UC|CU’s Celebrate ORGULLO 2017 – South Florida’s first & only Hispanic LGBT Pride festival -
enters its 7th successful year with 3 Artists Showcases, 3
Artists’ Studios Bus Tours featuring
30+ studios, Writers Salons, and the SARA GALA | Oct. 1-15, 2017       
By Herb Sosa

Entering their 7th year, Celebrate ORGULLO continues to showcase quality events, artists, performances & programming to Miami’s first
Hispanic LGBT Pride festival. For 2017, we are honoring the life of Spain’s Music, Theatre & Movie Icon, SARA MONTIEL, through Art,
Music, Dance, Photography, Film and Spoken Word.

South Florida’s first Hispanic LGBT Pride festival offers 15 days of events and over 80 artists, writers & talents, including International
authors’ salons; Rhythm, Rhymes & Writing workshops; Tango lessons; Our SARA GALA; PantainFest beer celebration; OUTshine Film
Festival night; 3 Artists Showcase exhibits featuring juried exhibits with 6 international artists; and our popular Artist’s Studios Bus Tours.
This year we will expand the tours to 2 destinations – Pinecrest Gardens in Miami
& Oakland Park in Broward …all culminating in Little
Haiti at Fountainhead Studios for a festival of food, live music, performances, 30+ artist studios & more!

The Celebrate ORGULLO Festival and Artists Showcases runs OCT. 1-15, 2017

PRIDELINES | 6360 NE 4th Court, Miami, FL 33138

MARIANELA HOLLY | Colombia (Miami)                                 
Marianela’s upbringing was amidst walls that were decorated with copies of Renaissance Period paintings. They awakened a curiosity,
and she was very much intrigued by its perplexities. Nela is the result of Marianela’s search to combine traditional art with contemporary
graphics. After working as an artist for over 20 years and falling in love with Pop Art, she decided to bring back those masterpieces with a
modern edge. She deeply believes that art is directly associated with the visual communication.

MARCO BERIA | Venezuela (Miami)         
As a visual artist, I have been ideologically influenced primarily by the Dada movement from which I have gained a subtle surrealistic
vision. This is particularly apparent in my still life panel paintings, where insects, animals and body parts are depicted in a bizarre and
eclectic way. These works seek to explore themes of nature and metamorphosis while utilizing repetition and movement to create an
unreal or sometimes humorous effect.

COCO ALARCON | Peru        
Peruvian photographer & make-up artist relocated to United States and has collaborated with magazines in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico
(VOGUE traveler’s guide) and most recently the US (Palette-Miami Herald) the concept of this shoot called DEVIOUS SAINTS, a free
& curious interpretation between the sacred & the mystic. It borrows ordinary elements in order to re-create the ever popular
halo that which commonly pervades many religious images, from Catholic Saints to Greek Orthodox Icons.

MMM GALLERY | 114 Buena Vista Boulevard, Miami FL 33127

A self-taught, emerging artist who showed innate artistic and creative skills at an early age. In spite of his fascination for the visual arts,
he decided to pursue a different academic and professional path for fear of the instability that comes with being a working artist. In
addition, he's always been interested in social phenomena, leading him to pursue a degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University.
After moving to South Beach in mid 2015, Aquiles began to explore art-making for the first time using oil, charcoal, and pastels. In his
paintings he combines abstract and figurative elements to express is emotions, inner struggles and own perception of reality, focusing
primarily on psychological themes.

The HUB@LGBT Visitor Center | 1130 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Greatly known for his erotic nudes, Ali's work is often featured in both local and national publications, covering a broad spectrum in the
photography field, from the commercial to the fine-art. A native of the Miami area, Ali established himself as a photo artist in South Beach
during the 80's and up to the present. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts College of San Francisco and also
attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and Chicago.

Jonathan Brooks is an award winning Photographer/Visual Artist, whose work has been exhibited in Art Basel Miami, New York City,
Amsterdam, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. His SKULL Series was featured on the I Could Never Love Like That episode of
the CW Network's hugely popular award winning series The Vampire Diaries and his image Dreams is available at West Elm.

Cuban-American artist
XAVIER CORTADA created art installations in the Earth's poles to generate awareness about global climate
change: In 2007, an NSF Antarctic Artist and Writer's Program Fellow, the artist used the moving ice sheet beneath the South Pole as an
instrument to mark time; the art piece will be completed in 150,000 years. In 2008, he planted a green flag at the North Pole to reclaim it
for nature and launch a reforestation eco-art effort.  Since 2011, Xavier Cortada has based his engaged art-science practice at Florida
International University. He serves as Artist-in-Residence at FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society, the FIU College of Arts,
Sciences & Education, and the FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts.

Brazilian Artist
CARLOS CESAR ALVES is as enigmatic as a painter and he is as an individual. His artistic influences stem from
European Modernism and American Abstract Field Paintings, mainly seen through the large expanses of color which cover great parts of
his canvases. Among a plethora of styles, Carlos is also largely influenced by the Dada movement, as his paintings employ ready-made
objects, collage, and assemblage with strong references to industrialism. As of 2016, Carlos Alves has had over 80 exhibits throughout
the U.S and abroad.

Born in Havana, Cuba,
LAZARO AMARAL graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, where he soon excelled his artistry as
a story board artist. One of the most famous projects he was worked on was the movie, Rock of Ages; movie musical version. Amaral
presents a vibrant span. His work has been described as action panting; a continual use of potent colors, hidden images, layering and
projecting motion, and life in each piece. His work has been linked to Abstract Expressionism. He utilizes 1960’s Pop icons while
commenting on social issues using his unique comedic tone which he portrays through skillful prints

All proceeds from Celebrate ORGULLO benefit UNITY COALITION|COALICIÓN UNIDA - the First & Only organization for the So. Fla.
Latinx|Hispanic|LGBT community - advancing Equality & Fairness - through Education, Leadership and Awareness, since 2002 – offering
tools and programming, like ELEVATE- a day of being Nicer; LGBT Scholarships for the Arts, Design, Education & Cosmetology;
TRANSART series – showcasing Transgender art & artists; the 7th annual Celebrate ORGULLO Hispanic Pride festival.

UC|CU also produces workshops & services to empower our community, like our State of Hate workshop – bringing local, state & federal
law enforcement together with our community to reduce crimes; Immigration & Legal Rights seminars; Employment Prep, Image and
Resume building; Online Community Resource Center, and a rainbow of Community Partnerships, programming and alliances.        
For a full Schedule of Events for Celebrate ORGULLO, please visit or download our APP!

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