remove their president for opposing Prop 8, then I think the BEST thing you can do to
justify your cause is give up your rights. Why not? At least you already had a taste of
what it's like to be "equal.” It can't be that bad.

This begs the question, what if you are Black AND gay? Does one take precedence over
the other? It's sad, really. The equality you fight for is in complete contradiction of its
derivative. Equality for you is unequally distributed - sounds like a Bush policy waiting to
happen - and we know just how much you LOVE BUSH.

Rev. Eric P. Lee – same sex supporter and president of the Southern Christian
Leadership said “Dr. King would be turning over in his grave right now.” I have no doubt
about that Mr. Lee. Martin Luther King’s famous words once resonated amongst us with
clarity: "I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former
slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of
brotherhood." The profound impact of his words seems to have been lost. For the
Southern Christian Leadership it's PERFECTLY okay to be a rectified ex-bigot and sit at
the same table, but if you're gay, forget it
hunny, you're washing dishes – apron and all.
Last time I checked, the people threatening the viability of your race in this country were
the white folk not the gays.

I remind you, Southern Christian folk, that your leader - the reason YOUR group was
created; the reason YOUR group is allowed to exist - once said, "A right delayed is a
right denied." So, I think you're mistaken, the only ones turning in their graves are the
ones who have left this life without EVER knowing what it was like to be a TRUE
American - for as far as I recall from my days in civic studies, America was founded for
those who were continuously persecuted for WHAT  AUGUST | AGOSTO 2009

Unequal Equality
by Vanessa Brito

I'm not sure what's happened to people over the decades, but it seems to me that the
more time passes, the more ignorant they become. In satiating my daily dose of
current events a few nights ago, I found this: The Southern Christian Leadership
Conference, the 50-year-old civil rights organization founded by the Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. and others, is seeking to remove the president of its Los Angeles
chapter in response to his support of same-sex marriage in California (

Really? After 50 years, civil rights APPARENTLY only protect skin color – no offense.
Any other minority, sorry, they were not referring to you – even though, it was easy to
take your help to further the cause. Who knew? I want my money back.

50 years later, once you've triumphed in your cause, it's okay to do to others what was
once done to you - the very thing that people (whom you still grieve for) have lost their
lives over. For all those members of the Southern Christian Leadership who are
married to someone who is not 100% Black and wants to

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70's Inspired
THEY WERE. Unless you are suggesting this foundation was built under false
pretences, I think you’re doing a poor job of honoring your homeland.

Above all else, the entire discussion seems very hypocritical. I’m sure you have a
wonderfully elaborate explanation for all this, but that does not make it valid. I’m open to
every point of view – even yours – but I am certainly NOT open to discrimination. I
thought we were on the same page. Guess not.

It's 2009, America (yes, that idea you've so blatantly obliterated) doesn't care about what
you are or who you sleep with, so long as you pay your taxes - and the last time I looked
down there (and I do so quite often), it seemed pretty normal to me; just like your
daughter’s, your wife’s, and your sister’s. Nope, there's no difference. I'll show it to you if
you have ANY doubts. It looks the same, smells the same, and probably feels the same

I am overly disgusted...

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