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EDITORIAL | Politics | No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
By Herb Sosa

Passion is defined as the state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and
influenced by something external to itself; the state of any particular faculty which, under
such conditions, becomes extremely sensitive or uncontrollably excited; any emotion or
sentiment (specifically, love or anger) in a state of abnormal or controlling activity; as, to
be in a passion; the passions of love, hate, jealously, wrath, ambition, avarice, fear, etc.

Passion definitely describes the issues relating in many of this August 24ths local

Passion to win, passion to defeat, passion to lead and passion to hate, all play into
politics.  As many of you know, in another of my daytime roles, I am president of Unity
Coalition|Coalicion Unida, a Latino|Hispanic gay civil-rights initiative, offering
leadership on issues that concern LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)
Latino|Hispanic and other minority groups since 2002.  Every election our board of
directors tries to best review the issues that concern our community & membership,
develop questions that are relevant & revealing for candidates, and ultimately, publish
a list of what we deem to be the best choices for voters, based on this research.  We
do this to assist in your voting process, not dictate.  
Never in our recent past has there been so much emotion, anger, passion and
discussion in our suggested list of candidates than this year.

We have been professionally & personally praised,
complimented, yelled at, written about, condemned and
threatened with everything from lawsuits, slander and yes,
even eternal damnation in Hell.

Now I have a tough skin, and understand the importance of leadership, elections
and our communities’ political future, but this is decided by informed & active
voters electing good leaders – not by intimidation, lies and threats.  This is
schoolyard bullying at its best.

This zealous and often hate-filled attitude has not been limited to our
endorsements, but onto many of the candidates.  
Scott Galvin, running for
U.S. Senate as politician with a stellar record of serving the city of North Miami and
his community for most of his adult life, who happens to also be openly gay, woke
last week to a rash of defaced signs that had been sprayed with
FAG over them,
and mangled bus benches.  
Mimi Planas, running against a career politician with
a record of opposing all things fair & equal – as they relate to anything LGBT – has
also been the target of a smear campaign of defacing & stealing signs and
attacking her personally for being a single mother who is openly gay.

Another of our endorsements of a candidate running for circuit court judge has
been met with threats of lawsuits, slander and a sure-fire ticket to Hell for all of us
suggesting that a man that has a strong religious faith can

Civil Right


Fresh-Squeezed Paradise




Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation

MDGLCC Members
offer some great
discounts & specials
somehow meet with and also be endorsed by an LGBT group – imagine that!  I
must have missed the part where God encouraged unconditional love &
compassion without judgment for all, except when hate & personal prejudices can
overrule his own word.

Unfortunately even more of the negativity and false accusations of wrongdoing
came from our own community, from lawn chair politicos, mail order critics and
just plain born angry people, who can’t imagine doing something like donating
your time & energy to choosing who the best candidate for your communities’
needs & issues is, without there being a hidden agenda. There hasn’t been, and
there isn’t one now.  Our endorsements were based on good old fashion
research, work, time, education and reporting –that’s it.

No back room deals, no kickbacks and no promises beyond our candidates
commitment to do right by our community if elected.  This concept has been, and
probably will be, lost on anyone with access to a computer, cell phone or spray
paint can, but no concept of the responsibility or repercussions of their hate-filled
words and actions.

The best revenge will by yours.  Go out and learn about your candidates, as well
as their opponents. Educate yourself on the issues. GO VOTE.  Only then can we
have a seat at the table.  Only then can we hold accountable our elected officials.  
Only then can we show what love, compassion and equality is all about.

I will continue to give back to my community.  I will vote on August 24th.
I will keep using my words to inform, share, love and express myself – but never to
hurt, lie about or demean others.  

Those are
my passions.  

As for spray paint, there are those two rusty awards I won in debate club that need
a makeover…

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