most innovative artists in our community
today -- pop acts like Brian Kent and
Jason Walker who have premiered new
songs and material live in our studio.  
We've also featured controversial
personalities like heartthrob Colton Ford
and community advocate Will Clark, and
entertaining star-making comics like
Leah Dubie and Eddie Sarfaty!  These
are all rising stars but certainly all
celebrities in our cosmos!

Talking About is just the beginning and
we're grateful that it's become almost
onto itself a part of our world.  It's
become the place where tomorrow's
aspiring and inspiring acts, community
leaders and pop-culture notables are
making their first stops to chat with us
and we're happy to be able to bring it to


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www.ambiente.us   JULY| JULIO 2010

NEW TO AMBIENTE |Talking About TV | Featuring our own
JC Alvarez,  Cara Kilduff & Jonathan Griffith, weekly
by JC Alvarez

When my colleague Jonathan Griffith asked me to join his public access talk show
Talking About I wondered for a fleeting second if I could handle it.  I had already started
gaining some momentum on the red carpet interviewing celebrities at big Hollywood
premieres, but doing a live, one-hour format talk show seemed particular daunting to
me.  Jon had been producing the show for 10 years, so he already had an audience
that tuned in to catch up on all the community going-ons that he discussed on air.  And
when I took my inaugural moment at the desk and interviewed my first guest, I realized
that this may well be what I was designed for in life!  I'd never felt more at home than
when I was able to connect with someone and pull from them their story -- it made me
realize: we all have the most amazing stories to share...every single one of us and their
will always be an audience that is interested in listening.

Talking About allows us to do that every month!  It's amazing the people we've had
come into our studio and the gifts that they've shared with us -- the genuine moments
that occur in front of the camera, especially between Jon, Cara Kilduff (the third part of
our ensemble) and myself.  It's amazingly fortunate to able to do something that you
love -- I love connecting with people and learning from their experience!  It's an exciting
process to be able to bring to our audience and I think that when you watch Talking
About you will agree that we have a great time doing it!  We've been fortunate to have in
our studio some of the

Miami's Gay Performing
Arts Festival
July 7-11, 2010