MICHAEL SILAS on Fame, Fashion and Dance
by George REgz

Originally from Germany, Celebrity model & dancer
Michael Silas moved to Houston when he was 13 years old
with his whole family. He is a hot mix of Black/German with
Native American and Hispanic on his dad's side. Silas says
growing up in Germany was no different than his life in
America - just a different language. His dad was military so
he grew up very Americanized. We sat down with Silas to
discuss his life, career and future...

How did the ball start rolling with your dance career, and
what has been the highlight thus far?
I always played sports so i didn't stumble onto the art form
until I saw the movie House Party! It changed my life,
dancing the way I liked and everybody seemed to be having
a blast! i knew the I had to do that! Life is my highlight! I don't
allow one moment to overshadow the next for EACH
moment has made me and got me where I am today!

What are the most difficult things you sacrifice while
being on the road, also name 3 things you never leave
Family, holidays and friends....i never leave my Ipod, laptop
and spiritual artifacts to keep me grounded

Who have you always dreamed to dance along-side?
Just like any dancer growing up I always wanted to dance
for Michael Jackson!

Working with a superstar on any caliber
you have to rise to your highest
self and gift! Because you have millions
of people watching your every move!

Throughout a fulfilling career there are highlights and
mistakes along the way because no one is perfect...
There were some pictures during our Ambiente shoot that
were very metaphorical; How does one "hang in there"
while the media "tears you apart?"
You don't listen to them! At the end of the day YOU know
your truth and thats all that matters! You can't take on hearsay no matter where it comes from! So RISE ABOVE IT!

How have you bounced back from the Perez Hilton scandal from a few years ago? How has it
made you stronger/what doors has it opened? How is your relationship with Perez today?
Because I knew the reason behind all of it and when I released my press release those that past
judgement quickly starting apologizing! He and I are on good terms! He's an amazing man that is
taken his life into his hands and making new name for himself!

What mantra do you live by? Explain what the number 23 symbolizes to you, and why you use it in
your signature.
Treat others the way you want to be treated, when you know better you do better, and ANYTHING is

The 23 is a significant number to Michael, not only is it his birthday but he shares that same day with
his Grandmother who he never met and feels that she is personal guardian angel. It's presence is to
let you know that Michael himself will always be there supporting you every step of the way in the
journey, and making your Dream's a reality!  So Believe & Dream!

What do you look for in a person, is it hard to maintain a relationship in your industry?
Personally don't think it is! i had one on the road for 2 years and it worked out! Everything takes
communication, honesty and patience!
Are there any Rivalry's between dance groups when it comes to try outs?
Dance auditions can be like a shark in bloody water sometimes! Because we all want the gig, but
majority of the time you have people supporting you and calling your name out...

What other projects are you pursuing at the moment? There are rumors you are quite the
'fashionista' please explain.
I am exploring Artist Development, Creative Directing and choreographing my own productions,
working on a dance apparel and fan merchandise line, teaching all over the world and modeling for
Andrew Christian! I LOVE keeping myself busy as possible!

Describe the experience of being filmed for a music video and the difference between performing
on tour or even at the MTV VMA's. What was your favorite music video/performance; why?
There really isn't a difference! When the RED LIGHT comes on! Guess what its lights camera action
so its time to PERFORM or go home! And thats not in my blood to walk away! I don't have one that was
my favorite for I am still living in my dream so how can I be greedy to say one is better then the other.

Who inspires you?
Life inspires me on the daily! ...And anything or anybody that intrigues me for being intrigued gets the body going!

What would be your advice to a "little monster" or anyone trying to make it in your industry? What would you have told yourself if you
had known 'what you know' today.
Be patience, be kind, respectful! And never let anyone tell you what YOU can or cannot do!

How do you react to a song you've heard over a million times
and danced choreography thru... Do you embrace it and bust
out into dance? or skip it on the playlist?
I have never been one to give you a music video in the club!
However i do let the music move thru me so you often find me
in the corner LIVING!!! Slave to the music!

How do you feel about being gay? How has it improved or jaded
your career?
I would say being gay has been one of the biggest gifts in life, I've
grown so much thru it and met some amazing people because of
my lifestyle. Going thru the earlier years I have the same stories as
the kids thinking there alone now, your never alone. There will always
be someone in your same shoes, or a person/persons who went
thru it all so that we could be where we are today such as Harvey
Milk and the StoneWall riots! I am grateful that we are going thru
these times now, because we aren't taboo or indifferent so I am
very proud of this moment in time! I will never let my lifestyle define
me, although proud! I want to be known for my spirit and character.

What Kind of guys are you interested in?
When it comes to men I wouldn't say that I have a type, for that could
be limiting yourself! However there's nothing wrong with a preference!
And let's just say I know it when I see it! However someone with
charm, great eye contact, funny and confidence is a magnet for me!
I love the spontaneous moments in life, I feel the same way about

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself today, not for tomorrow! for how can I enjoy the gift
called the PRESENT! But I will say if I have seen all of this by the
age of 29!!! I can only imagine what god has next for me!


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I am exploring Artist
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productions, working on a
dance apparel and fan
merchandise line, teaching
all over the world and
modeling for Andrew

I LOVE keeping
myself busy as