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EDITORIAL | Loyalty, Friendship and the Truth…
By Herb Sosa

All of us have had friends that tell us things that is intended for our ears and our ears
only, right?  All of us have trusted friends with our inner most secrets, too.  Maybe you
even know about something really bad your friend did, but you keep it to yourself or
even help cover it up because this is what “good friends” do.  As kids, it was soo much
simpler than when we grow up.  

The older we get, the more there is at stake in keeping secrets, trusting your friend’s
honesty and intentions, and trying to do the right thing.  This is where the dilemma
comes.  What is the right thing to do, when others are affected by your friend’s non-
truths, deceptions and even illegalities, and you are caught in the middle, trying to keep
everything going and everyone happy?  This can be in a love triangle, jealousy amongst
friends, or a professional quagmire that with the more you tell, the more screwed up
things get.  The more you are honest, the more complicated and affected things get.  
The more you say, the more people get hurt.

So what to do?  
Which road do you take in Loyalty, Friendship & the Truth?
If there was a simple answer, as
the saying goes, someone would
have bottled it up and made a
million dollars already.  

The fact is, there is never a simple
answer, and we must just try to do
our best with what we know who
we trust and who we share it with.

When you are put in a situation by
a “friend” who tells you something
you know is not right or the truth,
you really need to come clean
with it, and not help them along to
spread their lies to others, even if
you think it is for the greater good.   Just like pulling off a Band-Aid, you need to do it right
away & fast.  Remember: If it was for the greater good, it wouldn't have been a secret to
start off with, and a true “friend” would never ask you, or let you, lie for them.  Only a self-
centered, shallow and empty person does this to others knowingly.  Only a person who
has lost all sense of right & wrong will continually and without remorse - keep doing this
to others.  

If this sounds harsh and personal - it is.   
The lies always come out.  The truth always wins.  
Don’t ever let anyone compromise your honestly.  
Your sense of what is right & wrong.  Your Truth.

Copyright 2009| HerbSosa & Ambiente.   Do not reproduce without prior authorization.

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