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RUNAWAY AND JOIN THE CIRCUS|Britney Spears returns as Mistress of the Ring
By JC Alvarez

To celebrate her 27th birthday, the oft-deposed Princess of Pop released her sixth studio album and to
promote the festive occasion Britney Spears named it Circus, but some would argue that she is more likely
referencing her recent tabloid woes and putting it all behind her as she gets back on track with her career.

The album is laden with dance-ready
hits!  The first single “Womanizer” has
rocketed up the Billboard charts and
sits at the #1 position and will be a club
favorite of the holiday season.  On the
title track “Circus” Britney asserts the
proclamation that she is the ringleader
of her circus and that there are only
two kinds of people in the world: the
kind that entertain and the ones that
observe.  Spears is practically daring
her audience to sit down through the
rest of the dance-heavy set.  Some
standouts are the lush and melodic
“Unusual You” and the hardcore
thumping “Mmm Papi”, but don’t
expect these notes to be anything
deeper than thrilling, body-rocking
club thumpers – there’s nothing
particularly deep about these tunes –
but that’s all right!  They are a lot of fun
and infectious!

But don’t count Britney out in the ballad
department!  There are a couple (only
a couple) of examples on Circus that
synch Spears vocal chops and proves
that when she tones down the
production she can deliver on a more
emotional level with slower tunes, but
stronger balladeers have nothing to worry about.

Circus proves that Spears can masterfully connect herself to the right producers and hit-makers to really
deliver the music that sells her best.  She’s reunited with Bloodshy & Avant and Nate “Danja” Hills, as well as
Guy Sigsworth for some of the albums tracks.  All have produced some of Spears biggest hits.  Max Martin
also reunites with Spears (he produced her debut hit single) and delivers here on Circus a potential new hit,
the track “If U Seek Amy” (interesting title, no) is set to cause quite a stir for sure!

But how seriously is the public willing to embrace her when her career derailment had been the cornerstone
of her fame for the last three years or so?  It’s not as if Britney has yet defined herself as the most articulate
artist.  She has popularized a specific “pop” sound and has kept working with a myriad of producers that have
banked on the “Britney-act”.  While her contemporaries have pursued more ambitious and innovative
productions; Justin Timberlake collaborated with Timbaland and the two have redefined popular music.  
Christina Aguilera found a muse in Linda Perry and the two have parlayed their relationship effectively into
two album projects.  

Britney -- has played it safe.  And perhaps that’s all right!  Like Madonna and Janet Jackson, Spears is more
of a performance spectacle and less of a songstress.  She hasn’t proven herself as a prolific songwriter, but
she is really good with pyrotechnics, laser-lights and intense choreography…and I’m talking about her music
– not her stage shows.

After three years of car chases and paparazzi, hair shaving and panty-less raids, baby-daddies and 24 hour
drive-thrus, is the public ready to embrace Spears as a performer and artist for her music and dancing?  The
answer may be yes!  Already the new album has climbed the charts, videos have leaked, and tours are in
motion and all anyone keeps saying is “Gimme More”!  The Britney Spears renaissance may be in affect –
but we’ll all have to line up and get a ticket and wait for the circus to come to town!

Bring-on the snake charmer!

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