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An LGBT activist’s view of entertainment and world news |
Czech Gay Test, Point Foundation Scholarship, Lithuania’s
Gay Fines, Teacher Jailed for Lesbian Affair, Homophobic
Beer + Hotel’s No Same-Sex Sleeping Rule
by C.D. Kirven

As an LGBT activist, the promotion of queer rights is #1 on my homosexual
agenda. This weekly column serves as a forum for me to comment on issues
and causes currently affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
individuals. My “rundown” of these topics is  from the perspective of an LGBT
activist; it is my goal that by keeping our community informed, we can all help
contribute to the battle for equality.

Czech Gay Test
The European Union criticized the Czech Republic recently because of its use of
“phallometric testing” to validate the credibility of gay asylum seekers. The
method tests whether men seeking asylum on the grounds of homosexuality can
be sexually aroused by heterosexual pornographic material. The European Union
said in a report that the reliability of such tests is questionable, and that the
practice violates the EU convention on

Civil Right




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation
Amnesty says the new law will effectively act to do, and is urging politicians to vote
against it.

Teacher Jailed for Lesbian Affair
An English teacher named Louise Yeomann was reportedly involved in a sexual
relationship for 14 months with her teenage student. She was sentenced to 20
months in jail. Yeoman’s relationship with the teenager developed after e-mailing
each other to discuss homework.  The girl, who was 15 when it started, began visiting
her home, where the sexual contact took place. The sexual relationship began in 2009
and ended earlier this year when teachers at the school told the headmaster of their
suspicions after a school trip.

Homophobic Beer
Moa Beer, a Marlborough-based boutique beer brewer, is under fire from the gay
community due to its marketing campaign suggesting low-carb beers are only for
homosexuals. Moca planned to give away promotional t-shirts via Facebook reading,
“Low-carb – B(Q)eers, Moa Beer — full strength” with a pink Q superimposed on the
first B, when the company received a number of disgusted response on its Facebook
page. Responding to the criticism on Facebook Moa Beers said: “Thanks for your
feedback on our tees. They were meant to be lighthearted… We asked some of our
gay mates and they thought it was funny, but I guess we should’ve asked a few more.”

Hotel’s No Same-Sex Sleeping Rule
The Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall is heading to court next week following a
complaint from Steven Preddy and his partner for refusing to allow them to sleep in the
same bed.  The hotel owners Peter and Hazel Mary Bull deny the claim saying the
hotel has a long-standing policy of banning all unmarried couples from sharing a bed
with the decision based on a belief in marriage and not being concerned with sexual

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human rights. The Czech Interior
Ministry said in a statement this
week that testing is conducted
only after written consent and
when it was not possible to use
a different method.

Point Foundation Scholarship
The Point Foundation, the
nation’s largest scholarship-
granting organization for lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender
(LGBT) students of merit,
announced the opening of its
2011 application season starting
December 10, 2010.  Students
who will be enrolled in
undergraduate or graduate
programs for the 2010-11 school year are eligible to apply for the prestigious, multi-
year scholarships. The application deadline for this year’s scholarships is February
11, 2011. The average amount of annual support devoted to each scholar is
between $22,000-$31,000, which includes mentoring, leadership and media
training and direct financial support. Point’s multifaceted support extends far beyond
the scholars’ time in school as Point provides leadership training and mentoring.
For additional information on Point Foundation, please visit

Lithuanian Gay Fines
The Lithuanian Administrative Code approved last month a new policy called “Public
promotion of homosexual relations,” which will be punished by a fine from $2,000 to
$10,000. The second meeting and vote will take place on December 16th. Amnesty
International criticized the new legislation following the rejection of a measure to
ban Pride marches, something that