AD | A message to all the aspiring artists out there?
LP | A lot of artists that I meet they’re just as neurotic and confused as to where they want
to take it…and I may not have all the answers but just keep doing it.  I’m not as lost, and if
they can just keep going and find a little niche and find a place to show it, there’s a lot of
great organizations out there especially now that want to showcase new artists, because
art for a while seemed so out of reach and it doesn't have to be…you will always have an

The art of Coma Girl (to this aficionado), taps into a brightly
colored world of cuteness and delight, bordering a slight darkness,
making it a very enticing and visual gourmet experience.
I know I still have some of those yellow sticky notes!  
Go see the art of Lisa Parrott, It’s a trip well spent either online
or real time.                                       
 - Armando Diaz Jr.

For more information and if
you’re interested in Lisa’s unique
and prismatic art, please visit
or e-mail the artist at

Lisa’s artwork is also on display @ IWAN
located at 810 NE 4th Avenue
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

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“Coma Girl Rising”| Interview with It Girl artist Lisa Parrott

story and photography by Armando Diaz Jr.

The artist, Lisa Parrott (as I love to refer to her) and I, first met back in the economic
duplicity of 2004.  We were mutually frustrated empleados at a workplace that can best
be described as being located somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Sponge
Bob Squarepant’s pineapple under the sea.  With that said, one can only imagine the
mental strains as well as mental superpowers an employee develops to simply keep it
together daily.  In the spirit of that, Lisa and I unwittingly formed our own secret support
group that involved the creative, the auditory and yes, the visual.

Yellow sticky pads and custom made cards adorned my desk to simply make my day.  
Specialty mixed audio CD’s introduced me to the sounds of Juliette and the Licks,
Ladytron, and Esthero.  All the while, allowing me a personalized glimpse into a friend
and artist’s mind.   A mixed CD is a dear, dear thing.  The creator of the CD is putting
their spiritual blood, sweat and tears into the musical selection, triggering a very
intimate connection, and feeling of extreme sharing.  Thank you always for that.
Lisa’s gift of “doodling” was and continues to be a
beautiful extension of her feminine creativity.  From
cool showings after hours at crowded coffee
houses to being a presenting artist at this year’s
Red Eye Exhibit 2009 (presented by ArtServe), Lisa
continues to reach ever further with her work and

After a recent meeting with IWAN (Independent
World Artist Network), discovering their artistic
motivations, I (AD) had the opportunity to hang out
with Miss Lisa Parrott (LP) and tap in a little more
into her originality.

AD | How’s it going, how do you feel right this
LP| I actually feel elated, I feel inspired to move
forward…there’s so many projects I want to do so
I’m kind of lost, but its not a bad lost, it’s like my
journey is starting to form itself.

AD |Congratulations by the way on your most recent show, how was that for you?
LP | It went really well you know it…every time I have a show it becomes more and more
solid that this is what I want to do and I’ve picked the right path…for a while I was toying
with what career I should go into and what should I study in school…I’ve really just come
to the conclusion that I’m going to back off and be an artist.
AD |  You’ve come a long way haven’t you, from doodles to your own wall at these ultra
cool art houses next to gritty railroad tracks.  Is that an honest assessment?
LP | <giggles> Yeah, yeah.  You know at first I just did it for fun, too keep my hands busy,
to keep my mind busy and not worry about the future you know. It became I’m drawing a
picture to <squeaks> escape and now it became I’m drawing a picture to build my
vision.  It’s awesome.

AD | Describe your artwork to me, what is it that spilling out of Lisa’s head? What feeling,
what message (if any)?
LP | I kind of just like to express women and animals in this whimsical kind of
almost hallucinogenic state…it’s more like a wonder, they’re full of
wonderment they’re full of endearment and sometimes they’re a little
cookey and crazy.  I do it pretty much because I think people are more
                                                                                      beautiful than they think they
                                                                                      are,  a lot of people have
                                                                                      this certain idea of beauty
                                                                                      and mine’s a little
                                                                                      different…that’s how I
                                                                                      express it.

                                                                                     AD | What, when and where
                                                                                      was the first public showing
                                                                                      of your work?
                                                                                     LP |  My first show was at
                                                                                      Underground Coffeehouse in
                                                                                      Fort Lauderdale,  Aileen and
                                                                                      the staff have always been
                                                                                      very, very supportive and
                                                                                      they’re just truly out to
                                                                                      showcase new artists, they
                                                                                      really gave me  a chance
                                                                                      and free range for what to do with it…I
hope to do another one there in the future.

At shows, do you ever listen in on the critiques of your work?

<smiling> I’ve tried, I’ve tried but I’m usually running around so
much that I never really get to hear what they’re saying.  I try to
like listen in then I get distracted, so I think that might be good
actually I don’t get to hear all the criticism, all the praise, I kind of
just still do my own thing.
AD | Where did the name Coma Girl come from?
LP | Everybody asks me that and I feel like its so lame when I come up with the answer
but it was my AOL screen name in like 1992, <laughs> when I was 12.  And I started
drawing, and scanning and e-mailing people…and it just kind of stuck oh it’s a Coma
Girl piece and oh it’s a Coma Girl piece and it was really taken from The Smiths song
Girlfriend in a Coma, of course AOL would only allow 7 letters to a screen name so I had
to abbreviate and Coma Girl was born out of that.

                                                                                AD|  Do you ever draw males?
                                                                                LP | I’ve tried, I’ve drawn one
                                                                                male that actually looked
                                                                                male.  He was mostly digital. I
                                                                                named him Pimp because he
                                                                                 surrounded by these hundreds
                                                                                of JPEGS of women <smiles>
                                                                                and it’s just him.

                                                                                 AD | What do you think about
                                                                                 when you’re drawing?
                                                                                 LP | Well mostly I kind of go
                                                                                 into this like zone state, I kind
                                                                                 of space out and just draw.
                                                                                 People may ask me to just
                                                                                 draw something and that’s the
                                                                                 hardest thing for me to do
                                                                                 because it kind of just comes
                                                                                 organically.  I know it’s going
                                                                                 to be a girl or an animal and it
                                                                                 just forms from there.

                                                                                 AD | Any themes, color
                                                                                 motivated or feeling
LP | I think mostly I’m spatially motivated, meaning I want to fit as much cuteness on a
page as possible. I’m really a space cadet <laughs>…I have to be watching TV, listening
to music or completely distracted to get a piece out, I find the less I concentrate the better
I do.

AD | Latino motivated? That’d be cool!
LP | Oh yeah, I’ve done some Latino chicks, I have those I’ll send you those, you know
they’re hot!  The sexy lips and the dark hair, beautiful, beautiful stuff.

AD | Do you have a piece that you yourself felt the most intense while creating?
LP | There’s this piece called “Lullaby” that I still have the original I won’t sell the original,
and it just speaks to me on so many levels, it’s got big hair everywhere and it’s got the
sassy bird…to me I look at that and I realize that I can make a living…make some sort of
future with my artwork.
Whenever I look at it, whenever I sell a print of it or rendition of it I always get a little
choked up.  There’s certain pieces that I’m really sad to see them go…there’s some
pieces that I don’t have copies of, that I do a big version of it and I just have a photograph
to remember it by…but I am happy that they end up in good homes.

AD | What was on your mind when you first woke up this morning?
LP | I woke up this morning I’m like oh God I’m going to be interviewed <laughs>

(AD) How often do you think about bunnies?
(LP) Bunnies?  Like all the time! I have a bunny! <laughs> When I go into my bathroom
where my bunny lives it’s just excitement everyday because it’s like, oh my God I got a
cute bunny in my bathroom!

AD | Do you have a favorite movie?
LP | I would have to say, it’s an old Steve Martin movie called , “All of Me” with Lily Tomlin
and I just remember  watching it as a kid and memorizing scenes..and really attaching
myself to Steve Martin.
AD | How often do you think about bunnies?
LP | Bunnies?  Like all the time! I have a bunny! <laughs> When I go into my bathroom
where my bunny lives it’s just excitement everyday because it’s like, oh my God I got a
cute bunny in my bathroom!

AD | Do you have a favorite movie?
LP | I would have to say, it’s an old Steve Martin movie called , “All of Me” with Lily Tomlin
and I just remember  watching it as a kid and memorizing scenes..and really attaching
myself to Steve Martin.

AD | You are very multi-dimensional person…
LP | I’m all over the place…yeah <smiles>

AD | <smiling back>…and just so hip to the game in your head, ya know?  
LP |…mmhmm…mmhmm…neurotic

AD | ha!…music seems to be one of your many passions. Does music influence your
LP | Absolutely, absolutely. I constantly have my iTunes play list which has like (42) days
of music listed…

AD |…whoa…
LP |…it brings you to this place not quite adolescent but you realize you’re an adult…and
every time I do hear that song I think of you…

AD |…awwww…
LP |…aww your voice got so high…<laughs>
AD | <Deepening voice> aghem, actually it did…aghem

AD| When is your next show?
LP | Well my stuff is always going to be on display here (IWAN), so anytime anybody
wants to come view anything they can contact me through the websiteand we can set up
a meeting to come here and check it out or if we have any of our open events.

AD | Any themes or any current passions?
LP | My goal is to include as much glitter as possible in my next pieces…I have this idea
about themed artwork, cause my artwork has never really had themes…I’m actually
doing a series based on The Beatles album Abbey Road…it’s going to be like (17)
pieces and they may not be literal translations of the songs, it’ll be more about where
they take me…and that could be some crazy place.

AD | I bet my editor would love to use your work as a cover for the online exposure, what
do you think about that?
LP | I would love it!

AD | Not sure what you’re views are but your fans seem to span many boundaries.  With
that said what’s your take on the gay marriage issue?
LP | You know…I think that everyone on this Earth should have the right to do whatever
the hell they want.  You know life is short, for people to get their panties in a bunch about
who’s marrying who…it’s ridiculous how far some groups will take it.  I’m for it…I’m for
anybody expressing their love.  For the gay and lesbian community to fight for the right to
marry, and every day (other) people are throwing it away…it just, it hurts.  People love
each other, and if they love each other they should be able to do what they want to
express that love.

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70's Inspired
                 LP |…I have that much music and it’s always on random.  Like I
                  never intentionally put on something and I find that’s a lot of the
                  way my art takes shape because I never know what song’s
                  coming next and a song can totally change your mood.  So
                  there’s some pieces that start out really happy and in the
                  background you’re like…whoa…what’s going on and it’s
                  probably just a new song came on and my mood shifted.

                 AD | Name me (3) of your favorite bands.  
                 LP | Right now I would have to say Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and
                 I’m going to say Duran Duran you know for my old obsessive days, and out of
new music I would have say Stars…I think they’re from Canada.   Most of the good music
like Arcade Fire, stuff like that is coming out of Canada

AD | You’re right you know you introduced me to Arcade Fire, you did!  Then soon after I
really started digging The Editors
LP |  Cool I haven’t even heard them so you’re going to have to share that with me.

AD | Do you have a favorite song right now?
LP | …well there is a song called “Coma Girl” by Joe Strummer…he was in The Clash.  It
actually came out way after I started to use the name Coma Girl it (the song) actually has
(the name) Lisa in it, which I just think was magical.  It’s my theme song without actually
being able to call it my theme song.

AD | You know that’s why you’re the only person that would understand there’s this song I
love called “Looper” by a band called Mondo ’77.
LP | Little things like that you get attached to, same with art, you envision a color you really
like, or the shape of a nose that reminds you of somebody…you kind of get attached.

AD | I’ll never forget a few years back; you described to me why you loved Nada Surf’s
“From the Rooftop Down”.  I loved that!