by Armando Diaz

David Bromstad, host of HGTV's Color Splash, is no ordinary
designer. The original winner of HGTV Design Star, who
rejoined the show in 2011 as a contestant mentor, is known
for his endless energy and out-of-the-box thinking. Bromstad
began his career as a design student at the Ringling School
of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla. Earnest, passionate,
talented and innovative, Bromstad creates awe-inspiring
works on many platforms, including custom art, furniture
building and interior design. Bromstad has appeared on
The Oprah Winfrey Show & The Ellen Degeneres Show and
was featured in People magazine. He is also a Top Cop for
the Us Weekly Fashion Police. In 2010, he was named to the
OUT Magazine 100 list, and in 2011, David was given the
HRC Visibility Award for living an out and proud lifestyle.
I had the priveledge to chat with David who was kind enough
to offer up some of his free time, while he was home here in

Armando - Hey David how are you doing today?
David - I’m doing great thank you.

A - Thanks for making some time for us today.
D - Sure.

A - I can’t believe I finally get to chat with you I’m a big fan!
Congratulations on your new season of Color Splash! at
D - Thanks we’re in our tenth season now!  We’ve done a
hundred and something episodes.  There’s twenty-six per
season, per network and thirteen is a season for HGTV.

A - How’s it looking for a follow up season?
D - Yeah, it’s looking real nice so far.

Armando - You recently got to work with Ellen DeGeneres and
her partner, tell us a little bit about that how much fun was
David - I mean, working with Ellen is amazing.  She is so
much fun.  How can you not love Ellen.  She’s smart, she’s
witty, she’s sexy...it was great, it was a dream come true.  It
was right up there with working alongside Oprah.

Armando - You know I have a bumper sticker that says “Oprah Is Lord”... but we won’t go into that!
David - <laughs!>

A - So tell me what did you have for breakfast this morning?
D - I woke up, I had a protein bar.  I went to the gym I came back and I had a protein shake.

A - Oh David, I just can’t do that.
D - I know, I’m waiting for lunch right now, we’re just ordering and I’m very hungry!
A - <laughs> So if there was a movie David based on your life, who would you
want to play you?
D - You know that is a really good question and I would have to say...Ryan
Reynolds.  He’s great, he’s funny, he’s hot...there’s so much going on with him.  
I’ve been a big fan ever since I saw him in “Two Girls and a Pizza Place”

A - You know I haven't been to San Francisco yet, but I'm sure it's an incredible town.
Tell us in your own words 'design-wise', what sets San Francisco and Miami apart
and are you happy to be back in South Florida?
D - I’m so happy to be back here, it’s a dream to be working and living in the same
city.  The difference between San Francisco and Miami is night and day!  You know
we’re in a very hot tropical, sexy climate... they’re in a very cold, frigid climate that’s
very temperate.  That city has been thriving for centuries...it’s got a lot of charm and
a lot of character.  Design wise you go to get inspired by the architecture of the past.
Now Miami is younger, brighter, and  very colorful.  It just bursts out at you like the
local Latino culture.

A - - When did you get the tattoo on your left arm and what inspired it?
D - I got it about (12) years ago.  What inspired it was... there’s (3) Chinese
characters that are morphed into the body of the tattoo that mean “artist/painter”
and I designed a whole lot of tribal images around it with a cross right on top of it to
represent my faith.

A - What faith is that?
D - um...Christianity. <laughs>
(note* why would I ask that? Was I that dazzled I had a brain freeze? -LOL)

A - You’re from Minnesota right?
D - Yes I am.

A - You know my very first boyfriend was from a small town in Minnesota called
D - Oh my gosh, Montevideo!  We used to compete against them when I was in
swimming, I’m from Kokato, MN which is an even smaller town.

A - You must get tackled with questions when you make appearances at Home
Depot, and you have a great forum for that on your HGTV Blog.  What's the most
common question you get asked?
D - Can you come to my house right now!  It’s the first thing out of their mouths! and
the second one is ‘Can you paint me a painting’.

A - When you're working with someone, what process (if any) do you use to tap into
them and help guide them on their color journey so they don't become
D - You know, I think the color journey is one of the most intimidating processes,
and most likely the first process that people will face in their homes.  So the first
thing to do is (one) be inspired by magazines, clippings, other people’s homes,
architecture and draw up from those inspirations.  But when (they’re) in the paint
store and looking at all the different color paints they’re usually divided into bright,
a little bit bright, not so muted and then the most muted.  
And what I say is you stick with the most muted color palette, even though it’s not
giving you a ton of color these are more usable colors, you want to go with these for
your wall usage.  The brighter colors are reserved for custom peices or an accent

A - What cologne are you wearing?
D - Hold on let me look in my bag... it’s really good.  It’s called Agua de Parma -
Arencia di Capri.
A - Nice!

A - David, you and my youngest brother the same birthdate. I know Leos love their
music.  What's your favorite song right now? If you can't pick one track, give me at
least two.
David - I’ll give you two, let me look on my iPhone... “Keep On Rising” by Ian Carey
and “Gold” by Antoine Clamaran.  I love high energy music, it’s positive and uplifting.
It’s how I work and how I work out.  I need a lot of extra energy now that I’m not
drinking caffeine.

Armando - So I was going to ask you next if you like green tea?
D - You know I gave up caffeine about a year ago, I wanted to live more of a cleaner
life.  I was really addicted to coffee and Red Bulls and one day I just said ‘you know
what I don’t like this anymore’ so I stopped cold turkey and I’ve been without now for
11 months and a week.

A - You're a big fan of Miele Home Appliances (I mean how can you not be), and
you've incorporated them into some of your kitchen design projects.  You have a
bed and bath collection coming out, tell us more about that and if the future holds
David Bromstad Kitchen Interiors?
D - My bed and bath collection comes out in the fall, it launches during Market Week
in New York and it’s super fun, really exciting, a lot of fun graphics...things that can
be used by boys or girls, very easthetic and I’m just so proud of it and very happy
with what we’re doing there.
As for a kitchen line, YES!  Anything like that, that can be in the home and my name
on it definitely!
*Note - “The David Bromstad home line brings a fresh take to bath and bedding
that has been missing in home. With David’s line you are getting a piece that was
designed and chosen by an actual interior designer,” said Lexi Schladenhauffen,
VP of Marketing and Design for 1888 Mills.

A - If you could tell us what you currently have going on with Penny Lane Publishing?
D - Penny Lane Publishing we have a really great union that’s happening.  I'm releasing my first collection of art reproductions on canvas.  
They’re now on sale at PennyLanePublishing.com.  It’s finally great to get that out there, it would seem obvious!

A - Busy, busy, incredibly positive, beautiful and colorful person "inside and out" thank you so much David, one last question if I may.
D - Yes and thank you!

A - What would you like the world to know about David Bromstad that they may not already know?
D - Aha! Good question! You know a lot of people think that I have this endless energy and I do, I have lots of great energy.  But when I go
home I just like to relax! My favorite time of the week is Saturday night when we order Pizza Hut and chicken wings, watch TV and don’t do a
darned thing!  That’s the ultimate night for me.

A - So Saturday is your cheat night?
D - Saturday is my cheat night, yes.

A - What do you watch on TV?
D - Of course I watch Color Splash! and HGTV but I’m also a huge sci-fi nerd.  So I love Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, anything on Sy-Fy.  
I love Top Chef, Project Runway, anything with design (competition wise), Design Star... so much fun.

A - You know my partner and I are huge sci-fi nerds ourselves!
D - Yay!  Star Wars, Star Trek, I don’t care how old it is I’m watching it.

A - Do you know what he did the other day to surprise me, he gave me a present and it was coasters in the shape of the Stargate!
D - No way!

A - Yes! I was like, where did you find these? And he ordered them from a site called ThinkGeek.com.
D - I LOVE it!  

A - I know they’re really cool and they’re functional.
D - What’s the website again?

A - It’s ThinkGeek.com
D - My God I’m going there right now!...Look at all this stuff...it’s fabulous!  Thank you so much!

A- Oh it’s been a complete pleasure David and thank you.
D - Well you have yourself a wonderful day.
A - Have a great weekend!


*Global textiles manufacturer 1888 Mills has partnered with David on a collection of bed and bath products to be introduced at Market Week
in NYC, which will be held from September  16th - 20th, 2011.

*The initial products from Penny Lane will include a selection of printed canvas giclees of Bromstad’s paintings, both new pieces and
those created for his HGTV series. The complete collection can be viewed and purchased online at

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The difference between
San Francisco and Miami
is night and day!  
You know we’re in a very
hot tropical, sexy
climate... they’re in a
very cold, frigid climate
that’s very temperate.  
That city has been
thriving for centuries...
it’s got a lot of charm
and a lot of character.  
Design wise you go
to get inspired by the
architecture of the
Now Miami is younger,
brighter, and  very
It just bursts out at you
like the local culture.
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