Anaya & Mayorga |  These two Latino journalists are reaching for the top!

People can’t stop talking about “Orgullo Latino,” a show that
premiered on national television last month by In the Life and
profiles lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Latino
leaders all over the country. The show is definitely making
waves and the two bicultural Latino producers behind this
groundbreaking piece are just getting started.
Carlos Anaya and Carlos Mayorga are multimedia
producers/journalists based in New York. The two met last
summer and began working together almost immediately.
The episode, which premiered in June, features LGBT
Latino leaders in four U.S. cities, including Miami, Los
Angeles, New York and Tucson, Arizona. Some leaders
include Jane Velez-Mitchell of CNN Headline News, Eduardo
Xol from the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,
Daniel Hernandez in Tucson, who is the former hero intern
of U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Pedro Julio
Serrano of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,
Herb Sosa, publisher of Ambiente Magazine and head
of the Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida, and many others.
“This was a groundbreaking project and I’m honored to
have been able to connect with so many successful LGBT
Latinos in this country to tell their stories,” says Mayorga.
“I hope the show continues to inspire people from all walks
of life, but also smash stereotypes about Latinos and the
LGBT community.”
Mayorga is a graduate of the prestigious Columbia
University Graduate School of Journalism and a former daily
crime and courts newspaper reporter who was born and
raised in San Francisco.
Anaya was born in Colombia and raised in the U.S. He
has more than a decade of experience as a journalist and a
resume that includes entertainment contributor on the
national morning show for NBC/Telemundo. As a journalist,
he’s interviewed names like Juanes, Shakira, Ricky Martin
and Marc Anthony. He now runs his own media company that
provides content for clients.
Both Anaya and Mayorga are managing editors of My
Lifestyle Magazine, a publication for chic bicultural Latino
readers. They are also proud members of the National
Association of Hispanic Journalists. These two were a
natural fit to produce a show like “Orgullo Latino” for In the
Life, which is the oldest and only gay news magazine show in television, currently in its 20th season.

These producers are already working on a number of future projects in television and other platforms, and may also team up with In the
Life again to further the dialogue about the LGBT Latino experience.
It always fascinates me how we can create possibilities out of nothing. The "Orgullo Latino" show was just an idea that, little
by little, became a movement to unite the LGBT Latino community
nationwide. I have learned that in life, everything is a process.
Young people often get inpatient about their moment of success.
In fact, it takes leadership and training to make it to the top.
Nothing comes in a Tiffany box. Preparation for the spotlight
requires strategic alliances, commitment and discipline.
Architects and engineers develop plans to build a structure
and the same goes for the path of success. Being prepared
for the journey, not the destination, will open doors.
I have grown as a professional during the show. Although
LGBT Latino leaders live in multiple realities, they have one thing
in common - the power to excel, to step out of the ordinary. The
show validates my idea of stepping out of my comfort zone by
exploring new horizons. "Orgullo Latino" is my first project in the
Anglo market. I brought the tools of journalism and production
that I learned at Univision and Telemundo. Regardless of the
language and technology, the rules of the game are the same -
good storytelling, the ability to connect multiple realities and
stories that move, touch and inspire audiences dear to their hearts. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. The most fascinating people
don't work in television and they are not famous either, so believe in your story.
I hope we have more representation of LGBT Latinos in mainstream media. I hope we have more leaders with courage to be visible and
inspire younger generations. In the meantime, I encourage corporations to provide career advancement, executive sponsorship and
leadership. There is a lack of leadership in this country and Latinos have a great opportunity to lead the way.  
As Pedro Julio Serrano mentioned on the show, "'Every time you affirm your identity, you are reaffirm your dignity." The more we embrace
our 'gayness,' the more we serve as a full representation in society. Be proud with "Orgullo Latino."

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endeavors, follow them on twitter:
@carlosanaya and @carlosmayorga

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