Julian Chang has received
top honors including MIFW
“Prêt-a-Porter Designer of
the Year”, Prêt-a-Porter
Style Award,  Ebenzer
Award of Honor World
Fashion in Korea, Florida
International’s Designer
Star Winner, Vogue En
Espanol “Designer’s Choice
Award”, Cadillac Luxury
Lifestyle Award,  Women’s
Wear Daily selected Chang
as the  “Up and Coming
Ready-to-Wear Designer to
watch”, Gen Art Fresh
Faces Award, recipient of
The Key to the City of
Miami Beach, Vox Out
Award and AI Alumni Wall
of Fame, In 2010 Julian
Chang opened the Miami
Fashion Week International
and was awarded for his
Ready to Wear Collection.

JULIAN CHANG | Fashion Under the South Florida Sun
by Herb Sosa

An effortless, timeless & easy to wear, with a bit of update and whimsy.  This is
the feel of the Julian Chang store in Miami's Upper Eastside. "Comfortable
pieces that will always be relevant to your wardrobe. Miami’s lifestyle is my
inspiration, so I mix glamour, with sexiness and confidence.” says Chang.
Born in Lima Peru raised in a multicultural environment with Latin-Chinese
heritage. At the age of 17, he moved to Miami Florida where he attended Miami
International University of Art & Design. It didn't take long for he to stand out and
begin a whirlwind career that seems to be at full speed yet just beginning to to
get started.   He launched his Contemporary Women’s collection in 2008, selling
now to over 2000 boutiques across the globe. Barely into his 30's, his latest
endeavor is a resort collection made with stretch jersey material and a Holiday
line. Price points vary and can range from $95 for a top to upwards of $400 for a
I recently exchanged some ideas and questions with Julian.

How do you see Miami Fashion setting itself apart from other locales, both on
the streets & on the runways?
Miami has their own energy very different from LA and NYC, it's a very sexy
customer in comparison to other markets. I can spot a Miamiam from a mile
away.... I think most people like to play it safe while dressing but not in this part
of the country, I stll feel that we have many more years to go before Miami takes
part of the Fashion Industry in the bigger picture, we are not a influential market

What influences your work the most?
Usually my travels take a big part of inspiration, When I am in a different
city/country I get a new theme or color palette for my collections

What is the one material you love working in the most, and why?
Rayon stretch is usually the main fabric for my collections, as is wrinkle free
and easy care, comfort is key with out sacrificing style.

You have been very visible and popular in South Florida for some time now –
What do you still want to accomplish with your work?
I been very blessed with my work and there has been a great response from
the community, I have received many awards thru the years including The Key
of Miami Beach whitch is such an honor to me and dressed many celebrities
like Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and Janet Jackson. There is so much for me to
do, I have several projects on my "Have to do list" including a book and a new
accessories line, is hard to stay calm and i try not to rush into things as thats
really more my personality so I have learn to enjoy the moment and take
my time.

South Florida is such a diverse community…The foods, languages, colors,
beliefs & lifestyles.  Why do you love it here?  What would you like to
change/see changed?
I love South Florida in every aspect, I think people got very humble after the big
crisis so there is a good aftermath to all that, been in the Fashion Industry and
living in South Florida is extremity challenging as there is not really a fashion
center here as in other parts of the country so I spent a lot of time in NYC before
I launch my collections so I can gather all the right elements in works.

How have the Latino/Hispanic & LGBT communities influenced or been a
part of your work?
I think awareness is very important and we all need to be part of it.

Miami Beach will host its first ever Celebrate ORGULLO Festival, highlighting
the LGBT Hispanic Culture.  What do you think makes it unique here?  What
challenges are still ahead for the community?
I think South Florida still a very conservative area but events as Celebrate
ORGULLO help the comunity, I believe that everything comes with time and
there still is a lot of work to do so it's important to have everyone involved.

You seem extremely busy all the time- How do you personal & professional
lives coexist?  Do you have a partner?  Friends, family… how do you balance
I try my best to keep a eloquent balance in my life, there is certain things that I
prioritize on my every day life such as personal training classes, organic eating,
weekly massages and some good reading, I have a very set schedule so I can
fit all my obligations, I try to spend time with my family and friends when I am in
town....balance is very important in my life....If I am not functioning to my best things wont be optimal at the end.  I am currently single so I
take advantage of the extra little time for me....

I usually like to wear a Julian Chang custom white shirt, jeans and Prada sneakers,
Thats sort of my daily uniform

What should we expect for fashion in the next few years?  …And from Julian Chang?
I am planing to launch a one of a kind Couture collection on 2012 so I am looking forward
to seeing that materialized.  It's been an amazing year, we are currently selling all across
the globe including Israel, Russia and Australia - but there still so much more we can do.

Where do you want to be personally & career-wise in 10 years, and what are you doing
to get there?
I am very happy where I am currently personally and in my career, there is nothing more
special to me than doing what I am passionated about and be gratified by doing what you
love the most....In 10 years I see my business going into a more global scale and  designing
multiple lines such as menswear and home wear, I do want to grow at a natural pace and
enjoy every moment.

What do you want people to say or remember about you?
Most importnly I want people to remember me as someone who is in love with his work and passionated about life.

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