Our internet savvy is a huge political advantage.

As demonstrated by CNN’s use of the Crimson Hexagon’s social media thermometer,
we can use our extensive knowledge of social networking to creatively get out the
equality vote. As you can see in Crimson’s chart below, most twitter activity took a more
negative slant by focusing on voting against a specific candidate instead of reasons
why we should vote for a specific candidate.

We must also take a more creative approach to activism. We have the ability to use art,
music and film to make our case to the populace. History has shown us that just
because you’re the majority doesn’t mean you will always win. But, diversity is the key
to obtaining full equality. “If you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what
you always gotten,” said Mark Twain

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The resurgence of the fiscally neoconservative statesmen will inevitably require that
they turn their campaign rhetoric into political capital. “Don’t expect increasing
government appropriations for programs delivered by non-profits, but do expect calls
for people to turn to charity,” said Rick Cohen in his column The Non-Profit Quarterly
about Republicans wining control of the House.  The newly inducted industrialists are
sure to push for massive budget cuts resulting in reduced funding for non-profits
across the country. These newly elected “spend thrifts” also hope to rollback any
progress in AIDS/HIV funding and bring any LGBT equality legislation to a grinding halt.

Now faced with the possible death of ENDA and the slow demise of any
congressional DADT repeal, where does the LGBT community go from here?

Now that you have a lay of the election map, its time to use our knowledge to our
advantage and we can no longer stand alone! Let’s “unite the fight”! We must become
fire starters instead of firefighters! The LGBT community must actively engage and join
forces with women’s rights groups, worker unions and any minority group that’s tired of
being oppressed by the corporate republic. As an organized operation we can embark
upon the revolutionary road to fight against the corporate takeover of our country’s
democratic advancements. By strategically mobilizing our newly assembled forces
while publicly resisting religious annihilation tactics, we can successfully dismantle
Bush era policies that have pillaged our electorate. We need to deconstruct the
Republican Party’s plan to turn our state offices into executive confederations.
How do we learn from the Tea Party’s success?

The Tea Party Express and other conservative groups lead bus tours across the
country educating their constituency on their on their party’s talking points. We can no
longer take for granted that our community completely understands the nuances of the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) or how Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s (DADT)
impacts the lives of LGBT civilians. We must take the time to lay the foundation of
equality in ally communities and LGBT communities of color investing in educational
programs that tie oppression to everyday hardships. Our government is in direr need of
more diverse representation to immediately remove the new imperialist regime. We
have the water and the sugar so its time to squeeze the lemons to create lemonade.

How do we begin?

First, we must turn perceived negatives into positives. Last week’s mid-terms proved
one thing, that a split Democratic Party is a weak and vulnerable target.  LGBT rights
leaders need to learn from this mistake by becoming more proactive and less reactive.

How will that help?

My theory on mid-terms losses is that a critical aspect of political maneuvering is
leaders are less persuasive when they betray their fundamental principles. An
increasing number of LGBT activists have chosen to openly disrespect and attack
Democratic allies under the guise that we can force their hand to support equality
legislation. That type of ideology has caused considerable damage to the Democratic
Party because as candidates distanced themselves from President Obama and their
party’s recent achievements subsequently those candidates lost to their GOP
counterparts. If I’ve learned anything from coming out, it’s that it’s always better to live
your truth than to die slowly from a lie. For example, Senator Blanche Lincoln,
candidate for Texas Governor Bill White, Texas Rep. Chet Edwards turned away from
President Obama and
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The Republic of Tea | Exclusion of Women & Blacks from U.S.
Government = LGBT Inequality
By: C.D. Kirven

“It was we, the people, not we, the white male citizens; but we,
  the whole people, who formed the Union,”
- Susan B. Anthony

As eloquently stated by Sarah Palin last night’s mid-term election proved to be an
“earthquake” for the Koch brother’s Tea Party essentially eliminating all African-
Americans from the next U.S. Senate and overwhelmingly increasing male occupation
of both houses by an estimated 83 percent. It’s a dawn of an all too familiar era in
politics, the ascent of big business and re-instatement of an all white male controlled
legislature. This is the first time in our nation’s history that a political party sponsored a
bus tour against the country’s House Speaker.

Pew exist polls (of election participants) demographic breakdown
(GOP or Tea Party voters):

§  90% White

§  60% age 50 or older

§  67% Conservative

§  57% Attend church weekly

Civil Right




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

Democratic policies therefore resulting in heartbreaking losses. But in contrast,
Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Harry Reid and Senator Schumer were steadfast in
there support of the president and their legislative decisions resulting in surprising
wins. How does that translate into a formula for success? It goes back to the old
premise; if you can’t follow then you surely can’t lead.

The LGBT community must utilize Its strengths.

There are four major characteristics of the LGBT market
1. Over-indexing in consumption
2 .Internet usage and internet savvy
3. Extreme brand loyalty
4. Geographic clustering

A s a whole “over-indexes” we consume at a significantly higher rate than the national
average in entertainment and travel markets. This is a tremendous asset for our
fundraising potential. Who are we kidding there is no party like an LGBT party! We must
use our nightlife superpowers to increase our financial foothold in politically
sustainable areas similar to the recent successes attained by the FightbackNY PAC.
What we learn from reduced donations received by the Human Rights Campaign
(HRC) is don’t ignore the pain of your base.

The HRC must learn from the new surge of regional LGBT rights groups. The multi-
million dollar organization must learn to pay attention to the voices of the middle-class
LGBT worker. There is a desperate need for diverse LGBT leadership. Are you ready for
some chocolate milk? The Advocate magazine needs to promote more diverse voices
including more female, Hispanic, Asian, Transgender, Transsexual and Black authors,
artists, music and films. The Logo Network should represent the whole community and
not just one version of the L word. This kind of change must happen for equality for
everyone to occur or our community should just be happy with the status quo. By
ignoring these issues, we as a community liberate injustice!