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EDITORIAL | Libertad|Freedom – What is it worth to you?
By Herb Sosa

As we get ready to wave the red, white & blue this week, I celebrate my birthday, grill up
burgers & hotdogs with a side of Freedom Fries and see everyone wearing our flag on
their head, t-shirts, bikinis and bumpers, watch one-too-many news stories trying to
capture what it is to be American Pride this independence, I wonder how many of us
really get it, or care to.

It is easy enough to feel the pride – it is everywhere. American Freedom also flows
easily from our lips, TV’s, clothing and music.  Where we have not yet allowed it to flow
– is for anything that makes us uncomfortable.  Gays expressing any kind of affection,
much less get married – except, of course, for the “hot lesbians” which straight men
seem to be forever fascinated with.  Transgender persons and the right to Freedom of
expression without persecution, being ostracized or even killed.  Freedom for new
immigrants to come here and do the jobs none of us want or would consider without
living in constant fear and discrimination because of how the looks or speak.  

Freedom is just fine, as long as it doesn't make us uncomfortable, right? WRONG.
Coming from parents & grandparents that
made the ultimate and unimaginable
decision to flee communism to come here to
start from scratch and become U.S.
Americans, I have always valued my
Americanism, or better yet, being born in the
United States, because after all, from
Canada to Chile, aren’t we ALL

I live the pride.  Pride for my country
– the U.S.A. The greatness of it all, its
people, accomplishments & ability
to become whomever you want, as
long as you work hard, dress & speak
the part … oh yes, and don’t make
anyone uncomfortable.

This is NOT enough for me.  

As an American, I want & demand the ability to marry whom I want to.   
I want to work hard and leave my legacy, wealth and name to whom I wish.   I want to
dress how I want, love who I want, speak in the language I wish, travel everywhere, fight
for my country openly, worship who and how I choose and vote how I choose, without
persecution or being ostracized.  This is why my parents came here, worked their butts
off, became citizens, have earned college degrees, actively contribute to our American
society, vote in every election,
                                 and have paid more than their share in taxes.

                                 This is how I was raised, and what I value – Not what a
                                 small group of hate-mongers living in fear want to
                                 impose on me.

                                Libertad|Freedom is non-negotiable and not given or
                                taken away in small and selective doses.  It is earned,
                                fought for and protected by all for all, for the good of
                                all.  It is time for all
Americanos to really taste & live in

                                What is your Freedom worth to you?

Copyright 2009| HerbSosa & Ambiente.   Do not reproduce without prior authorization.

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