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How to Dress Like a Lesbian
by Angela von Aschwege

I came out and immediately cut my hair off and dyed  what little I had left bright
pink.  Put on some boxers, a wife beater, and some men’s jeans.   
My family wasn’t exactly pleased with this new look but I didn’t care.  I’m here. I’m
queer.  And I look like a big dyke get used to it!  I looked like all my new lesbian
friends and for once I finally fit in.  That feeling of comfort however, was short
lived.  I looked at myself in the mirror one day and thought, who is this person?  I’
m wearing an Indigo Girls t-shirt and I can’t even name one song they sing.   My
hair is pink.  I hate pink.  My boxers are sticking out of my pants and in no way do I
resemble a sexy Marky Mark.  
When I realized I was a lesbian I felt like I needed to physically fit in so I dressed
like the lesbians I knew and pretended to be into the same things they were into.  
By coming out I was telling everyone that I am proud of who I am, however I lost a
part of myself in the process.  I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t.  
I will never forget the day when I met a group of my lesbian friends after being
away for a summer, and I was laughed at.  My hair was natural in color; I wore
shorts above the knee and sported my new penny loafers.  They all thought it was
hysterical.  I laughed with them but as soon as I got

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home I locked myself in my room
cried for three days straight.  Here
I am again, I thought, alone and
not fitting in.
However as I got older I started to
realize I was confusing sexuality
with fashion and I think many
gays, especially those just coming
out, run across that problem.   
Being gay isn’t about dressing a
specific way it’s about being
sexually attracted to someone of
the same sex.  Period.  That’s it.  
Embrace who you are inside and
out.  Dress how you want to dress
whether it’s butch, femme, or
somewhere in between.  Being
gay doesn’t mean you have to
change how you look.  Your true
friends will respect that and will
love you for you no matter what you
wear, including those sexy penny

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