TP LORDS | A Total Package of Glitter, Talent & Illusion
by Herb Sosa

"TP is a one of a kind soul. Whenever in the presence
of you feel nothing but positivity and love. Truly very
talented and extremely creative. Always willing to lend
a hand, ear, shoulder, advice or help in any way that's

This is how many describe TP LORDS.
We have a chance to do a one-on-one with Mother Lords, but let's
not get ahead of ourselves... Here is TP:

What does TP stand for, and how did you come about your
performance name?
The name TP stand for (Total Package)and was given to me by
friends around  the age 18 to describe me and my talents with
make-up, choreography and design in the ballroom scene which
later led me to the art of drag

Tell us about the House of Lords. What is it, where did it start,
and how does one become part of it?
The House Of Lords started in Miami in  1994  by a group of close
friends Alexis and Pepi Lords after they discovered the ballroom
scene. Wanting to start competing they formed this family starting
with 6 members. I joined in 1996 a shy introverted teen that came
from a lot of bullying. Being welcomed into a loving gay family
really helped me cope with the hardships i still had to face and
built my confidence and made me realize i had a lot of talent to
share with the world.  Not long after i joined i started performing
in local contests and dressing to go out... Years later, in 2002,
I was given position as mother lords. Since then, my world has
been filled an amazing diverse group of people I call my
dysfunctional family.

When the house of lords started the intention was to find the
best vougers..dancers... Creative people to help our house win
categories and snatch trophies. Even though we still do search
for great talents we also welcome anyone who is just looking
for support from a loving family. That has been my mission since
I took over... To create an EMPIRE not of just people in the scene
and bar business but regular people too i.e., teachers, bankers,
regular 9 to 5'ers  

Right now the House of Lords has over 70+ members
To join the house is a process. We have to get to know a person of course
and you just have to be a respectable citizen and have an open heart to
different walks of life.

How has your looks and performance evolved?
My looks and performances have evolved tremendously.. and i believe it will
continue to as long as music keeps inspiring me. i truly love what I do and this
outlet is all i focus on.

3 things you never leave the house without:
My makeup
My drag bag
My usb

3 things you never go on stage without:
The feeling of gratitude

What is dating life like? Do you find your persona to help or hinder? How?
Dating life really doesn't exist for me. I'm way to focused on work. I find some people
can find love as a drag entertainer, but they deal with a lot of bs.. That's not
something I'm willing to do. Until i find the right one that is.

In 10 years, TP will be…
Hopefully traveling the globe and making beautiful music of my own for everyone to enjoy.

"TP Lords . . .  what I can say that hasn’t
been said about him already.  

Back in 1995 when I was recruiting

members for The House of Lords, I met
this young man that stuck out from
everyone else.  He had this style, this
charisma that no one else had on the
dance floor of the now defunct club On
The Waterfront.  I was introduced to
Alex Velez and a great friendship soon

Alex introduced me to several of his

friends and our new House of Lords
now had a few more members.  

Alex soon took command although back

then he was just a member and started
assisting others with costumes, makeup
or anything that was needed.  Even way
back then, the maternal instinct within
him was strong.  Many years later, the
current Mother of The House of Lords
wanted to retire and he was asked to
step into the role.  He hesitated but it
was everyone said to him that he was
the perfect person for the title.  He had
earned the title of Mother, not just
because he had earned trophies and
titles in the Ballroom scene, but
because how helpful he was when
helping others that needed guidance.
He earned the nickname TP when
someone jokingly said to him back then
“damn, you’re the total package; you can
do just about anything, Make-Up, Clothing, Vogue, Runway” and the nom de guerre TP Lords was born that

Since 2002 he has been Mother Lords to not only to our members, but to others as well.  Many still call TP
“Motha”, since no matter what, others come before her.  She will stop whatever she is doing and help
you, guide you or coach you with your show.  She will sit through a phone call and listen to advice.  

But as easily as she can be sweet and nurturing, she can turn around and be a Lioness if anyone dares to
mess with any of her brood.  She will bite your head off if you insult or mess with our children.  TP is the
face of SFL Drag Queen entertainment.  Since she started doing drag, she takes time to teach others what
she has learned, so they carry the Lords tradition of helping others before yourself.  

TP is the Mother of all new Drag Queens in SFL, since somehow she has had a part in their inspiration.  

TP has become a true Legend not only in the Drag Community nationwide, but also in the Ballroom scene
where she is a Legend among all Houses.

                                                                                                          - Alexis Lords, founder - House of Lords

The biggest challenge you see for our LGBT community is…
The ability to love and accept each other for who we are. Sometimes
i hear of gay people who don't hang with certain types of people
because they're not "masc"  or not cute enough.How is it we want to

be accepted by everyone?. f we can even love and accept our own

What would you say to a young, creative performer wanting to
get into the business?
Get out there..pound the pavement.. Get yourself noticed. Practice
makes perfect..

The first time you knew you were famous was…
I still don't think I'm famous..or at least as famous as I want to be..
I don't focus on that. I like to live in the moment.

Tell us about some of your new projects? Where can we see you
You can catch me every week here in South Florida
   -Wednesday @ twist on South Beach -showtime 1:30am
   -thursday @ Azucar in Coral Gables hosting drag wars an amateur drag queen competition  -showtime 2am
   -Fridays @ the manor complex Fort Lauderdale -showime 2:30am
   -Saturdays once a month @LeBoy Fort Lauderdale -showtime 11:30pm and 1:30am
   -Sunday afternoon @ Palace rooftop party from 6:30pm till 10:30pm
   -Sunday late night @Score hosting Huntee  from 12midnight  till 3am

Any beauty or costume creation secrets you wish to share?
To learn any tips follow me on snap chat , instagram and or facebook - I'm always sharing helpful tips with my followers.

One thing no one knows about me
I try to be an open book and as transparent as possible so i try not to hide anything.

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Gracias|Thank You                    
TP is a one of a kind soul.
Whenever in the presence of
you feel nothing but positivity
and love. Truly very talented
and extremely creative.
Always willing to lend a hand,
ear, shoulder, advice or help
in any way that's possible.

Alex (Lords) is an inspiration
to all of us in the House Of
Lords, and supportive of
everyone being the best they
can be. It's such a blessing
to not just know TP but have
him as a friend.

                         - John O Buckley, HofL since 2015
photo: Magnus Hasting
photo: Magnus Hasting
photo: Will Envy and Ovahfx Collaboration
photo: Will Envy