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The Pet Project: Helping People Living with HIV/AIDs or Other Disabling
Conditions to Keep Their Pets

The Pet Project is a nonprofit organization that serves the needs of
low-income pet owners who are living with AIDS or terminal or
disabling conditions and illnesses. The Pet Project offers
comprehensive services designed to enable our clients to keep
their animal companions. Services include an animal food bank,
referrals to subsidized or low-cost veterinary care, dog walking,
litter box maintenance, grooming, foster care and adoption when
In addition to direct client services, the Pet Project plays a large role
in educating the medical and veterinary communities about the benefits and risks of animal companionship
for people with AIDS or terminal or disabling conditions and illnesses By helping them keep their much loved
pets, we hope to improve the quality of life of those living with AIDS and other terminal or disabling conditions
and illnesses.
Our clients face many losses: health, employment, and sometimes the support of family and friends. By
helping our clients to keep their animals, we help them to keep at least one part of the life that they enjoyed
before their condition. It is our agency’s policy to acknowledge that our human clients are still the rightful
guardians of our animal clients; we are here to help them care for their animals in the best possible way. It is
in this way that we are improving the quality of life of those living with a terminal or disabling conditions and
illnesses while promoting their dignity -- by acknowledging their role in the animals’lives.
For our clients, animal companionship has been an important part of their lives -- so important, in fact, that
many of our clients tell us of foregoing their own needs to meet those of their animals. When we hear of an
animal that is important enough that a person will give up his/her life-prolonging medication to feed that
animal, we know what we do is essential.
The Pet Project is a volunteer nonprofit group that helps improve the quality of life for people with HIV and
other life threatening illnesses. We offer emotional and practical support in keeping the love and
companionship of support animals. We also provide our clients and the general public with information on
the benefits and risks of animal companionship.
At the Pet Project we are dedicated to preserving the human/animal bond between or clients and their
companion animals. Those that we serve are people with limited abilities and the animals with which they
share their lives. We provide comprehensive care for approximately 300 animals in Broward and Dade
County. Our mission is to keep those animals with their guardians for as long as possible.
Visit www.petprojectforpets.org for more info.

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