Tell us about your new TV show that you're hosting.....what's
the premise?
The show is called "So You Think You Can Fuck" The show begins with the 10
contestants pairing off, then spinning what's called the "Wheel of Porntune." The
wheel selects the setting for the porn scene and the contestants have 90
seconds to plan their sex scene.
Then the contestants fuck. After they've finished their scene a panel of judges will
offer opinions. like  American Idol, then the fans vote for the winner.

What do you aspire to do in your future?
I'm focusing my sights on doing less in front of the camera and doing more
behind the camera. Eventually I would love to have my own production company.

Do you have a bf?
Yeah I just started dating. If I can find a relationship that lasts longer than my
Glade Plug in's
I'll be set!

What's your favorite dance, the fox-trot or the "U SUCK"
haha - My daddy may be black but the dance gene didn't get passed down to
LOL, I have to say that no one has ever asked me that question before. I  do
think my "You Suck" dance is way better than yours though.
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So You Think You Can F#@k |
A Game Show in 3-D to
choose best Gay Porn Star in
the U.S.

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Matthew Rush | Exclusive Interview
by Mike Korbini

"I'm a 38 year old 'Gay Erotic Video Personality' from Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania. My
father is African American and my mother is German." This is how my on-on-one with
good friend and internationally known and lusted after porn star Matt Rush, started.  I
wanted to give our Ambiente readers some behind the scenes and depth to a great guy
who has accomplished a lot, and isn't slowing down anytime soon.

What did you want to be when u grew up?
Believe it or not, I wanted to be a clown. I actually auditioned for Ringling Brothers and  
Barnum and Bailey Circus when I graduated high school.

How long have u been doing porn?
I started in November 2000 so 10 years in biz.

U were exclusive with Falcon, what happened?
I was exclusive for Falcon for 8 years. They signed me as a "lifetime" exclusive  which
basically only consisted of 8 years. I fulfilled my contract and wanted to work with other
companies and their exclusive models.

Civil Right




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation
I first met Greg, aka Matthew Rush, several
years ago through a mutual friend.  At first, I
found him to be very quiet and shy.  I saw him
out occasionally and it was nothing more than
a courteous hi and bye.  Then I met another
mutual friend and we started hanging out a lot
more.  Finally, I got to meet the Matthew Rush
side, the fun side -
haha just kidding...
Someone who jumps out of the pool and flops
around the concrete like a seal, bleeding
kneecaps and all, he’s awesome playing
“Catch phrase”, you definitely want him on
your team and he has no qualms about
dressing in drag and he gives me the “U
SUCK dance” after beating me at Corn hole
(the beanbag-toss game that is typically
played at tailgate parties.  We play that a lot
on the weekends.  And the “U suck dance”, u
figure it out…..)  Anyway, I found
Greg/Matthew to be very witty, hysterical and
a lot of fun to be around.  
When I was asked to interview him, I couldn’t
wait!!  As you see, I have asked him some very
personal questions and he answered them
all...If you have never personally met Greg
and you see him out, I encourage you to
introduce yourself as he will greet you with a
Just don’t grab his ass or he’ll greet ya with
a fist...
What are the major similarities and differences between Greg Grove
and Mathew Rush?
Matthew is Greg's popular twin brother.  Matthew gets laid way more than Greg does but
Greg drinks more than Matthew does,

Where did the name Matthew Rush come from?
It came from Michael Youens who use to work for Falcon. I'm not creative in the name
game so he came up with it for me.

What puts a smile on your face??
            A home cooked meal, a bottle of Grey Goose and really hot sweaty
                      man sex.  Throw macaroni and cheese into the mix and I'm
                              grinning from ear to ear for days!

                          Do you have any hobbies?
                                                Is masturbation considered a hobby?  No? Crap!
                                                   Well, I like to Kayak, workout and collect
                                                       anything that has to do with Wonder Woman.

What's your favorite movie that you ever  
                                         made and why?
                                                             That would have to be hands down "Good as
                                                                Gold."  It was shot in Sydney, Australia and I
                                                                  got to work with Jake Andrews who I've
                                                               had a huge porn crush on for years!

                                   Who is your favorite porn star and don't say
                              Matthew Rush!
                             I recently got to hang out with Aaron Cage. He's such a witty
              and fun guy to be around. You can't help but to like him.  
He's easy on the eyes too!

Where do you live and do you see yourself staying there
I live in Fort Lauderdale. I've been here for 5 years now and I really don't see
myself anywhere else. I travel all over the country and there's nothing
comparable to South Florida.

When you are not doing porn, what do you do in your spare
More than likely you are going to find my butt parked on the couch watching
shows that I've DVR'd enjoying my quiet time or you'll find me at the beach
soaking up the sun with my Fat Tuesdays drink by my side!

I read that you started porn as a top but have recently
ventured into bottoming, which do you prefer?  
LOL, is this going to be thrown in my face the next time we play corn hole?
LOL.  When I'm with my guy, I'm versatile. Why not have the best of both
worlds? In movies I prefer to be the top.

What kind of precautions do porn stars take so they don't
catch any STD's?  
I personally don't shave the day of the shoot and I brush and floss my teeth
hours before the shoot.  I know it sounds gross but you don't want to have any
cuts, scrapes or bleeding gums before you shoot. Condoms are always used
and you'll NEVER see me in a bareback movie.

What do you think about our fight for equal rights?
I'm all for equal rights but when we have shows like the "A List" that highlights
the stereotypes in our community it makes our fight that much harder.
If you saw a younger gay
kid getting bullied by a
group of guys, what would
you do?

I would definitely step in and help
the kid out. Honestly it breaks my
heart when I hear that young kids
are taking their lives because they
were bullied.  I was bullied as a
kid and there were times when it
was unbearable. Thing got better
and I got through it.

What kind of advice would
you give a gay teenager
who has been thinking
that he is not loved?
They are loved no matter what.  
Even though things may not seem
that way, things WILL get better
and the more you love yourself, the
more love you'll attract.

Who's your favorite
washed up COLT model?

You of course...Wait, what's your
name again?