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Personal thoughts on Olga de Cuba| Tu Me Acostumbraste
by Herb Sosa

As part of a trilogy of the most famous Cuban singing divas - Celia Cruz, La Lupe and
Olga Guillot, she was the last survivor.  But Olga Guillot was so much more than that.  
She was a vibrant, strong voice against the Castro’s communism everywhere she
went, Miami, Mexico & the world over.  Few others have been as consistently vocal,
consistently defiant and consistently Cuban as La Guillot.  She was the last of a
bygone era that no leftist rhetoric, new generations differing views or self-serving
sympathetic & oppressing governments could quiet, buy out or ignore.  

To me she was a living symbol of the Cuba my parents helped me to envision, admire
and be proud to be a part of.  At the many parties I have attended through the years
where she was at, she was always the star, but always warm, real & accessible to all –
a Diva of the people.  

Seeing her at Versailles on multiple occasions was like visiting that wonderful island I
have only imagined through my parents memories & pain.  Listening to her sing was
like tasting warm Cuban rum and swaying under moonlit palm trees in the summer.  
Seeing her defiantly speak of HER Cuba was like a strong shot of the sweetest Cuban

My last time seeing her in person was at the Damas de Blanco/Ladies in White March
organized by Gloria Estefan on Calle Ocho this past March 25th, where she walked
right along with the thousands of others, silently protesting the
abuses on the island.  Even then, Olga wasn’t so silent, speaking out for
Cuba’s freedom…and for that great unwavering voice that today has been
dimmed, I thank you.  For my grandmothers, and the thousands of other
grandmothers, fathers, brothers & sisters that also didn’t get to see a free
Cuba, I thank you. The constant vigil, dignity & pride you always wore. For
your unmistakable deep, sultry voice that has inspired many a slow heated
dance, and help create countless babies,
I thank you.  For showing me in flesh & bones what the dignity, pride & grit of
Cuba really is, I thank you.  Today you join my sweet Celia, Lupe, Cachao,
Beny, Elena, and so many other musical legends of our heritage.   

I wish your daughter, family & loved ones, the best, and thank them for
sharing you with the rest of us and the world.  My thoughts & prayers are with
them in this most difficult of times.  

You will be greatly missed, but never ever forgotten or
silenced, our
Olga de CubaE.P.D.

Herb Sosa | Editor in Chief | Ambiente.us