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by Herb Sosa

This issue we featured the great music & striking looks of Jason Antone, a multi-
talented musician & performer.  A moment in his life, captured very eloquently for
Ambiente by our equally as talented and handsome JC Alvarez.  As I found myself
bouncing along to the beats of
Start to Move, and listening to the lyrics “So much I have
to say…The times before, I never felt it… Why should I lie to get by, so you will accept
me” - Really listening.  I also found myself reflecting on the impact that music has on
all of us.

One of my earliest memories was of family parties, and the impact that music had on
everyone.  No other song resonates in my mind more than
Cuando Sali de Cuba
(When I left Cuba) by Argentinean singer & Composer Luis Aguile.  There was never a
dry eye around as he slowly and passionately sang …
Cuando Salí de Cuba, deje mi
vida, dej mi amor… Cuando Salí de Cuba, deje enterrado mi Corazón...
(…When I left
Cuba, I left my life, I left my love… When I left Cuba, I left my buried there…).  So
passionate and heartfelt was this song that it has been translated to over 16
languages since he first wrote & sang in the late 60’s.

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Mr Aguile passed away
this past week in Madrid,
but his legacy to the
Cuban exiles lives on
with every verse, every
hope for a return to
Cuba, and every tear.


According to her bio,
Mercedes Sosa, known
as La Negra (July 9, 1935 -
October 4, 2009) was an
Argentine singer who was
popular throughout Latin America and internationally. With her roots in Argentine
folk music, Sosa became one of the preeminent exponents of nueva canción.
She gave voice to songs written by both Brazilians and Cubans. She was best
known as the "voice of the voiceless ones".  Sosa performed in venues such as
the Lincoln Center in New York City, the Théâtre Mogador in Paris and the
Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, as well as sell-out shows in New York's
Carnegie Hall and the Roman Coliseum during her final decade of life. Her
career spanned four decades and she has been the recipient of several
Grammy awards and nominations, including three nominations which will be
decided posthumously.  She served as an ambassador for UNICEF.
According to a dear friend of mine, Mercedez Sosa & her music was much more
personal for him.  “When I immigrated to the U.S, I was very depressed the first
few months here, full of pain for having left my loved ones behind. Enduring the
pains of indifference, it was a CD of Mercedes Sosa that rescued me from my
loneliness & nostalgia.”

Music makes the people come together - Madonna

Stephen Gatley of the global sensation group Boyzone and his civil partner Andy
Cowles, 31, had been drinking at the Black Cat, the biggest gay club in Palma,
Majorca, where they were on holiday. After going to sleep at his apartment,
Gately was found kneeling against the sofa with his head in a pillow. Cowles
and a family member tried to revive him but were unsuccessful.

Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern told the BBC “It's such a tragedy.
Boyzone and Stephen Gately have been part of Irish life and far wider than that
for 15 years and with such success. It's a huge, huge tragedy, he was only 33.”  
Sir Elton John called him “the kindest, gentlest soul.”  In 1999, Gately took the
brave decision to come out as gay in an interview with the Sun. A year later, the
band split following the decision of lead singer, Ronan Keating to pursue a solo

In 2006, he became one of the first gay celebrities to hold a civil partnership,
when he wed long-term partner Cowles.  The world lost a handsome, talented
young man with life of possibilities ahead of him.  Andy Cowles lost his love, life
partner & the music in his heart.
Music affects us all in different ways.  
Sometimes we celebrate, smile, dance & sweat to it.          
Sometimes we cuddle up & make love to it.  
Sometimes we cry our hearts out to it.  

We all have that song that gets to us.  Remind of something, somewhere or
someone.  Edith Piaf's rendition of
La Vie En Rose.  Con los años que me
by Gloria Estefan.  Born in the U.S.A. by The Boss. Ros Royce's Love
don't live here anymore. Madonna's Don't cry for me Argentina.  Alejandro Sanz'
Tiritas 'pa este corazón partido. My sisters version of Evergreen. K.D. Lang
performing So in Love.  The list is infinite.  The feelings, always intense.

No matter how or why it moves you, you should never stop singing, dancing,
hoping & feeling.

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