never close the doors to anyone that
                                                                               wants to listen or be a part of my
                                                                               music, so I will play for any community
                                                                               be it one fan or five thousand fans. I
                                                                               am humbled that people want to hear
                                                                               my music.

                                                                              MAC | What kind of crowd do you
                                                                              attract and what are your favorite
                                                                              CC |  I entertain mostly at local drag
                                                                               shows sharing the stage with amazing
                                                                               kings and queens.  I would say those
                                                                               are my favorite venues, they are
                                                                               intimate, personal and that’s where I
                                                                               got my start. I am slowly branching out
                                                                               to other venues and to my surprise I
                                                                               have been receiving excellent
                                                                               attention. I feel the world is slowly but
                                                                               surely progressing.

                                                                               MAC |What personal dreams does
                                                                               Canada have for the future?
CC |I would love to settle down and
                                                                               have a family someday.  I would also
                                                                               love to work and write with other

MAC | What are your political views on same sex marriage, immigration, and your take on
how our country is doing, being you are from Canada, I think we can use all the help we can
get.  Any tips for our President?
CC | I wish presidents and governments around the world would realize that we are all
humans and deserve the same basic rights. I would recommend educating the
CC |Narrow minded views of governments and having to abide by their unfair laws. People
that breed ignorance and selfishness irritate me.

On stage I feel like I’m in a different world, no worries, no thoughts or
stress. It’s definitely a surreal moment having people’s undivided
attention and listening to what I have to say. Watching people sing
along, smile, and interact brings me a high that I can’t put into
words. I can physically feel the energy through my body it’s truly an
amazing and powerful experience I wish I could share.

MAC |If you had a choice between doing what you love to do or settling to reach the fame
and fortune of star status what would it be?
CC |Very easy for me, just keep doing what I am currently doing. I think I’m past the point in
my life where I would just settle. I have always wanted to write songs and I am, in time the
rest will follow.

MAC | As Artist do you feel we should be more in control of the industry than we are?
CC | Well I feel now more than ever Independent artists in some ways have a little more
hope in the music industry. We are fortunate to have the internet available and to be able to
reach people globally without major costs. Of course I would love to have more control in
the industry but let’s face it where there is money to be made there are politics.

MAC |What do you see yourself accomplishing in 5 years?
CC | I would hope to have written four more CD’s worth of music. I would love to do more
producing and tackle a few music videos. My largest goal is to have one of my songs picked
up by a major artist someday.

MAC | What advice do you have for other Artist, any tips on improving their craft?
CC | My advice for other artists would be to keep writing and polish your songs as best as
you can.  Believe in what you write and be passionate when you perform. Stay as positive
as you can and do not let anyone stop you or tell you what to do
www.ambiente.us   AUGUST |AGOSTO 2010

One on One with Canada Chris
by Mark Angelo Cummings

Being used to sitting on the other side of the microphone when asked by Ambiente ‘s
magazine Herb Sosa to interview this up and coming singer/songwriter, Chris Chord
who was born in Northern Canada, I was first hesitant about the task in hand but the
creative daring person in me decided that I was up for the challenge and experience;
so off I went to gather the needed information to create the best interview ever done by
one Artist to another.

I decided I wanted to ask her things she had never been asked before to get her to
think outside the box and open up perhaps as she has never before. As one fellow
musician to another, I want to pick her creative brain and see what lies beneath her
bandana and what potion she uses to put forth the words for her next hit.   As I watched
several videos and listened to her originals which Canada displays on her Face Book
page, I tried to feel the essence of her poetry and rhythm, study her moves and feel her
passion.  Over all it was an enlightening experience for me to study another fellow Artist
and seeing how much in common we actually had.  If there is such a thing as coming
from the same planet, this up and coming Artist and I definitely are from the near vicinity.

MAC | When you were younger and first knew you could sing what was the first thought
that entered your mind?  And were you influenced by the industry or anyone in any way?

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CC | Not really, I never really felt different at all except for maybe being asked to sing all the time
in the strangest places. I was a shy kid growing up, hard to believe now.

MAC | Were you parents supportive of your interest in music and possible career choice?
CC | My parents are originally from Portugal and immigrated to Canada.  I grew up in a very strict
household where morals, values, and ethics were embedded daily.  Don’t get me wrong, my
parents were great providers and wonderful people but to them music wasn’t considered a
“real” job.  They were proud of my talent, but they also had a family business to run which is
where I ended up for fifteen years.  However, today after years of determination and persistence
on my part I’m happy to say I have their complete support and respect as a full time recording

MAC | How do you see the world and are your thoughts objective or influenced in any way by
CC | Basically, I see the world as a big board game of life, people playing out similar issues just
at different times and in different ways. I generally see the world as good with some people just
lost in materialism. I don’t always understand the actions and reasoning behind people’s
choices but I do know my tolerance is practiced regularly. This is why I write.

MAC | Do you feel you can be your own person and have the freedom to create the songs that
are dear to your heart or do feel you have to cater to a particular sector or market?
CC  | There are times where I have catered my music in a direction that was not me. I will never
jeopardize my music or my ethics again because the music industry tells me it’s the right thing
to do. I refuse to be threatened or compromised by anyone to write a certain way, this is where
the song “Help Me” came from. It was based on a result of a negative experience that I barely
escaped. Today I write from my heart with honesty, direction and personal purpose.

MAC | What is your favorite method of creating, do you have any quirks, ritual or format you use to
write a song?
CC |  I don’t really think I knew I could sing until
I was in my early teens. I remember going to
an amusement park and recording a song in
one of those booths and they played it over
their speaker system and people came up
and complimented me. I knew I had an
attraction to music at an early age but it wasn’t
until then that I became interested in how my
voice could make people react so positively. It
was an enlightening moment for sure.

I do recall playing a bit of something on any
instrument I could get my hands on. When I
did finally understand my musical talent it
became an addiction that I couldn’t get

I was influenced by so many artists, but boys II
men and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith to name a
couple were my favorites. I loved their voices
and would sing their songs all the time.

MAC | Growing up with your talent did you find
it difficult relating to others or were made feel
different because of your gifts?
CC | Well, I generally work in front of the T.V , it’s funny because I need total silence when I study
for a test but when I am creating a song I need external noise , not sure why but it works!

MAC | Do you hear the rhythms in your head and do the words flow freely as if they were being
placed there by some universal force, or is it more like grabbing words from experiences and
feelings in your life?
CC |  I usually strum a few guitar chords and when one strikes me I build a melody, then I write
the lyrics which are usually from life experiences. I can hear the song from start to finish in my
head as soon as I hit that magical chord. I truly feel a higher power is responsible for channeling
the music that comes to me. Whatever it may be I am grateful to have this gift and am happy to
share it with the world.

I think people get “Canada Chris” for the most part.  She is thoughtful,
genuine, and quite charismatic. She is passionate about everything she
believes in.  People tend to gravitate to her positive energy and
appreciate her down to earth personality. People get the fact that what
you see is what you get when it comes right down to it.
 - Chris Chord

MAC | What would you tell your fans if you had the chance to express what they mean to you?
CC | That they are a large part of the reason why I write my songs. That I am so grateful for their
loyalty and support and without them I don’t know who I would share my stories with. The fact
that I can reach and touch people in song is humbling and reassures my career choice.  

MAC | If the world were to end tomorrow what would be the first 3 things on your list to do?
CC |  Hmm, well first I would spend time with all my friends and family on some tropical island.
Then I would perform with Pink at one of her concerts in front of a huge audience including my
fans. Finally, I would go to Las Vegas gamble and get married at one of
                                                                       those chapels lol  

MAC | Out of all the things a song writer
                                                                                       and singer gets to do what is your
                                                                                            favorite thing?
 CC |There are so many but I guess
                                                                                               meeting up with my fans after a
                                                                                                show.  I enjoy interacting with
                                                                                                          people and hearing their
                                                                                                             own stories, experiences,
                                                                                                                 and how they can relate
                                                                                                                     to my songs.

                                                                              MAC | What characteristics or elements do
                                                                       you look for in a singer song writer?
                                                                       CC | A writer who writes for themselves and
                                                                       who is genuine about their music. Writing about
                                                                       issues and tackling tough subjects in a positive
                                                                       way.  A writer who is passionate about what
                                                                       they have to say to the world whatever it may

MAC|  What changes would you like to see in the music industry?
CC: I would love to see less focus on image and money. I wish there was less computer
generated music, definitely less auto tune. I just feel that we are creating an industry of
perfection behind the scenes. Mistakes here and there are not always a bad thing.  

MAC | What moves you?
CC| Sharing the stage with other musicians and coming together for one main purpose. Singing
a new song for the first time and watching my fans reactions.

MAC| What makes you angry?
especially if it means compromising your beliefs, it’s not worth it.

MAC |Which of your songs hits home is your favorite?
CC | The song “Balance” . This song was written near the end of my CD and it became the
title of the whole project.  It pretty much sums up that we all strive to achieve balance in our
lives. In the meantime we all experience a rollercoaster of events and it’s O.K. because in
time we all eventually find the balance we need.  

MAC | I’m calling you back caught my attention, was this song written for anyone special
and if so share the experience with your fans?
CC |  Actually, this song was written about a friend of mine who had just gone through a bad
break up and was struggling with letting go. I would catch her calling her ex but she would
never receive a call back. I can remember her leaving this message on an answering
machine “I’m calling you back so you better answer!”
lol stalker much... I couldn’t resist
writing about it.

MAC |Any final words for your fans or soon to be and do you have any words of wisdom for
our youth?
CC |To my Fans, you are the reason why I am where I am. I thank you for all the loyal
support and I wish I could hug each and every one of you. As for words of wisdom, be true
to yourself and the rest with time will fall into place.  Be passionate about your goals and
dreams and never lose focus.

MAC | Michael Jackson was an Icon beyond words, his music had meaning and he wanted
to help change the world, myself as a musician I feel my craft has been given to me for a
reason, and my music reflects the messages I want to put forth in our world. Does Canada
Chris have a message, a need to express and will we be hearing those kinds of tunes in
the near future?
CC |  There isn’t a song that I write that does not have an underlying message. I am
fortunate to have an outlet like this that allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and
opinions on life. My next CD will definitely be more personal and pretty much an open diary
of my thoughts, struggles and experiences. I also listen to the concerns and issues that my
fans are dealing with and try to write about them. I like to utilize
the fact that I can reach many
people at one time with my words so
I choose them carefully.

MAC | On a more personal level are
you romantically involved at the
moment and if so who is the lucky
CC | Yes I have an amazing partner
but there a few complications at the
moment that prevent me from
identifying this amazing person lol,
but I will soon!  

MAC | Do you find it hard to stay in a
relationship with the demanding
lifestyle of an Artist? And does it
create heart breaks with the fans?
CC | Actually, my fans are extremely
respectful when it comes to my
partner. No one has ever crossed that
line.  I consider myself to be very
loving and pay a lot of attention to
my partner, and am blessed not to
have to deal with any jealousy.

MAC | Do you feel being part of the Forbidden alphabet (LGBT) has hindered your career in
any way or do you feel it has been an inspiration or blessing?  I get asked that question all
the time, and always wonder if other Artist find it difficult to stay true to their sexuality and
gender identity.
CC | So far it has been great to be a part of the LGBT community. I’ve had a few negative
experiences and wish that we would all work together a bit more. However, for the most part
I have had great success within the community. I will
population more and try to instill tolerance when differences arise. Instead of breeding fear when
situations are not understood …EDUCATE! Knowledge is power!

MAC | How did you get the title “Canada Chris”?
CC|I traveled to a place called Watertown, NY, 36 miles from the Canadian border.  There I found a
small accepting club called Clueless.  Since there where so many Chris’, one of the staff members
referred to me as “Canada Chris” to get my attention, ten years later I am still referred to as Canada

Chris Chord is a self made musician who considers her art a gift from above.  “I feel I channel my
music and consider myself very blessed to have this gift”.  Although her career has been a
challenge due to the sharks in the business, she would never give up or stop doing what she loves
to do. Chris has been faced with many situations in the industry and it has taken
her 10 years to materialize her dream of being a producer and recording artist. Chris has learned to
be true to herself and is happy being who she is today, she love people and believes musicians are
here to bring forth a personal message via their art. She sees the world as a board game and
learns from every passing experience. “Knowledge is power” and it appears that life has taught this
Melody girl many lessons, but has not broken her beautiful spirit.  “Our differences are good and I
am humored by our division, we have more in common than not”.  I am glad I got to interview this
genuine soft soul, and it gives me hope that there are true musicians out there who will not sell their
soul to the industry. We are a rare breed, but I am so grateful that I got to speak with her and look
forward to doing something together in the near future.
You can visit Chris’s
chrischord.com/ or follow
her on Face Book
com/chrischord. You
definitely do not want to
miss this amazing artist
who will steal your heart
and rock your soul.

Mark Angelo Cummings is a free lance
writer, singer/song writer who can be
reached at
markangelocummings@yahoo.com or
visit his website

blogspot.com/  or You Tube

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