2- Cool Headsets

In days gone by, headphones were the size of half-a-head and blocked
out the entire outside world. The audio was amazing but you sweated
profusely because of the generous foam padding. And you looked
idiotic. Through several mutations, we then ended up at the other
extreme, with minuscule earbuds that nearly vanished in your ear —
and you still looked dorky.

Now, we have moved on to “audio fashion wear” that combines the
best of all worlds. Copenhagen’s
AIAIAI with its design partners at Kilo
has come up with stylish, light-weight Tracks Headphone Series that
combines toned-down nostalgic looks with superior sound quality. A
leather version of Tracks, in natural and black, is apparently in the
works as well.
1- Natural Canvas Weekend Bag
Available in Natural and Olive Green. 20.7"x11.3"x10.5" - $ 225.
The sturdy canvas weekend bag is lightweight and durable enough to meet the rigors of travel.
The 22-ounce cotton canvas has been treated with a polyurethane coating to deflect water
and resist stains. The strength of the
tightly woven canvas allows
each bag to retain its shape
over a lifetime of use.

The waxed cotton (used in
the handles of the bags) is a
Martin family secret that has
been passed on for 7
generations from father to son.
The Martin family has been involved in the
dyeing and finishing of textiles in the U.S. since 1838.
The cotton allows the fabric to breathe while the waxes impart a unique, comfortable patina.
The treatment affords the fabric a lifelong resistance to inclement weather. (Lesser versions of
waxed cotton can be oily and have an unpleasant odor).

The weekend bag features a large interior zippered pocket, three interior slip pockets, shoe
pockets located at each end, a metal Talon zipper on the exterior, navy cotton lining, and a
detachable shoulder strap. Waxed cotton handles can be turned to face up or down, the two
options allow greater comfort depending on the weight that is being carried. Made from 100%
cotton canvas.                    Available at


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise



www.ambiente.us   JULY| JULIO 2010

Summer is here and its a HOT ONE... Just go outside if you
don't believe us.  Here are the Must Have Items to survive
Summer 2010 in style-
by Herb Sosa
8- A kingdom for your dog
The new label Best Friend’s HOME
designs and builds doghouses in a
completely new style, which will
make every quality orientated dog
owner’s tail wag. Ranging from a
puristic Bauhaus style cube to an
idyllic Swedish style doghouse, Best
Friend’s HOME offers a never seen
before type of doghouses.

The Paderborn (Germany) based
company Best Friend’s HOME was
founded by communication
designer Doria Keppler and event
manager André Heinermann. “Humans,
with a sense for design and aesthetics, normally transfer this to everything that
surrounds them.”

Four available designs are ready to be shipped from Europe, including the
stately, plantation-style Alabama (from $3,435 to $3,555), the modern-art
installation invoking Cubix ($2,290 to $2,459), the sure to be a hit with the gays
pink princess palace "Fairytale" ($2,892), and the rustic "Lönneberga" cabin
($3,254 to $3,435).

If the pink Rapunsil-like “Fairytale” style isn't everything you've dreamed of for
Fido (regardless of its sex), Best Friend's Homes will build and ship a dog
mansion based on your customizations, making it even easier to show your
pooch that you're the only bitch who’s allowed to be on all fours in the bedroom.

International shipping rates vary

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3- Chewed by Tuesday - Jewelery That Will Break Your Teeth
With a tagline “Jewelery that will break your teeth”, new label Chewed by Tuesday is
making quite the statement. Founder Vivienne Gibson says she brings a “Brooklyn
flavor to her pieces, handmade in Melbourne, after spending a few years cruising the
streets of Williamsburg and DUMBO”.

Gibson is fiercely proud of her limited-edition designs (each piece comes with a
signed authentication certificate by the designer). Her first collection takes the simple,
everyday “bic pen lid” and makes it an art piece to wear around the neck in precious
metal. As to where the name came from, “Chewed by Tuesday is based on those
random items that people chew (but aren’t meant to)!” We’re curious to see what she’ll
produce next that gets chewed on? Paperclips, bobby pins
4- Alexander McQueen’s final project launches
Visionary. The definition of fashion. Misunderstood. Brilliant.

                                                                The late, great Alexander McQueen
                                                                 was an undisputed icon and our eyes
                                                                 would still be filled with tears over the
                                                                 world's loss if we had missed our
                                                                 placenta injection appointment.

                                                                Those left in charge of the celebrated
                                                                 fashion house have decided the world
                                                                 is ready for McQueen's final non
                                                                -runway project that he worked on
                                                                 before his death: men's underwear.

Subdued in comparison to McQueen's over-the-bottom couture creations, the relatively
minimal briefs, boxers and silk pajamas in the collection don't shy away from elegance.

If his designs for Gaga or Madonna provided any inclination of his foray into the
underpants of men, one might suspect abstract and Victorian underwear designs,
perhaps a powdered lace banana sling with liger-print accents. To the contrary, the
new collection is kept simple, the most eye-popping extravagance (aside from what
we're packing inside of them) being the late-designer's name engraved in large-type
upon the waistbands.

While his genius runway creations will likely be his legacy over the new clean-cut
underwear line, we can only hope that a man's package is the last thing we're working
on before our great, glittery time is up, too.

$55, underwear   $555, silk pajamas   
                                         5- Spanx for Men
                                              Cotton Compression Tank
                                                      Just can't get rid of that little
                                                          extra before this summers
                                                               beach party?

                                                                                         Expect more from your
                                                                                          undershirt! This true
                                                                                          COTTON compression tank
                                                                                          will forever change the
                                                                                          way your favorite man
                                                                                          looks and feels in his
                                                                                              clothes. Soft,
                                                                                                  comfortable and
                                                                                                  powerful, this is the
                                                                                                  classic undershirt...

                                                                                                     Firms chest, flattens
                                                                                                      stomach, improves
                                                                                                        posture, supports
                                                                                                        lower back
                                                                                                        High-stretch cotton
                                                                                                          for ultimate

                                                                                                         tapered shape for
                                                                                                         powerful body

                                                                                                         $55.  at
6- Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida's Member Discount Card

Good for an emergency free drink, quick weekend getaway or that much needed self-
defense class, the UC|CU Discount Card has you covered.  It's Free, It's Proud, Its'
Clear and can be yours ...
What is there not to love?

Miami's Gay Performing
Arts Festival
July 7-11, 2010
7- Nail Trends For Summer 2010

The buzz on nails is bold blues and greens, sizzling metallics and chip-free manicures.
Read on to discover the latest nail polish trends of the season.

Acrylics have become passe. Salon manicures that chip within days are a thing of the
past. You can put the pains of buffing, fills and smudged manis behind you. The hottest
trend in nails is UV gel polish and hybrids. Thanks to products like CalGel, CND
Shellac and OPI Axxium women are indulging in manicures that last for two to three
weeks with no chipping, dulling or tip wear.

OPI put it best by naming their spring green
polish Jade Is The New Black. Mint may have
been all the rage last year but this season kelly
and grass green are having their moment. It's
time to ditch those typical bright summer pinks
and sweet spring sheers for something bold and
fun. Major brands like Essie, Orly and Sally
Hansen have also included vivid greens in their
seasonal collections turning a color that used
to get sideways stares into a must-have shade.

Gold, silver and bronze nails always look
hot against a faux glow but metallic
polishes are traditionally streaky leaving
brush marks in their wake. The new metallics
have a foil finish, eliminating the uneven
look that plagued this type of lacquer in
the past. Foil finish polishes take metallic to
a whole new level. They are the closest you can get to a mirror-like finish with polish
and now they're coming out in a slew of colors.

Last December the color experts at Pantone deemed turquoise the color of the year
and it's been popping up on runways and
Turquoise tips on the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2010 Couture. Photo: Getty
red carpets ever since. It wasn't just the clothes that were making a statement on Jean
Paul Gaultier's S/S 2010 Couture runway, the nails definitely demanded attention. You
couldn't help but notice the models' bold turquoise talons. Meanwhile, Queen Latifah
was spotted last week wearing Ginger + Liz Boy Toy, a Tiffany blue creme. Other
turquoise shades to try: China Glaze For Audrey, butter
                                   LONDON Henley Regatta, Models Own Top Turquoise.

                                    SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT
                                    There's no point in deliberating over what nail color to   
                                     wear if you don't have a perfect canvas to display it.
                                     Pull out those files and get your tips in order. Summer is
                                     an active time so you need nails at a length that won't
                                     easily break. Square nails are dated and squoval feels
                                     slightly masculine. The shape seen backstage at the
                                     Tracy Reese Spring 2010 show was tapered and more
                                     oval than we've seen in years past so aim for a short
                                             and slightly rounded nail.

                                            From extended life manicures to the boldest of
                                            hues to glittering metallics, this season is a nail
                                            fanatic's dream come true.

                                            Michelle Mismas :
9- The Lighted Bocce Ball Set
This is the illuminated bocce ball set that allows you to play in the dark. Each
of the eight balls has an LED that allows you to see it in the dark from up to
100' away. You can choose from the included sets of lighted or flashing LEDs
and use them interchangeably. The LEDs can be turned on or off using a
switch located on each ball. The white pallino includes a white LED for easy
targeting at night. The four pairs of balls--colored red, blue, yellow, and
green--measure 4 1/4" in diameter (the official size for International Bocce
Federation play) and weigh only two-thirds of a competition ball, allowing for
easier play on soft surfaces such as sand. Stores and travels in a convenient
nylon case. Includes three sets of batteries for each ball. Includes a
measuring string for scoring.
                                                                                                     Hard plastic
                                                                                                     allows for
                                                                                                     regular play.
                                                                                                     (11 1/2 lbs.)


                                                                                                     for more info.
10- A Flying Car

Weird-looking cars are a dime a dozen. Far less common are weird-looking cars that can also
fly AND have approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Indeed,
as far as we know, there's only one of those
babies: The

The private aircraft/funky-looking car has been in the news before. But the recent
announcement that it's going into production sparked mega-searches on the Web. Almost
immediately, online lookups for "terrafugia transition" and "terrafugia transition pictures" both,
well, took off.

A popular article from the UK's Daily Telegraph explains that the FAA's special exemption
allows the vehicle to function as both a "light aircraft" and a car. Normally, for a plane to meet
the "light aircraft" designation, it can weigh no more than 1,200 pounds. The Terrafugia
Transition weighs 1,320, due primarily to the number of car-related safety features, like airbags
and crumple zones. The "light aircraft" designation is key, because licenses for planes with
that label require only 20 hours of flying time. Fewer hoops to jump through means more
potential sales.

So, how does the plane/car work? Check out the flying car's official
video. So far, 70 people have placed a deposit. The total retail cost:
$194,000. Expensive, but really, can you put a price on skipping
commercial flights?

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