barred, educational yet passionate
revelations from the effects on his
marriage to snooty snubs at

Some memorable passages
“…the words every dealer
wants to hear---Whatever it

“The bottom line was that the
auction houses and the
galleries needed
each other.  The galleries
developed talent, and the
auction houses
validated it.”

“Earning $2 million a year as a
dealer is the new middle

“Since no one in the art
business has any traditional
job skills, everyone has to
create some hustle and
bustle to validate their

                            “An auction is
                                like a
                               concert  OCTOBER | OCTUBRE 2009

“Glamour, Glitter, Art World, Gluttony”| A brief review of “I Sold
Andy Warhol (too soon)” by Richard Polsky
by Armando Diaz, Jr.

Boys and girls, chavos y chavas como estan?  Whether you know the difference
between a
giclee work or an inked brush work, or you don’t.  Whether you are a brand
new, I mean brand new novice or a seasoned curator,  
I Sold Andy Warhol (too soon)
is a relaxed, straightforward, and just plain fun reading experience.

The story is Polsky’s personal and well chronicled adventure of buying a prized green
Andy Warhol referred to as a “Fright Wig” for $47,000, later selling it for $374,000, and
just a couple years later, out of his hands, the piece sells for over $2 million.
 ¡AY ay ay!
Along the rabbit hole (though Polsky is NO Alice) we meet buyers, collectors, dealers,
lenders, auction houses, galleries, authentication boards and the corresponding
inflated personalities that are a part of art Wonderland.  

The book’s view of a lush world lost to the economics of greed seems typical but
beyond truth, as we seem to be moving to a higher level of consciousness.  Especially
in today’s times, the art world turns into the “art market”, and like any market full of risk,
a lot of risk.  However Richard tells it with direct, no holds

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil


70's Inspired


Worlds Oldest &
HIV/AIDS Fundraiser


Designer Cactus
with the auctioneer functioning as the
conductor.  If orchestrated properly, the house can increase its take just by
creating the right rhythm to the sale”.

I Sold Andy Warhol (too soon)
is an expressive learning experience from an expert art
dealer and his encounters, offering a rare and poignant glimpse into a scene whose
visual beauty has been burst by the monetary, the gain, the financial.  The prequel I
Bought Andy Warhol must be just as unapologetic.

It’s this writer’s view that Art is for visual enjoyment and a lifting of your spirits.  For
thousands of years now the endless human expressions from cave walls to canvas to
digital print reproductions, have all been for the purpose of a soulful stimulation.  
Richard Polsky’s internal offering brings the reader back to that basic appreciation.  
Yes there are of course levels of quality, but quality as beauty is in the eye of the

You may just finish the book wanting to know the obvious difference between Wayne
Thiebaud and Tony Fitzpatrick, or just a natural and personal appreciation for art as you
have always had or may want to have for the first time.

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