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TRAVEL LOG | Tel Aviv | The Miami of the Middle East
By Eyal Feldman

I just returned from an unbelievable vacation in Israel this summer. Staying at a
beautiful seaside hotel in the cosmopolitan center of Israel, Tel-Aviv, the country's
second biggest city, where most of the hotels and hotspots are located along the
promenade on the beachfront of this glittering Mediterranean city, which happened to
have been listed as having one of the top ten beaches in the world and fits the bill as
the Miami of the Middle East.

Tel Aviv is a pocket-sized metropolis along with the beautiful and ancient port city of
Jaffa which is a must see when walking along the entire length of the city’s famous
beachside promenade. There are many gentrifying neighborhoods and miles of board-
walked beaches, upscale shopping, world-class nightlife and head-turning buildings
by some of the 20th century's leading Bauhaus architects. The large hotels belonging
to the international and national franchises offer a full range of services and facilities
that cater to most every whim and fancy you may have. I usually prefer to rent an
apartment for a week or two and live as real Tel-Avivi, other’s love the boutique hotels,
B and B’s  or apartment rentals that are readily available.

My hotel was The Grand Beach Hotel a stone's throw from Tel-Aviv's gay beach, a.k.a.
Hilton Beach. It is in the northern part of Tel-Aviv considered one of the chic gay areas
of the city. The Gay scene itself is amazing, with super hot guys and girls, a busy social
calendar of events every day of the week with plenty of gay bars, pubs, restaurants, and
parties that happen all the time and most often

Civil Right




MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials
late at night.

My favorite internet Gay Guide is

, it is full of Gay
tourism info of where to go, stay and
enjoy the nightlife. No need to worry
about a language barrier because
everyone speaks English fluently and
it takes no time at all to integrate
oneself into the warm, fun and friendly
people and environment. My personal
favorite gay venue is the Sunday night
gay beach party, Cheech Beach, with
is a super fun outdoor gay bar outside
on the beachside boardwalk of Tel

There are outdoor museums you
can walk through and literally feel the
immense history and tradition that
permeates the ground, walls and

A great first day trip is Jerusalem, it is
relatively close to Tel Aviv, about 45
min to an hour away by car or tour
bus. There are numerous tour guides
in each city whether they be walking
tours, bicycle tours or the popular bus
tours. Most hotels and tourist
locations have information and links
to travel
guide companies, always ask your concierge or walk into the many travel
agencies in the city. Guided bus tours are an easy and comfortable and
efficient way to see and learn about the sights. The more adventurous and
independent travelers can easily rent a car or a bike and explore the
countryside on their own.  Some good advice on car rentals is that they are
easy and affordable in Israel, but please note, it can be tricky to park in
Tel-Aviv, cause like any metropolis it tends to get congested, so try the
overnight parking lots.

The whole country is the size of New Jersey so it lends
itself perfectly to day trips, which are great ways to see
sites. Day tripping to ancient cities like Jerusalem, Haifa,
Nazareth or the healing mineral waters of the Dead Sea are
excellent choices.
Or try the two thousand year old Roman port city of
Caesaria, which has the largest underwater museum in the
world that you can explore and tour by scuba or snorkel.
Being a history buff, I find the ancient cities of Israel to be
the most fascinating.

The main reason I went to Israel this summer was not just to visit with my
lovely family there, but to complete a lone 10 km (6 mile) marathon swim for
charity across the Sea of Galilee (Israel's Largest fresh water lake) and my
marathon swim was called Jesus Walked I Swam.  In addition to
manufacturing Boy Butter Personal Lubricant, I'm a fierce advocate for the
elderly in both the Gay and Jewish communities.  The two organizations that I
raised money for are The Jewish Home for the Aging in Los Angeles and
SAGE, (Services and Advocacy for Gay Elderly) located in New York city. With
my parents and sister by my side on the safety boat I managed to cross the
lake in 3 hours and 15 min of non-stop swimming and raise about $3500 for
This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and was my third marathon swim across a large
body of water around the world. The first swim back in August 2008 was a 6 miler round-trip marathon swim
across the St. Lawrence river from Cape Vincent NY to Canada. Last year I swam across the 3.5 mile Great
South Bay from Sayville NY to Fire Island Pines as part of a group organized and called The Stonewall Swim.
I believe in raising money and awareness for my favorite causes through marathon swim.

For more info on Israel, please visit
www.goisrael.com, For Gay Tel Aviv Internet Guide
For info on my charity swim including a video of the swim itself, please visit

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Israel and raised in Calabasas,  
California since the 1980's.

Eyal Feldman: 32 year old inventor of
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dream of becoming a teacher.
Graduating from UCSD (Univ. of
California, San Diego) in 2000 with a degree in History, Eyal moved to NY to
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product to remove any shame or stigma associated with sex products. That idea
seemed to work out, he would revive cream lubricants to popularity from the
1970's, which fell out of favor due to the rise of condoms and safe sex of the
1980's. Boy Butter came to Market memorial day 2003 and became a bestseller
since. He has since invented the first water based and condom safe cream
lubricant, You'll Never Know it's Not Boy Butter, which quickly became his best
selling products because they were the first water based products that never
went sticky or messy and actually improved the feeling of safe sex. His company
is growing and growing and lives in New York city again and promises to
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