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PAUL STAFFELBACH | Interview with the Gay Comic Geek
by Mike Korbini

Gay Comic Geek's webpage says:
Hi. I'm Paul, and I'm a big dork. That's it. I like comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and
a lot of different cartoons, including Anime and American, and all the stuff in
between. I'll review anything geeky or gay-related. I'm an equal opportunity
Gay Comic Geek. Occasionally, I'll even v-log about myself and what's
happening in my life, too.
Thanks for checking out the site! Feel free to comment and let me know
what's on your mind.                                                                 Namaste.
                                                                                                      - Paul

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Paul Staffelback - the Gay Comic Geek - for
Ambiente, and this is how it went:

MK | How did you end up living in Miami and how do you like it?  If you could change
one thing about MIA, what would it be?

PS | Well, honestly I ended up here because my mother abandoned me as a kid and
my dad was in prison, so grandparents came up to Alabama to get me when I was 12,
and they lived in Miami. I think Miami is a great place, too hot sometimes, but still it has
a great vibe that I like. If I could change anything, it’d have to be traffic. I hate it. A lot. Like
seriously, the rage comes out of me like a faucet when I’m driving.

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MK | Who is your favorite super hero and why?

PS | Everyone asks that. I really don’t have a favorite. I have a favorite of the month. If I had
to pick a reoccurring hero, it’s Robin (Tim Drake version). I’ve always loved him, but lately
he’s been so much cooler. I started reading comics when Tim became Robin, so I can
relate to him a little more than others.

MK | What is your all time favorite comic book and why?

PS | I can read the Infinity Gauntlet series over and over again cause it’s the first cosmic
tale that I read back in 7th grade and it was just so memorable to me cause most of the
heroes actually died in it and it freaked me out! But they all came back to life at the end of
the story, so I guess it didn’t really matter.

If I could have any super power, it would be... Telepathy.
I would love to do a Professor X thing and make all of these
religious fanatics that hate gay people suddenly start to like the
same sex. That would be so incredibly cool to have all of these
Westboro Baptist Church fanatics suddenly become gay.

MK | How did you get into comics?  How many comic books do you have?

PS | I have thousands of comics. I have a storage facility that I rent to house the majority of
them. I think I buy close to 8-10 new comics each week. I got into it when I was really
young and learning to read. I moved all the time and I never
bothered to learn the alphabet or even try to learn cause I didn’t see the point if I
was just gonna go to a new school every other month. But I finally met a genius
school counselor that gave me a comic book and I fell in love with the images. I
wanted to learn what was being said on the pages so I took the effort to learn.
Before knew it, I excelled and surpassed a lot of my fellow 6th graders in reading. I
just needed the right motivation, and this worked.

MK | What makes u smile?

PS | Puppies. I love puppies.

MK | What are the top 5 things on your Bucket List?
1. Get married legally…in Florida
2. Watch Gone with the Wind all the way through to the end
3. Actually meet Stan Lee in person and not be directed away by         
security (why do they all think I’m a stalker?)
4. Get my masters degree (2 more years)
5. Design my own superhero for a comic book

MK | Are comic books popular in the Gay Community, why?

PS | They don’t seem that way. Whenever I talk about geeky stuff with my fellow gay
brothers, I’m looked down on. It’s like being a geek in gay society is it’s own
closeted orientation. I was secretly in the closet about being a geek to my boyfriend
when we first started to date cause I didn’t wanna scare him away at how extreme I
could be. I had to slowly come out to him as being a complete geek, which even to
this day he can’t completely cope with everything. Not that I keep secrets from him,
but I do try to give him geeky news and updates in a slow fashion so I don’t
overwhelm him too quickly. But comic books themselves, I really only know 1 other
gay guy that reads comics as much as I do and he lives in San Diego. I know they
exist, but I think they’re afraid to come out of the closet…the geek closet.
MK | You are in pretty
good shape for a geek......
have u heard that before?

PS |  Well, I have heard
that, but honestly I still
feel completely out of
shape. In high school I
was so small, I hated it.
Then I gained some
weight when I was 19,
but that was all fat. So I
decided I needed to
change my appearance
slightly and started to
work out.

MK | If you were going to
let you fans know ONE
personal thing about you,
what would it be?

PS  | I can’t sleep with my
closet door open cause
the closet monster will
get me.
MK | What's next for the Gay Comic Geek?
PS |
I’m hungry, I think I’m gonna get a pizza.

MK | What are the details about the Comic Geek
Contest to draw a gay super hero?  Prize,
deadlines, etc.

PS | Well, the rules are simple. Draw a dirty or
nice costume with the base pic that Patrick
Fillion drew of me. The contest ends in just a
couple weeks in August. The person drawing
has to be 18 years old of course cause it’s
strictly for adults. Patrick will be giving the winner
a whole load of comics
                                and I’ll be giving a
                                                    geeky toy
                                                            prizes for
                                                         the nice
                                                        Plus Patrick
                                                     will draw the
                                                   himself with
                                                      the costume
         that’s designed. It’s a pretty unique contest
in terms of gay geekyness. www.classcomics.
com has all the answers to any questions that
may come out of it.

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