Challenge or any of the other pro series I can
                        get in that’s televised…try to produce an
                                image and to produce some kind of
                                        media support for the organizations
                                                that I really care about like the
                                                    Trevor Project.

                                                    A | What would you like the
                                                     world to know about Evan
                                                     Darling that they may not
                                                     know already?
                                                     ED | I’m a regular guy that’s
                                                    really into cars, I love to race,
                                                  and I’m no different than
                                                anyone else.  I’m trying to make
                                             a difference, I’m trying to step to
                                          the front of the line, to be out
                                       there and show that…who you love
                                should not determine who you can and
                          cannot be.

Among other organizations and charities close to Evan’s heart is
Got Kids? Out in California that assists displaced children, www.
gotkidsla.com . They are having the Celebrity Car Classic Rally in
November 2010.  Also the
GLSEN (www.glsen.org) is an
organization that tries to bring gay and straight kids together, one
of the best things going on right now.  Here children and teens
have an unbiased outlet they can speak to and simply express

Extraordinary people like Evan are ready and able to fight for the
causes they represent.  After his own fight, after so many of our
own fights…people like Evan are there for the bottom
www.ambiente.us   OCTOBER |OCTUBRE 2010

Evan Darling | First Openly Out Gay NASCAR Driver
by Armando Diaz

"I've been racing since I got my first Big Wheel.  
Since I was a child I raced BMX bicycles and then

As Dezzie the adorable (4) year old Rottweiler and a picture of Speed
Racer looked on, Evan darling & I  sat down for a chat about racing, life &
other passions.

Armando Diaz | How do you feel today? What you been up to?
Evan Darling | I feel good!  Today I have been sending out some statements on the
recent suicides…to different organizations  trying to bring light to the problem.

A| Do you feel in that sense that it’s important to be an openly gay racecar driver?
ED |  Yes I do, especially in the demographics that are involved with the sport that I do
there’s very little in the way of LGBT exposure….I’m the only one that’s doing it, I’m the
only one that’s out, I’m the only one that’s racing.  The world really needs to see that’s
there’s gay people out there doing everything, we’re everywhere.  We’re not just one
little niche group of people…pretending to be a way that we’re expected to be.  We’re
not filling a stereotype, there’s always more people than a stereotype.
A| What’s your favorite color?
ED | My favorite color is blue.

A |Where are you from?
ED | Andover, MASS.

A | How long have you been in Florida?
ED | I moved down here in 1988

A | How long have you been racing?
ED | ….since I got my first Big Wheel.  Since I was a
child I raced BMX bicycles and then Motorcross and
then Hare Scrambles which is motorcycle racing
through the woods…

A | I see a picture of ‘Speed Racer’ framed…
ED – Oh yeah, I have always been into the competition,
speed and sports.

A | How long have you been involved in NASCAR?
ED | Well NASCAR owns the series I race in which is
called Grand AM (road races, endurance racing, we
race at night and we race in the rain).  NASCAR is
more of a Southern based circular track.  They only do
(2) road courses a year…it’s a neat series, it’s a very
high profile series.   Grand AM races all over the U.S.,
Canada and Mexico.

Civil Right





Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials
A |When did you come out?
ED | I came out to my parents in 1986 and I came
out professionally in April of 2007, before my first
pro-race at Miami-Homestead.
First pro race we set fastest lap, led and finished 7
th due to brakes and collisions.

A | Have you ever been injured?
ED | I’ve been injured in most forms of racing I’ve
done…auto racing I haven’t been injured in so
badly…I got a really bad concussion from a track in
Atlanta (Road Atlanta is the name of the track).  But
other than that most of my injuries came from
racing bicycles.

A | Do you have a favorite track?
ED| Yes I do!  Right now it waives depending on
where I win or where I race but it’s the Virginia
International Raceway (called VIR)…it’s one of the
most beautiful tracks in the country, it’s got lots of
elevation change, lots of challenge, lots of speed.  

A| You mentioned involving yourself with
organizations that are tackling issues like what
recently happened with Tyler Clementi.

ED|Yes, organizations like the Trevor Project are
doing great things. Ellen DeGeneres kind of took
off with it and it’s becoming a real good, viable
organization for young kids…who are coming to
terms with their sexuality.  Having a place where
they can go and talk…
Evan Darling driving a 2007
Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible
around the track
they can call the hotline…they can work
out their problems without taking drastic

A | Tell me a little bit about your coming
ED|Well I came to terms with my sexuality
pretty young,  I knew I was gay.   I
understood as a young kid,  when boys
start looking at things when they’re very
young and start having interest in it…you
don’t really know why you have interest.  
Some boys look at their friends’ sisters or
female teachers and get crushes.  I
happened to be looking at my male
teachers and (some) male peers and I
was attracted to them and I didn’t
understand why.  99.9% of kids that come
to term with this may try to deny it or
pretend that it’s not there.  “Hopefully it
will go away” or “I really am normal” or
“this is just a phase”.  

As I grew into it  and started getting into
my teens I understood “this is the way I
am”. I mean I can't change it, I can try but I’
m going to be truthful to myself and I have
to be happy.  I came out to my parents at
(18) where I was immediately sent to a
psychiatrist for analysis…he came
back and I of course was fine, there was nothing wrong with me, I
didn’t have any issues that caused this….it’s just the way you are.

A |You know I’ve found in my own life that some of the most
understanding people, are straight men!  The straight men that
are comfortable and secure in themselves…they are so wonderful.
ED | The one thing I don’t understand is if a man is straight and is
comfortable and he really likes women,  how can he not
understand that a gay man…is a gay man?  The natural feelings
of attraction that one has for another person are unstoppable.  It’s
like telling that straight person, could you just be gay?

A |You like motorcycles as well?
ED | Yes.

A | Where do you ride?
ED |I ride everywhere!  I’m putting a bike together on an extremely
small budget…to go ride up on the racetracks.  And I’ve always
raced dirt bikes, I like restoring old motorcycles and fixing them
up.  I red them down on the beach, I ride them up in the Carolinas,
I rode them up in MASS when I lived up there…it’s wherever I can.  
I love motorized vehicles!

A| Do you have a favorite comfort food?
ED | That’s a tough one.  Everything!  I really like chocolate.

A | Are you with anyone special at the moment?
ED | I’m dating…you know, dating <smirks>
A | <smirks>
A |Do you find cars sexy?
ED | You know I don’t look at them in terms of
sexy, some cars have extremely sensual lines
and they evoke the word sex appeal
because they are very exciting to look at
but I don’t really equate it to sex.  I’ll say
that’s a sexy car all the time,  that’s a
gorgeous car or a stunning car…a
Ferrari.  But there’s not a lot of sex
appeal to me in a car other than it
looks good.

A | And you also work on cars?
ED | Yes I’m an ASE master technician.

A | Sponsorships…the lack of these what’s
keeping you from racing professionally full time?
ED | Yes.

A | Do you have any siblings?
ED | Yes, I have (2) sisters and (2) brothers…I’m the youngest.  
One of my sisters just sold her hair salon and she’s moving back
to St. Thomas.  One of my brothers is very Catholic and very
religious however we sit and talk for hours, I don’t push anything
on him and he doesn’t push anything on me.  I love him to death.

A | I can relate to that, I have (3) younger siblings of my own.  

A | What would be your ultimate goal at this point?
ED | My ultimate goal now is to secure sponsorship before a full
season of racing next year in Grand AM, or World
line cause, and that is the care and protection of our children.  The
very life blood that is “us”.  We will never understand the seemingly
endless issue of ignorance or fear based hate.  But in the
meantime, along with the Evans of the world, we can perhaps help
(1) girl or (1) boy see the light at the end of the tunnel.

*In light of the recent publicized gay teen suicides, the globally
televised Church of Latter Day Saint 180th Semi-Annual General
Conference (Mormon) issued a very sensitive yet still homophobic
sermon.  The sermon/talk referenced the “overcoming of same-sex
attraction”, decreed by one of the direct ‘apostles’ of the LDS Church’
s First Presidency, Dieter Uchtdorf.

*Evan is not too big on karaoke but when he does sing out loud or in
the shower  it’s usually classic rock.  He likes ‘Creed’.



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