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DINING REVIEW | “City Oyster & Sushi Bar”
By Armando Diaz

Always happening, always bustling Atlantic Avenue in the heart of the Palm Beach
County hamlet of Delray Beach (also my home for the last three years).  Tepid ocean
breezes (due to surf from Hurricane Earl), wash over the avenue along it’s many
galleries and restaurants, among them, a true classic is City Oyster & Sushi Bar.  

I was very tempted to opt for the outdoor seating, but being my first time here I wanted
to appreciate the interior (along with my pal Harley).  Well, I was taken right away with
the combination feeling of cosmopolitan meets comfortable.  The beautifully clad
hostess leads us to our tables where after a couple minutes we were greeted by our
laid back and equally handsome server Chris.  

The attention and courtesy of this entire staff was as delicious as
the food, including a personal touch of service and welcome by
the manager on duty Todd Lawrence.

Now being from New Orleans I just have a built in love and appreciation for food!  I like
to remind myself of that when I’m doing 90 minutes on an elliptical.

We started out with a creamy lobster bisque, and guess what it actually had lobster in
it!  Sadly so many places down here don’t seem to put any ‘meaty
love’ into their soups and chowders.  We’re in a double dip people…or so they say

We then went on to the ‘jumbo’ crab and spinach dip appetizer, along with the dip we had our
choice of both the pita bread and salted chips, however my guest was crazy about this which is
only fair.  That means I didn’t get to enjoy as much of it, but seriously the dip was insanely good.  
Nice and hot and again ‘meaty love’ with the chunks of crab swirled together with the spinach and
cheese (I should have asked if that was Gouda).  After a dinner roll ‘layover’ my earlier request
flies in, a California sparkling wine, individually served by veteran Chris, and the remainder left to
chill.  Every time I even thought of reaching for more Chris seemed to come out of nowhere to
pour, again the attentive nature was admirable.  The California sparkling is my own preference
when there’s even minimal seafood involved, to me it’s champagne without the heat.  Great light
wines always work for me in our eternal Florida summer.  I believe it was Schramsberg Blanc de

Dinner of course comes along with our wine, my guest had the savory grilled chicken breast  with
the herb, garlic, lemon marinade served with a pita and a yogurt sauce (this was delectable) and
a Bermuda onion, cucumber & tomato salad.  I had the beef tenderloin (medium well) served with
a full-flavored wine glaze/sauce, mouth watering gorgonzola cheese mash potatoes and grilled
asparagus.  Oh yes, the beef just melted in my mouth…,hey, wait a minute!

The ambience was a little loud but honestly it adds to the enjoyable nature of the whole place.  
There was a great mix of clientele, incredible service, versatile menu, convenient parking and
reasonably priced appetizers.  There’s quite an interesting collection of artwork on the wall (just in
case you need to distract your date while you update your status or text to your blog).  I did also
notice that completely cool ceiling as well, all in all a relaxed yet trendy and attentive dining
getaway right in our own backyard with Atlantic

Civil Right


Fresh-Squeezed Paradise




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials
Avenue available for a nice stroll afterwards.  

Celebrating ten years in downtown Delray
Beach, this laid back but classy traditional
American seafood restaurant recently added a
full sushi bar to its already admired menu. City
Oyster & Sushi Bar (also) offers raw menu
items and a variety of composed plates from
Chilean Sea Bass with Saffron Boullabaisse
Sauce, Crostini and Swiss Chard to Lobster
Risotto with Mussels. The restaurant provides
high-quality cuisine and a white tablecloth-style
experience within a vibrant, casual setting. With
outdoor dining, a grand bar that seats 30
running the length of the restaurant and high tin
ceilings that complement antique brick walls,
seafood-inspired art work and gentle lighting,

City Oyster & Sushi Bar is a neighbor favorite for
lunch, dinner and meetings.
Located at:
213 E. Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

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