www.ambiente.us    DECEMBER | DICIEMBRE 2009

EDITORIAL | U.S. House of Representatives recognizes World
AIDS Day, Ambiente Magazine, Unity Coalition, Herb Sosa and
by Herb Sosa

Those of us that spend a lot of our days, nights & weekends serving on non-profits,
donating our time talents & services to the community we love, do it simply to make the
world a better, fairer and kinder place.  

Not for fame; Not for money; Not for praise.  This is why when the Honorable U.S.
Congress woman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) honored the work of South Florida
organizations and leaders for World AIDS Day, the historic gesture of her recognition,
specifically for Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida (UC|CU) and Ambiente Magazine, was a
huge and humbling experience for me.
Both UC|CU & Ambiente have been my babies since their creation 8 and 7 years ago
(respectfully).  To not only hear her recognize our work in the U.S. Capital, but to hear my
name & work praised by a U.S. Congressman, I cannot begin to put into words.  

As a first generation American & son of Cuban Exiles, this acknowledgment and its
honorable delivery simply inspires me to keep working harder for my community, keep
trying to be a better person
every day, and never forget the impact that
each of us can have to make our world a
better place for all.


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On behalf of ALL of the South
Florida community, I thank
Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen
for her honor & recognition of
our work.

                                            - Herb Sosa