JB| Did I?  Did I really call him to the mat on that?  I think that Perez agreed with me; that I
gave him an opportunity to tell us his side of the story on my show.

JC| I question whether his whole approach to his style of media reporting has any validity.  

JB|  I don’t know if I can attest to whether there’s validity to his style of commentary, but
there’s an audience.  People have always gossiped, right?  It’s just something that they did
-- and still do.

JC| I think it can be portrayed as irresponsible.

                              JB| Y’know it’s different...especially because of the internet.

JC| Yes -- it’s immediate!  Perez is always outing celebs on his

                              Of course it’s easier now, but the media has been outing
                              people for years!  There were papers that were doing it all the
                              time back in the day.  They were doing it to Rock Hudson!

JC| Rock Hudson was gay?!

JB| (Laughing)  Oh come on!  Betty White outed Cary Grant on my show.  Did you see that?  
The time was just very different then.

JC| At least it’s made it a lot easier on the gay youth in this country.  We’re seeing more
reflections of ourselves in entertainment.

JB| Yeah...I think the youth culture is also affected by what they now see on television -- this
was the same with the African-American community once.  Kids today have grown up
watching shows like Will & Grace that they can identify with.  
www.ambiente.us   JULY| JULIO 2010

Spreading the Joy | My conversation with JOY BEHAR
by JC Alvarez | Exclusively for AMBIENTE

The advent of the digital age has permeated in our culture an almost insatiable hunger
for media attention whether it’s instant celebrity via the circus of a reality show or the
red carpet madness of entertainment news coverage.  Give someone a camera phone
and a microphone, the ability to stream the content on YouTube, and you have your next
on the street TMZ news sensation!  It’s made it a bit of a challenge for those of us
(including myself) with undeniable talent who are trying to make our break in the biz
through legitimate resources.

I’m not tooting my own horn here – I’ve been at this game for some time now, trying to
get my break through honest means and all anyone wants to see is a gimmick.  Well I’
ve got a trick or two still left in my utility belt, but like any apprentice I too sought out the
wisdom of an industry sage someone to help me along on my path.

But how does someone weed through the field of posers and attention-getters to make
that excitable impression that gets them noticed on a major network and into the
commercial market?  In my quest for the truth, I turned to non-other than my very own
fairy Godmother of the talk show set, comedian Joy Behar for some advice and
questions about her own trajectory navigating the waters of her success on The View
and her own current news show on HLN.

JC | You ladies have cornered the market as a great talk show team on The View -- it’s
amazing that you’ve kept the energy going and continue to make it a success!
JB | Isn’t it great?  There
have been times when we’
ve gotten off track, but now
the chemistry is so there!  It’
s important to have such
different voices -- it makes
for a great dynamic!

JC | Yeah but Joy -- you can
be the most relatable one of
the group -- like a favorite
aunt.  Even though I’ve got
an “Elisabeth” or two in my

JB |Oh yeah?  You’ve got
someone in your family who’
s having a cleanse too?  

(On this particular morning’s
episode of the television talk
fest the ladies discussed co-
host Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s
recent participation in a healthy cleanse, to which Joy exhibited some doubts.)

JB| We’re all relatable -- that’s why it works!

JC | So Joy...did you always want to be a talk show host?

JB |Wait...(Laughing) did you just call me a talk show ho?

JC| NO!  A talk show host!  (Laughing)  Did you ever imagine that in your career you would
become such a viable talk show personalty?

JB|  It’s something that just happened!  I’m a comic...Barbara
(Walters) liked one of the bits.  My experience as a teacher had
something to do with it -- I always had a captive audience.  And I
worked as an employment counselor, so I was comfortable
interviewing people, but I also had a radio show.   And then I
worked as a receptionist on Good Morning America and got
familiar with television...eventually that lead me to The View.

JC| Wow!  All paths led you to where you are now -- that makes me
feel great about my direction and that there’s hope for me yet as a
gay, male television personality.

JB| Go for it!  Do what you know how to do!

JC| You recently called Perez Hilton out on the mat over that whole Miley Cyrus picture

Civil Right


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Against Defamation

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JC| Not to mention the Housewives or the Jersey Shore.

JB|  I didn’t say all TV was great.

JC: Been to a gay wedding lately?

JB: As a matter of fact I have -- for one of our producers on the show!

JC| You’ve often demonstrated a lot of faith in President Obama and feel that he’s
in line with making significant improvements especially towards the gay
Americans that supported his move into office?

JB| He’s got a lot going!  He’s tackling “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”... but I think that
eventually he’ll get to gay marriage.  He’ll make it happen.

JC| Has Elisabeth been to a gay wedding lately?

JB| Elisabeth is conservative, but she’s very pro-gay marriage.  She’s all for it!

JC| Yes -- I have a lot of faith she supports the gay community...as I have in you.  
Thanks for your time Joy and (dare I say it) enjoy the view!

JB| All right, kiddo -- good luck!

You can catch Joy Behar sitting on the panel of The View on ABC and nightly on
her news show on HLN.


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