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All About Average Betty

Average Betty does for home n’ cooking what punk did for
rock n’ roll: She cuts the length and cranks the volume!
But you don’t need a mohawk to enjoy Average Betty’s
culinary comedy.

Average Betty, the show, is a zany, short-format video series
that tosses food and sketch-comedy into a blender and
flips the switch! The show debuted on iTunes in August
2006 and has since spread all over the Internet. Some
love it, some hate it, and others question, “is this even a
cooking show?”

In February, 2007, Average Betty won the Yahoo! Video
Award for Best Internet Personality.

Average Betty, the person, is your average American gal
that loves sunsets, corn dogs and SPF 30. She can jump
rope “Rocky Balboa” style, but is not into drinking raw eggs.
Average Betty grew up in Florida and is the last of six
children from a middle-class family. She went to public
school, wasn’t popular, and lettered in Drama! She
bartended through college, changed her major countless
times, and graduated with a degree in Art History. Average Betty is a visual artist in Los Angeles, a self proclaimed “food hacker,” and the producer of the Average Betty Show!

Average Betty loves to entertain and cook. She calls what she does “food hacking” because she often just hacks away in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients and preparations. Many times the result is a tasty new dish; other times not so tasty. One Sony Handycam and a “few” glasses of wine later, the Average Betty Show was born! (It weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces.)

Average Betty’s motto is, “Work with whatcha got!” You don’t need no stinkin’ culinary degree, fancy equipment or a lot of time to try Average Betty’s recipes at home. And your home kitchen is the best place to make a positive impact on your diet, health and quality of life, yo!

Average Betty brings a punk-rock attitude to home and cooking entertainment. True, she doesn’t have a mowhawk, but she does cut the length and crank the volume! Why spend hours watching the same old food programming when, in just a few minutes, Average Betty can show you something fresh and exciting that you can easily prepare at home.

So whether you live to eat, or just eat to live, Average Betty has something for you to sink your teeth into!

Link to the full Average Betty Archive – www.averagebetty.com

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