LGBT families about the pain associated with divorce. Personally, I love people who are brave
enough to discuss issues that are very personal but need discussing in order to increase
awareness. I do feel some things are just too private for public consumption but I salute the
strength it takes to be able to talk about an unpopular side of legalizing gay partnerships. My hope
is that LGBT youth understand that not every rainbow has a happy ending but your fingerprints
never fade from the lives you touch.

Cheryl Dunye’s Older Wiser Lesbians
Black lesbian filmmaker and director Cheryl Dunye has a new project called “Older Wiser
Lesbians.” The film, also known as “The Owls,” it is a generational view into the lives of lesbians
who were shaped by films like “The Fox” or “The Killing of King George’s Sister.” These women try
to embrace their inner utopia as they become middle-aged and begin to grapple with the evolution
of their dreams as they live their everyday lives. The “Owls” try their best to come to terms with their
community’s multi-generational queer culture and the next generation’s indifference to their very
painful contributions. It’s a very touching story about the power of time and its impacts on the lives
of those who have traditional perspectives on the ever changing vision of what it means to be a
gay woman in our society today. If you have a chance, make sure you see this powerful film. It’s
premiering at AGLIFF at the Alamo Drafthouse next weekend. For more info:
com/ or

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Gay Adoption Down Under, Thank You Peter, Paul & Mary,
Apple Censors Lady Gaga, Butch Women Invade LA, GLAAD’s
Barrios Talks Divorce and Cheryl Dunye’s Older Wiser
Lesbians, March On | Cherry Grrl
By C.D. Kirven

An LGBT activist’s view of entertainment and world news

As an LGBT activist, the promotion of queer rights is #1 on my homosexual agenda.
This weekly column will serve as a forum for me to comment on issues and causes
currently affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. My “rundown” of
these topics will be from the perspective of an LGBT activist; it is my goal that by
keeping our community informed, we can all help contribute to the battle for equality.

Gay Adoption Down Under
The New South Whales Legislature (similar to our House) voted to support a bill
allowing same-sex couples the ability to legally adopt children in Australia. This type of
amendment was rejected earlier this year due to religious opposition but yesterday
narrowly passed because of the support of Kristina Kenneally, (heterosexual) leader of
the Australian Labor Party.

“I’ve consider my experience as a mother, my responsibilities as a
parliamentarian and my conscience as a Christian…is why I support this bill,” said Ms. Kenneally.

The bill was introduced by LGBT ally and gay rights supporter Clover Moore (Lord Mayor of
Sydney) who applauded the lower house’s historic decision. The bill will need to be approved by
NSW (similar to our Senate) before it’s signed into law by the Governor of New South Whales. Let’
s send some positive thoughts to Australian LGBT activists in hopes their families will soon be
legally protected and if you are an LGBT parent with legal issues, you definitely understand the
significance of this legislation.

Thank You Peter, Paul & Mary
“This land is your land, this land is my land, from California, to the New York Island,” was a song
borrowed by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and blared at the crowd during anti-
marriage equality events. Peter, Paul & Mary, who are one of the most famous musical groups of
the 1960’s, sent a cease and desist order to NOM to stop the usage of their song at NOM rallies.
The musical group has unequivocally supported justice and equality for all people for decades.
The Courage Campaign is sending a thank you letter to Peter, Paul & Mary and the letter was
open for public signatures until 5pm this Friday. You can still view the “thank you” letter: /
I would like to thank the Courage Campaign and the 60’s music icons for standing up for
marriage equality. The stand against anti-gay groups using this song sends a powerful message
that this land was also made for you and me.

Apple Censors Lady Gaga
Apple announced its new social networking website called Ping. Ping’s public announcement
states users will have some access to iTunes. Apple touts the platform will
allow users to get up close and personal with their favorite artists. On Lady’s Gaga’s Ping page,
the company allegedly censored Lady Gaga’s verbal support of the repeal of Prop 8. Apple is no
stranger to having a very low tolerance for anything LGBT. Earlier this year, Apple allegedly
removed several LGBT apps from iTunes and often states the commonly used company COP-
OUT statement: “Our company doesn’t engage in political matters.” Well, as much as I like my
iPhone, if Apple keeps this up…believe me – Android here I come!

Butch Women Invade LA
The Butch Voices Conference invades Los Angeles on October 8 – 10, 2010. Over 500 women
who identify as butch, stud, masculine, genderqueer and other similar lesbian identifications are
expected to attend this year’s conference. These women will explore definitions of feminine
masculinity, socialize and share stories about the women who love them. Last year’s event was
“HAWT” like fire and women from over six other states are expected to participate.  It will include
performances by D’Lo, Sandra Valls and Latina performers Butchalis de Panochittlan. There will
also be a fashion show called; INVINCIBLE: a night of sexy lesbian swag. The festivities also
include queer comedy, workshops, conferences and lessons on how to ballroom dance.  The
organizers this year is L.A. based cultural guerilla group, The Lesbian Exploration, which are sure
to bring a super sharp edge to an already hot time in the city. The conference fees are a bargain
due to a grant from the City of West Hollywood – $50 registration and as low as $25 for students.
For more info, check out

GLAAD’s Barrios Talks Divorce
GLAAD’s president Jarrett Barrios opened up in the Boston Globe about his divorce from
Democratic political operative Doug Hattaway. Their almost 16-year relationship came to a very
sad end almost a year ago. The couple grew apart according to his account but Barrios was
reluctant to discuss the details because of the LGBT community’s ongoing battle for marriage
equality and his desire not to add any fuel to the negative mantra of gay marriage naysayers. He
dreamed of having a “happily ever after” ending but knows discussing the end of his union may
help others who seek equal rights to children that are a product of gay relationships. Along with
the joys of being able to marry, he hopes to inform

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