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Hot list Central |Christian Gaviria’s Grand Online Vision
By Steve Ralls

“I love people, and I love bringing people together, “says Christian Gaviria, the young
entrepreneur behind Hot List Central, a new online site launching on September 16.

Gaviria’s passion for connecting people – across communities, interests and
platforms – began, he recalled in a recent interview with Ambiente, very early on.  “I built
my first website in high school,” he said, “for a teacher sponsoring a kid’s club, and it’s
been history ever since.”

That history includes founding Akuesoft, an up-and-coming development company with
a broad and diverse portfolio of clients, including websites for animal hospitals and a
real estate site listing chic Palm Beach properties.  But it may be that his latest project
– Hot List Central – is not only his most ambitious undertaking to date . . . but one of
the most ambitious online sites on the web.

Hot List Central, which has just gone live at www.HotListCentral.com, exhibits a few of
Gaviria’s passions in one very comprehensive web portal.  Part social network, part
dating site and part online classifieds – with even more capability coming in the
months ahead – the site is designed to be a one-stop shop for everything everyone
wants to do on the web.
“I believe Hot List Central will bring a new type of service to the table,”
Gaviria told me.  “A free, advanced social and dating site combination
that will compete with other social sites and make paid dating sites
obsolete.”  The site, he added, “also allows users to post free classified
listings for anything, which is an added service that will naturally help the
site grow faster.”

It’s not, however, the only added feature.  In fact, Hot List is meant to be an all-in-one social
networking mega-space, where the most desirable elements of sites like Facebook, Craigslist,
Gay.com and others come together under one virtual roof.  Its flexibility can be found in its target
audience, which is nearly anyone who wants to connect – for romantic, professional or business
reasons (or all three) – online.

“I envisioned a site where anyone can go . . .and intuitively organize potential romantic interests for
any sexual orientation while still allowing the user to be able to socially interact with anyone,”
Gaviria says.  “Hot List Central accomplishes this by [utilizing a] browsing engine which
automatically brings up dating matches, and still allowing for an advanced search for anyone on
the site.”

“It was not easy coming up with a name” for the site, he added, noting that he was “shocked to
find that many of the unique names that I did come up with were already taken!”    The moniker he
eventually settled on, he told me, “came with the idea of having a basic classified site with a basic
user profile that would contain other listings” based on what was being searched.

The “hot” in Hot List also refers, however, to its multiple functionalities, from finding a “hot” date, to
using the “hot” button – similar to Facebook’s “like” option – in order to indicate

Civil Right


Fresh-Squeezed Paradise




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials
interest in a particular person, artist, business or other site.   The site’s “Hot Room”
also allows users to upload private photos and videos, and make those available to
select other users within the Hot List community.

Hot List also features status updates, online albums, user-created blogs, a
comments feature and more.  The site “bridges the connection between a social
website and a dating website into one total site,” Gaviria notes.  All the while, he also
worked to escape the recent privacy controversies surrounding sites like Facebook,
by expanding the site’s flexibility to include its user privacy options, too.

“Hot list protects user privacy more efficiently than many other sites,” he said, “by
giving users a wider range of privacy settings, with the ability to remain anonymous
while still having a profile . . . or the ability to have a full, public profile with full name
and personal information.”

Given the depth and breadth of Hot List’s capabilities, though, anonymity may be the
last thing on users’ minds.

Gaviria says he’ll be launching even more applications and features in the coming

“I want to build Hot List Central into not only a fun and successful website,” he told
Ambiente, “but also a site that reaches out to its community.”

As Paris Hilton might say, “That’s hot.”
To join Hot List Central for free, visit

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