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The Prop 8 Nightmare Before Xmas, Target & Cheney’s Anti-
Gay Contributions, XBOX Live’s Homophobia Unplugged, and
Scott Pilgrim vs. Foxy Roxy
By C.D. Kirven

An LGBT activist’s view of entertainment and world news

As an LGBT activist, the promotion of queer rights is #1 on my homosexual agenda.
This weekly column will serve as a forum for me to comment on issues and causes
currently affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. My “rundown” of
these topics will be from the perspective of an LGBT activist; it is my goal that by
keeping our community informed, we can all help contribute to the battle for equality.

The Prop 8 Nightmare Before Xmas
“Pass the bullhorn!” It’s time for the LGBT community to “rock the vote” in support of
marriage equality, which means this November only elect local representatives that
promote equal treatment of their entire constituency and leave their personal baggage
at home.

Let me give you the Prop 8 situation, blow-by-blow:

•After months of legal regaling, on August 4, 2010, a federal judge overturned

Civil Right


Fresh-Squeezed Paradise




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials

the controversial Prop 8 gay marriage ban voted into law by a majority of California voters.
•Federal Judge Walker ordered a stay (or hold) on the state issuing new gay marriage
applications until an appeal could be filed by gay marriage opponents.
•Of course, the religious right  - or self proclaimed marriage defenders – filed an appeal and
outted Judge Walker’s sexual orientation in order to attack his ruling to overturn Prop 8.
•Gov. Schwarzenegger submitted a request to resume the state’s ability to issue new gay
marriage license applications ASAP.
•Judge Walker granted the governor’s request, but ordered his decision be sent to the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals for review by a three judge panel.  The panel ordered to continue the stay until
December 2011 on the issuing of new gay marriage applications until a final decision is made on
the constitutionality of the Prop 8 ban.
•August 19, 2010, nine activists were arrested outside a San Diego marriage license office.
Wake me up when this crap is done! I can’t stand drama and just want the government out of my
bedroom. But, I’m committed to fighting against discrimination so that our private lives stay private.

Target & Cheney’s Anti-Gay Contributions
I love shopping at Target! So, supporting this boycott will definitely be a sacrifice. I’m down for any
LGBT cause but Target’s CEO apologized for his company’s contribution to an anti-gay marriage
candidate’s PAC called MN Forward. OK, if I have to give up deal-hopping shopping I need to
support the reasoning and honestly I’m struggling with this boycott rationale when Liz Cheney
gave a $500 contribution to Kelly Ayotte, who also opposes gay marriage. I’m torn because Target
has financially supported several gay pride celebrations for years. Activists believe the apology by
Target’s CEO is not enough
and want Target to donate to LGBT candidates to make it right. I’m no hypocrite, so unless those
same boycotters take an equal stand against Liz Cheney and anti-gay Exxon, then my shopping
addiction to Target will continue.

XBOX Live Homophobia Unplugged
As a lesbian mother, it was upsetting to find out that the online game industry is plagued with
verbal abuse of LGBT gamers. If you are a parent of a LGBT teen, I urge you to monitor your teen’s
online gaming activity. These communities can potentially be an emotionally harmful place for
LGBT teens. Microsoft’s online community XBOX Live recently changed its Code of Conduct policy,
which prohibited players from expressing their sexual orientation. A high percentage of gamers
during online chat and gaming banter often use anti-gay insults. In addition, those who have been
a victim of harassment or pejorative use by other users should report the incident immediately to
Microsoft (XBOX Lives’ parent company) who hopes to weed out the huge online homophobia

Scott Pilgrim vs. Foxy Roxy
I’m really digging the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  First, I have to confess this film appeals to
both my inner-geek and inner-child. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), a bass player for a garage band,
falls head over heals for Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but to win her love has to
defeat her seven evil exes. The movie is based on graphic novels by Brian Lee O’Malley. Quentin
Tarentino consulted on the film as one of the contributing film directors so you will recognize his
famous kiss of death touch in the film’s fight scenes. The film premiered in theatres August 13,
2010 and has debuted to mixed reviews. I support the films progressive bisexual theme of by
including evil exe Roxanne “Roxy” Richter (Mae Whitman) – the fourth evil exe who is a self-
conscious half-ninja. Foxy Roxy proves fighting skills are just plain sexy. I believe there is a market
for a film about a lesbian superhero and I’m addicted to women who don’t mind kicking butt.

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