Robinson, continues the undress, calls
                                                                 for his friend “Mike!” to get on stage as
                                                                 we are moved by Mike’s aka. TT’s rise
                                                                 from gay child to out and proud gay
                                                                 teenager, including life altering
                                                                 decisions TT makes when he finally felt
                                                                 secure and in love with another boy.  
                                                                 TT advises the ladies that the peace
                                                                 sign should be “opened” to good
                                                                 peace and “closed” to unsettled
                                                                 peace.  TT’s catch phrases of,  “Hello?”
                                                                 and “”whatever, whatever” didn’t
                                                                 deviate from the emotion impaled by
                                                                 his spirit.

“My Baby” (in THREE stages) follows a mini series of situations dealing with exactly
that, My Baby.  Of course very funny, very colorfully, energetically and with all,
emotionally put together.  At this point I am obliged to comment on Robinson
unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.  Stage lights, performance poetry, and great abs is
quite the combination.   

Applause followed thunderously with every piece.  Robinson was preceded by a
collection of young spoken word poets and high school acts (including the HILARIOUS
“pick the red envelope, pick the white envelope” skit put together by The John Battledale
Theatre Ensemble of Hallandale High School) and a sonic delight put on by the
Plantation High School Stomp Team.

Spoken word, prophetic-like, and telling poets included (21) year old Sopha “my peace
has gashed depletions”, “So much woman, so much little girl”. We have fedora
wearing T.P. “I’m having trouble replacing this black on black crime, with this black on
black rhyme” also his powerful piece “Cradle To The Grave”.  We also see D.O.I Boi
(Determination Over Er’ thang) performing his last of several great pieces, “This Card”.  
D.O.E. Boi says “changing that laffy taffy for cashy,
Pop, Michael Jackson and one black glove for all the “dark-skinned” people.  Very
dapper in a classic black and white Smooth Criminal-esque suit, on the back of the
coat in shimmering glitter, “God..Me, HIV? And the angel logo for the movie.  He starts
with a brief introduction to the audience as an angel and permission from God, as a
small blessing on the word he is about to speak.

Memorable pieces include a character the commits an accidental yet emotionally
charged shooting at a red light in his vehicle, another is the character of athlete Tyrone
Biggins or “Mudbone” and his brave offense against the “crackdown” that he is facing
due to the harms of graduating from one ill habit to the next.  OCTOBER | OCTUBRE 2009

“God, me…HIV?” | Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt” Presents…

by Armando Diaz Jr.  | photography by Lee Rowand

“If you know someone with HIV, love them for who they are…not for what they have.”

Strong and sensitive words spoken by Devin T. Robinson X, also known as “Egypt”
near the end of the filming for his one man show, as footage for the upcoming movie,
God, me…HIV?” (with a debut date of December 1st, 2009).

As mentioned, footage for the above film was being taped at this event.

With a resume of performances stretching across networks the likes of MTV, BET, NBC
and CBS, Robinson humbly takes on a local neighborhood stage to express his
message.  The actor, while in various stages of undress, introduces, entertains and
provokes the audience with a slew of personalities and situations.  They all share one
common thread, and that is the effect that HIV has had, whether good or whether bad.

Robinson, (to begin), wearing one white glove as a personal ode to the King of

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil


70's Inspired


Worlds Oldest &
HIV/AIDS Fundraiser


Designer Cactus
cashy.  Not any less intense were the single
pieces by Bryan P. and (21) year old Pure Blood,
a sicle cell anemia survivor.

Robinson’s incredible performance is intense,
straight forward and compassionate.  The
reality added by the clever optimism of his
young acts,
adds to the energy and truth of the entire
project.  The audience learns a
little something more that they have not known about each personality or
that character’s situation.  

But more importantly, with a little more thoughtfulness on the subject of HIV, and those
with it in their lives.

Robinson states towards the end, “we spend so much time hiding truths, we spend so
much time lying, we need to speak out and talk about this, talk to your kids…this HIV it’
s exterminating us all”.

The African American Research Library and Cultural Center is located in Ft. Lauderdale
@ 2650 W Sistrunk Blvd, 33311.

For more information on Devin Robinson X aka “Egypt” and his powerful creativity and
performances please visit

CLICK HERE for more Armando Diaz, Jr.

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