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David Beckham, Mr. Metrosexual

by Bill Abdul, 365Gay.com

(Los Angeles, California) If the Los Angeles Galaxy wanted to give soccer a sexy face they couldn't have made
a better choice than European star David Beckham.  And if the team wanted to build its gay fan base, well,
who better than Becks - he's been a gay icon, something he's reveled in, for a decade.

Going after gay fans may be strange for the Galaxy - the team is owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group,
owned by Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz who spends much of his money battling same-sex marriage and
other LGBT issues.

Nevertheless, Becks is off to the Galaxy, and you can bet Becks will be a hot item for gay sports fans. Not that
he's gay.  He isn't. Beckham is married to ex-Spice Girl Victoria.

No matter.  He's hot and he has about the keenest sense of metrosexualism on the planet. Just about every
gay mag in Europe at one time or another has named him "the sexiest man in the world."

Just how metrosexual is he? Well, there was the phase he went through wearing pink nail polish. Then
there's the hair.  Becks has had more hair styles than you can count.

We went back through our picture file for just a few over the years.

Gel Boy
In the pre-Posh days, David was all gelled up and ready to go.

Slick Back
Then there was the wet look, all slicked back.

Floppy Boy
The ‘floppy’ showed David was shy and you’re caring!

Buzz Bum
Then came David's military look. Butch beyond your wildest wet dreams.

The Shag
After that came his shaggy wispy blonde do.

Mohawk David
From shag to Mohawk there was no stopping Becks.

With his ever changing style Becks would be right at home in West Hollywood. And if you're one of the few who
hasn't seen the movie "Bend It Like Beckham,'' get thee to a movie rental store.

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2, 1975, in Leytonstone, a small town just a short drive
northeast of London.

Leytonstone—blue collar through and through—was soccer-crazy, much like the rest of England. His dad
often brought David to his matches. The boy begged to join the games, and finally got his chance when he
reached his teen years.

When he was 11 he participated in Bobby Charlton's Soccer Skills
Tournament (a nationwide competition akin to "Punt, Pass & Kick�
in the U.S.). The 11-year-old won the event with the highest score ever.

As David grew older, he became the subject of an intense recruiting
war between various soccer interests.

Representatives from United first came knocking after David's 12th
birthday. Every summer after that he went to Manchester for workouts.
In July of 1991, on the advice of Bobby Charlton, the club signed the
16-year-old as a trainee.

In 1996, with Becks on board, United stormed to the league title and
won the FA Cup. In '99 Manchester captured the Premiership, FA Cup
and European Cup and David was voted Best Midfielder and Most Valuable Player.

With the dawn of the new millennium Becks joined Madrid's Real Madrid where he languished and now its on
to Los Angeles.

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