock.com, and some blogs:
latinoodyssey.blogspot.com. Author of Borrowing Time: A Latino Sexual Odyssey (Published by
Floricanto Press, 2003), and currently working in his latest novel: The Mosaic Virus, and
monthycontributor/columnist for Ambiente.
Bodega Ave. is a pop fantasy and ridiculous satire based on a group of teens living in Brooklyn,
New York. The diverse cast of kids reflects not only upon New York but most of the United States.
Many of these stories come from personal experience and memories of growing up amidst a
neighborhood of dreadlocks, braids, and jewfros. Bodega Ave. is about growing up weird and out
of place in the world.  For those of you who have ever felt the same way as a child or adult,
Bodega Ave. is the place for you!
Tara Lopez – Artist.Tara is an immigrant from Staten Island (AKA “Da Dump,” or “Shaolin”), now
living in Brooklyn. She is an alumnus of Parsons School of Design (No, I don’t know Tim Gunn
but sure wish I did), where she majored in Illustration and animation (Like Rob Zombie).
Currently, works as a freelance illustrator and full-time Graphic Designer… Oh, and comic artist
Aurin Squire – Writer. Aurin is from Opa Locka, Florida. A place nobody has ever heard of that
causes people to get a quiet and glazed-over look in their eyes. For this reason he just says he’s
from Miami, which always elicits a knowing nod, friendly smile, and an occasional “Scarface”
reference. He graduated from Northwestern University and from The Actors Studio, majoring in
film and creative writing respectively. He has been a reporter for various publications, including
The Chicago Tribune and Miami Herald. Due to a myriad of work-related projects he has spent
the past year traveling between New York, Florida, and New Mexico.

Tatiana Suarez Pico – Writer/Translator
Tatiana is a New York-based actress with writing aspirations. She has a business degree in
Marketing and an MFA in acting. Tatiana provides the lovely Spanish translations for the comic, is
a story contributor, and has many jobs to support her love of acting, which has made her poor in
the pocket but not in spirit… which is where it counts the most.
2007 South FloridaLatino Press Award
Dahlia Canes
Best Latino Writer/Columnist
Steve Ralls joined PFLAG in March 2008 as the organization's director of communications.  Prior
to his work with PFLAG, Steve worked for 8 years with Servicemembers Legal Defense Network,
a national legal aid and advocacy organization dedicated to repeal of the military's "Don't Ask,
Don't Tell" ban on openly gay troops.  In his LGBT advocacy work, Steve has been widely quoted
in the media, including in The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, the Associated
Press and other national and local press outlets.  He has appeared on CNN, National Public
Radio, CBS News on LOGO and recently coordinated a groundbreaking 60 Minutes report on
changing attitudes regarding LGBT personnel in the U.S. military.
Along with PFLAG communications coordinator Adam Ratliff, Steve develops, implements and
oversees PFLAG's communications program, including media, messaging, online
communications, publications and public education programs.  He is also a regular contributor to
The Bilerico Project, and is a steerinig committee member of Amnesty International's OUTfront
program, focusing on international LGBT human rights issues. Mr. Ralls also is a regular
contributor to Ambiente Magazine.

He can be reached at
Sissi Fleitas, reconocida presentadora de television, actriz, modelo y ahora imagen de marcas
internacionales, revelera sus secretos mas intimos y guardados por mucho tiempo en
La bella rubia contara en su columna semanal lo que toda mujer, y en especial los hombres,
quieren saber.

Sissi es una estrella internacional. Comenza su carrera a los 4 años y a los 15 años se
presenta por primera vez en television conduciendo por mas de 2 años el programa Sabado
Conmigo en Cuba, Cubavision. Llega a EUA y Univision, la cadena de television mas importante
de habla hispana, y le abre las puertas del programa Sabado Gigante.

Por mas de 8 años su talento, belleza y versatilidad han sido admirados en mas de 100
millones de hogares cada sabado compartiendo escenario junto a Don Francisco y
convirtiendose en una personalidad internacional.

En el 2000 fue elegida por la revista People como una de las Latinas mas bellas del mundo.  

Ha sido la presentadora oficial de eventos tales como los Premios Fox; El Festival de Acapulco,
Televisa; El Festival de Via del Mar, Canal 13 Chile-Univision; entre muchos otros especiales de
television nacional en Estados Unidos y teletones como las de Panama, Honduras, Chile, El
Salvador y Ecuador.   Actualmente, Sissi ha sido contratada por Television  Española  
Internacional para "El Gong Show" un programa de mucho exito en paises como Francia, China
y Estados Unidos, todas las semanas en horario estelar por TVE.
Ademas, a lo largo de su carrera ha realizado con exito 6 calendarios, ha desarrollado negocios
de accesorios para el cabello y joyeria con su imagen "Sissi latina beauty /Sissi hair accesories
" disponible en tiendas de venta directa al publico como Wal-Mart, CVS y Walgreen.

Recientemente ha unido su nombre al de La Bella, una de las marcas de productos de belleza
mas vendidas y reconocidas en el mercado hispano de los Estados Unidos creando "La Bella,
by Sissi", lo que la convierte en una de las pocas hispanas en llevar su nombre a las mas
grandes y populares cadenas de tiendas de los Estados Unidos.
Stephen Gaskill is a senior communications strategist and political consultant with more than
20 years of experience designing and implementing media outreach programs for political
candidates, government agencies, advocacy groups, major corporations, trade associations
and ad hoc coalitions.  

Based in South Florida after a long career in Washington DC, Stephen is an independent
consultant with a variety of client interests, and has served as national spokesperson on a wide
range of issues and causes.  He is a veteran of Democratic politics, and held senior positions
in the last four presidential campaigns.  
At Ambiente, we love newspapers and we love magazines, but we love our planet even more.

This is why we made a clear decision from day one to produce Ambiente.us as an online publication
exclusively.  There has been much pressure to compete with a paper version of our product, but some things
are more important than a bit more profit - our earth's health and well being and a clean future for the next
generations - for starters.

This saves countless trees, energy, keeps chemicals & dyes out of our rivers, ground & oceans, our streets
& landfills cleaner and less full, and our information and news as earth-friendly and timely as possible!  

Encourage your friends & family to recycle, do their part, shop with our advertisers, and visit
www.Ambiente.us for the latest in Latino/Hispanic LGBT News and Lifestyle!
AMBIENTE is a bilingual Hispanic gay publication, dedicated to informing, educating and entertaining  the community on
positive hispanic arts, culture and life issues in our community.
Our direct market is Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America - yet our readership & reach is global.
AMBIENTE is produced  bi-monthly, free of charge, distributed electronically around the globe, and reaches thousands of
loyal readers.

AMBIENTE es una publicacion bilingue hispana gay, dedicada a informar, educar y entretener a la comunidad sobre
asuntos positivos de arte, cultura y vida en nuestra comunidad.
Nuestro Mercado directo es la Florida, el Caribe, Centro y Sur America - pero nuestro alcanze y publico es mundial.
AMBIENTE se produce quincenal, se ofrece en forma gratuita y se envia eletronicamente por todo el mundo a miles de
lectores fieles.

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