Marcelo Holzinger | The need to express myself creatively is what fuels me
by Herb Sosa

Cre·a·tive adj  - \krē-ā-tiv
Marked by the ability or power to create.

From an early age, Marcelo Holzinger found creativity and inspiration in
most everything around him.  Beauty, art, nature, sports - it all served to
inspire and nourish his mind and expression.
Ambiente recently sat with Marcelo for a one on one.

What impassions you about design?
The need to express myself creatively is what fuels me – I feel most excited
about design when I can use it as a vehicle for expressing beauty. When I’m
able to combine art and design elements in a way which touches others,
elicits an emotional response, or simply captures someone’s attention and
imagination, it is at these moments that I feel most energized, stimulated
and passionate about my work.

Do you find inspiration around you?  In who/what?
Beauty inspires me, makes me happy, and fuels my creativity. I’m inspired by
the work of other artists, and all aspects of art and design. When I see
beautiful designs or art that touch me, I feel the strong urge to create. At
these moments, I feel like a part of a larger whole – much the same way that
two drops of water will naturally connect when placed near each other. In a
similar way, I connect with art simply by being around it, and this ends up
fueling my own artistic process.

There is beauty all around, every day – the sun rising up over the horizon, a
bird singing, reeds swaying in the wind, the aroma of flowers, a stunning
piece of furniture, a building, a hotel lobby, etc… – these are moments of
pure beauty that ground me and ignite my imagination.  I regularly make it a
point to slow down, fully experience these moments, and let them flow
through me and into my work.  I describe it as “seeing the world through eyes
of beauty” – all we need to do is open our eyes to appreciate it.  It’s such a
joy to see “the beautiful” in the simple moments of life… and I like to express this in my paintings and my designs.

You are multi-faceted, exploring interior design, canvas, graphics…
What are you most comfortable in and why?
I feel comfortable in all of these areas, since all of them involve artistic
expression. The difference between them is that they each involve different
skills and different forms of expression.  Each project has its own unique
challenges and complexities, and I enjoy being able to flow between art,
graphic design, and interior décor because this allows me to address the
uniqueness of each individual project and tailor my work to the specific
needs of each one.
At this moment in my life, I feel best able to express myself through
abstract painting. The canvas allows me to flow most freely and purely,
without limitations.  When I’m in the flow of a new art piece, I feel as though
the work is moving itself toward a natural destination, I become the
instrument and the facilitator. I let my natural instincts take over as the work
moves through its own process.  I suppose you could say that “I get out of
the way and let the work happen.”

What would you describe you personal style as?
I feel that my personal style is mainly contemporary, reflecting current trends
in the worlds of design and art, but also offering new perspectives on more
traditional themes. While many people think that modern interiors are cold
and minimalist, today's contemporary interiors can be quite comfortable and
welcoming. I feel more comfortable in a sleek and fresh environment that
evokes simplicity, clean-lines, and subtle sophistication, with soft colors and
striking accents.
As far as my artistic style, I am largely influenced by Contemporary Art:
Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, Pop Art, and Minimalism (just to name
a few). But I am also influenced by other artists, designers, and new ideas.
My opinion as a designer is that labels don’t always fit. We are
constantly growing, changing, and evolving. In fact, the constant evolution of
art and design is what makes it endlessly exciting!

When working on an interior, what is the most important thing to
focus on?
To me, the most important thing is to really listen to my clients – what they
need, what they want, their life-style, their culture, their goals, their dreams.  
Once I have a clear sense of these things and who they are, I can work with
them to help make their “dream home” a reality.  
Every person knows what they like and dislike, and has their own tastes
and preferences: Contemporary, Traditional, Victorian, Country, French, etc.
Since people have their own style, it’s important to first get to know who they
are, and then embark on the design journey. No matter what the design goal,
all design elements should work together and complement each other to
strengthen the whole composition.  Once I truly know what someone likes
and wants, we can go about co-creating the design to match their distinct
It is always gratifying when client tells me that we’ve effectively captured
their personality in the final
design; when this happens,
I know that I have heard them,
and helped them create an
environment which truly
expresses who they are.
This is always a moment of
great satisfaction for me.

You do a lot of charity work
– tell us about some of that.
My goal is to use my art as a
vehicle for helping people in
need.  I’ve organized and
participated in art fundraisers,
and contributed original art
pieces to several charitable
organizations to help raise
money for various causes.
These include adoption
organizations, collaborating to
help the children of Haiti, and
anti-bullying organizations.  I
also volunteer my time with
non-profit cultural
organizations, because I
believe that it’s important to
contribute to the ongoing
growth and evolution of art
and culture in our area, and in
the world.  Every time I
contribute my work, energy and time to such causes, I feel like I’m ‘giving back’ and using art as a powerful tool to help improve people’s
lives. This is the best feeling of all.

What advice do you have for our Latino|LGBT youth that might want to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is simple: always follow your dreams. It can seem difficult and challenging to do this at times, especially in the face of prejudice
and ignorance. However, what I’ve discovered in my journey, and what I want to share with others is that you can be, and need to be, who
you are – it is in the truth and beauty of who you are that you can most purely express yourself, without barriers, and without limits. So, don’t
give into fear or negative reactions – be confident, and follow your artistic dreams and impulses. Your creativity will always lead you in the
right direction.

               I see myself continuing to work as a successful artist and designer, opening my own gallery,
               having my work exhibited nationally and internationally, and continuing to work on various
               design projects. I also want to continue working with charitable organizations so that I can
               continue to use my art to help the causes and charities that are closest to my heart.  
                       There is no greater joy than helping those in need, and helping make the world a better
               place; my intention is to continue moving in that direction.

How would you like others to see you and your work?

I would like to be seen as an artist and designer who brings beauty into the world, and uses art to help make the world a better place.  I
believe that beauty itself is healing, and the more beauty there is in the world, the more healing can happen, for each person, and for the
My goal is for my work to be a catalyst, to provide each person with a chance to have their own unique inner experience of beauty.
Regardless of what the reaction is, the fact that there is a reaction, an “alchemy” that occurs, is what I strive for. When people connect with
my work on an emotional level, and experience beauty in my art and designs, it’s deeply meaningful to me. It’s a great honor to participate
in someone’s experience in such a personal way.

Where can we see your work?
Following a very busy couple of years with art exhibitions in Miami, New York and Houston, I feel very fortunate to say that 2011 is ending as
the most incredible year yet! I am currently showing at Rodez Art Gallery in Coconut Grove (throughout October) Celebrating Hispanic
Heritage Month.

I am also participating in the Art Exhibition at the Miami Beach’s LGBT Visitor Center
that will run from Nov 5 through Dec 5, 2011, launching in conjunction with “Sleepless
Night” and concluding during Art Basel Miami Beach. All work on display will be offered
for sale to the public with proceeds benefiting the not-for-profit MDGLCC Foundation
for its LGBT scholarship program. I will also be showing my work in the Wynwood Loft
Art Complex during Art Basel week.
2012 is also shaping up to be an amazing year! I will be involved in many events
throughout 2012; one event that I’m particularly excited about is an art fundraiser in
January. I’m collaborating with The Eclectic Arts Movement (T.E.A.M.) and the No
Boundaries Prosthetic Foundation to help Haitian children who lost their limbs in the
earthquake of 2010.
This will be followed by another charity event, also in January: The Ellen
DeGeneres Art Show & Charity Fundraiser in Los Angeles, including artists from New
York, Miami and Los Angeles to raise funds for non-profit anti-bullying organizations.

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Living in Miami definitely
energizes me. I love nature, the
sun, the ocean, and the wide
variety of people walking
around.  Also, the colors,
flavors, and textures of Miami
are so vibrant and alive.
The people are diverse and
beautiful, and there’s a never
ending flow of activity. I love to
walk on the beach, visit design
showrooms and art galleries,
mingle with artists, designers,
and great friends… and then go
to my studio and create! The
energy and beauty of South
Florida is very inspiring to me,
and shows up in the colors,
textures and compositions in
my work.  I love the mix of
cultures of South Florida,
especially the Latin flavor.      
Being Latino myself, this makes
me feel very much at home.  
This cultural energy is definitely
present in my creative process .
. . and in my life.
"Symphony" - Acrylic on canvas.

Celestia"  - Acrylic/Mixed media on canvas.