And, yes, I have had my photos
                                                                                  used for profit.  People
                                                                                  download pictures and put
                                                                                  them in advertisements for
                                                                                  bars, gay social networking
                                                                                  sites and as their profile
                                                                                  pictures.  I found where a bar
                                                                                  last year in Fort Lauderdale was
                                                                                  using my picture for their New
                                                                                  Years Ever Party.  I was on the
                                                                                  internet for them, in print
                                                                                  magazines and posters on the
                                                                                  walls of the club.  When I called
                                                                                  for the manager, he never
                                                                                  called me back.  It happens all
                                                                                  the time.     

                                                                                 Do you find that some people try
                                                                                  to stereotype you because they know
you have done porn?

People treat me differently. People tend to think that if you did an adult video then you
don’t have any boundaries. They don’t respect my private life as a normal working
person. People seem to attach a personality to my photos and they expect me to behave
a certain way. People assume that I am a dumb southern bodybuilder and an escort.  
With two college degrees, and jobs in IT management and the advertising world, I am
offended by those comments.  It is just mean and easy for someone to say that when
they attack me, it’s the general consensus.  Don’t get me wrong. There have been many
people who have been very complementary of the adult work. But some people judge
you harshly for being in a hardcore.

How long have you been with your partner?  JUNE | JUNIO 2009

BO DIXON | From Colt Bear to Big Causes | Interview
by Mike Korbini

I recently had the opportunity to interview a COLT model named Bo Dixon for Ambiente-
and of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had never met Bo before but consider
myself a big fan.  I’m a sucker for a muscular, hairy and a genuinely down-to-earth
sweet man.  Being a former COLT model myself (e.g. Anthony Page), I thought we
would have some common interests and/or frustrations.  I was right….Most people
stereotype or JUDGE you for doing this kind of work.  With everything going on in this
world… with gay marriage and our fights for equality, the gay community should be the
last one’s to judge anyone.  

After exchanging some thoughts & laughs with Bo, I wrote them down to share with you
and said to myself…..What a sweet man Bo is, with a wonderful sense of humor and
just plain “Amazing”!!  See for yourself………..BearHugs,

How did you get discovered by COLT and what was your motivation?   
At bodybuilding shows there are direct connections to the male erotic world.  When I
first competed, I was approached by a man that said he would like to take some
photos of me and complimented me non-stop.  He also asked if I
would be interested in doing some video to show of f my hard work.  I was shy and
turned him down.  Later, I learned that people are sent to shows, much like recruiters to
recruit fresh unknowing bodybuilders that take compliments and requests.  Most of
these guys do not know what they are getting into at first.  It becomes no big deal.  For
me, I had a profile on  Pictures were posted and I became one of the
top viewed pages of the site on a weekly basis.  Many gay men go here to admire men’s
bodies.  I always got positive feedback from strangers.  The compliments became my
daily addiction.  Some of those photos had over 47,000 hits.  One of these people
forwarded my pictures on to COLT.

COLT sent me an email asking me to send more pictures. At that time, I really only
knew what I had been told by the guy that sent in my photos.  He said COLT was the
biggest compliment and achievement a gay man in bodybuilding could achieve.  In my
naivety, I believed him.  Little did I know that he was hoping for a finder’s fee, and I had
no idea how wrong he was!  The company was about to take a drastic move toward the
more hardcore adult industry and I was about to be caught between the male erotic
photography world and porn.  I had only seen the beautiful work of Jim French, and he
had nothing to do with the company anymore.  They called me two days later and
offered me a photo shoot and video contract.  I have to say money was no where near
what I had been told, but I was still captivated by the promises.

What is the extent of your COLT experience, how long have you been with COLT?
Any videos?  Any desire? Future plans?

Well, my actual experience with COLT was quite short.  Colt flew me out to San

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

70's Inspired Purses


Love and pride Jewelry


People for the
Ethical Treatment
of Animals
Custom Search
Do you have any hysterical stories about obsessed fans that you want to share?

Well, I don’t know about hysterical, but I have had strangers become stalkers contacting
me and my partner at his job. Some of them are very disturbed people. When I was
single, one person in Virginia used to contact me and ask me to break his arms and
legs for cash.  It was psychotic.   Two years later the same guy contacted me again from
My Space pretending to offer me an IT job with AOL, where he worked in lower
management.  I accepted his offer to move to Virginia and stay with him until I could get
settled.  While I was at his home, he was posting horrible things about me on an
internet blog.  It took me some time to get over this situation, but today I feel sorry for
him.  He went to such great lengths and lies to get my attention.  I have no idea what his
long term goal was.  I am just thankful that I wised up to his antics before any physical
harm happened to me.  He had taken my phone while I was asleep and call people all
night long
Francisco and checked me into a hotel. I was nervous at first because I really didn't
know what I was doing.  I had never been a model for anything before that moment.  I
was happy that shoot was in a private home in San Francisco. I was relaxed but the
photographer seemed to struggle with how he wanted to pose me. I was comforted by
Colt’s marketing man who complimented me by saying things like, “You’re a natural,”
while the camera was shooting.   I was very proud of my body. I liked the idea of having
my body and hard work captured in time on film. I had lived most of my life as an “ugly
bean-pole,” and I didn't know how long this look could last.  I just felt like it could all be
taken away.  I lived in the moment.

I only did one photo shoot and a video.  The photos would later
be used in calendars and on magnets while the video went on
to become one of the most successful solo videos ever for the
company.   Per my contract, I made several appearances at
events to help promote the COLT Brand.

I am all done with my contract for COLT and I am going to go forward with my career
using the popularity that I have to develop some new things.  I would love to become a
face and personality that helps market products to the LGBT community.  I am in
discussions now in hopes of creating a Bo Dixon line of underwear.  – Bo boxers, Bo
Jocks.  Fun huh?

Who is your favorite COLT model and why?   

Well, I have two, Carl Hardwick, because he is one of the all time best models and
professional bodybuilders.  He is known in the bodybuilding circuit for his stamina and
his posing.  He actually trained me a bit in Phoenix.

But, then there is Anthony Page.  He is quiet the hot classic COLT man.
while I was asleep.   

But, I have a cute story.  I once had an elderly man, over 70, who downloaded photos of
me from the internet and created his own Bo Dixon calendar.  He brought it to an event I
was hosting and asked me to sign it.  It was adorable.

Has anyone ever downloaded your pics and posted them on their web site for profit?  
What kind of steps can you take to prevent this from happening?

Well, my pictures have been very popular on the internet.  I have had them posted in
people’s blogs around the world.  Who knew the internet would become the power that
it has grown to be.  With these pictures, you are always a new face to someone
somewhere.  I try to keep photographers copy right marks on all photos, but people still
crop them or blank them out.   
Stephen and I have been together for a little over a year now.  You actually know him
from Miami.  He told me to tell you hello!  He knew a lot of people in South Florida when
he lived here full-time.

What is the best advice you can offer someone who just started a relationship?

A relationship is a partnership.  You have moments in the beginning of your relationship
when you can reveal who you truly are, while you find out who they are.  If you waste that
time trying to be someone or something you’re not, it will only end up biting you in the
ass.  If you truly want your partner to be your best friend, implement honesty as the only
policy.  This is the foundation of your journey together.    

Are you and your partner monogamous?

Yes, very much so.  At our age, the idea of being anything other then monogamous is
just unappealing.  It is a breath of fresh air to have trust in a relationship.   

...And is your personal sex life hotter than your professional sex?

Well, I have only had sex professionally once.  And, that was the worst experience of my
life.  Imagine trying to maintain an erection for 6 hours without ejaculation in a room full
of strangers, under hot lights while standing on cinder blocks for the proper height of
the co-stars butt.  Your penis starts to feel like a piece of raw skin.  And, when you’re not
attracted to the filming partner, it makes it all the worse.  Mine was a nice guy, but there
was no sexual spark like there is with my husband.   So, sex with my husband, as corny
as it sounds, is hotter.   

Have you dealt with any jealousy issues?

I am very lucky, my partner is very strong.  It’s not easy being partnered with me. Today,
my partner has to deal with very explicit images of me having sex with
another man that have been splattered all over the internet by Hot House and Blogs.  He
sees things written about me that are usually untrue, but need to beverified.  And, he
has seen men say comments to me on the internet like, “your husband is a very lucky
man!”  That is his pet peeve.  If you know my husband, he is not chopped liver.   

We met before the video was released.  I have to say, the internet has made this very
difficult for him because my images are everywhere on the web.  When we go to a bar,
which is seldom, people stare and do peculiar things to get my attention.  They have
walked in front of my partner just to talk to me.  He doesn't put up with that for long.  And,
I lose all of my respect for them immediately.

Don’t tell him, but I have gotten jealous a couple of times when
guys have talked to him.   

What are your thoughts on Gay Marriage?

I am hoping for marriage with my partner as it becomes available.  I have made myself
available to speak at fund raisers and do whatever it takes to get us equality.     

Have you and your partner discussed it?

Yes, he proposed to me poolside at the W hotel in West Hollywood.  It was adorable
and I almost cried.  We have both kissed a few toads before we got to our prince.

Do you and your partner hope to have kids some day?

He really wants kids and was hoping to use a surrogate mother, but right now, it is just
too costly.  There is a wonderful gay company that helps gay men and woman do this
option.  Our fear is that we will be too old soon.  We just don’t want to be 70 at our kid’s
high school graduation.
What does your family think about you doing porn?

My family knows about my adult work but they have no interest in seeing me naked.
Mom says, “It’s not the same as when you were a baby.”

What turns you on the most about a man?

Someone that is confident, but not cocky.  I am attracted to a gentleman – someone
respectful and deserving of respect.   

Are you attracted to hairy muscles?

I love hairy muscles.  My partner is actually bigger then me.  He shaved his body once
without telling me and I went into shock.   

Describe the perfect date for you…………

I love a romantic weekend in our Fort Lauderdale cottage, going to the beach and the
gym, maybe a garden shop and then eating in a nice quiet restaurant.  
I know, not very exciting for most.  But, I tend to be very simple.

Do you have an unfulfilled sexual fantasy and can you tell us about it?

Well, I would love to have sex in a gym.  I don’t know why, but it seems like a hot idea to
me.  Do you know anyone that has an empty gym we can borrow?   

What are your thoughts about the gay scene, gay bars, circuit parties, etc?

When you don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, it makes you anything but the expert on these
places and events.  My partner and I both have reactions to cigarette smoke, so that
tends to kill our thoughts of going out.  I am training for bodybuilding shows too, so
proper diet and sleep habits are huge.
He loves to dance and used to attend a lot of events with his ex-partner, but I think the
scene can totally destroy a couple if they are not careful.

I could be wrong, but I am noticing a trend to down size bars and events.  People are
beginning to get all of their needs met on the internet and young gay people are going to
main stream bars vs. gay bars.  It is all about change.

If you had some magic pixie dust and you could change anything in the world, what
would it be?

The U.S. Constitution - I want to guarantee equality for the GLBT community.

What is your biggest regret in life so far?

Not being a world dictator - kidding. I don’t regret the COLT experience, because it
created my public gay image, but I would erase the Hot House experience for sure. The
Hot House experience was just wrong for me. I was there because I promised my co-
star, someone I thought to be a friend, that I would show up.  It was not because I
wanted to do be considered a porn star.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering trying their hand/cock at

First of all I’d say “remember it’s a business” so have a business plan – an exit
strategy. Porn stars typically last 3 years and they are done. Remember there are no
401Ks or health insurance in adult work. Anybody doing adult work needs to know when
to get out and move on. Don’t become another former porn star with no plan.

Do you have a sweet tooth………..for what?
What puts a smile on your face?

I have my husband, a wonderful dog; he is like a 4 year old child, and two yards to keep
me busy. They are my family. We love to travel when we can – in this economy; I think
everyone is in a holding pattern though.   I love my new life, and I fill my spare time with
the news.  People may be surprised to find out that I am a “news and political junkie.” I
read at least three online newspapers each day. I find that a person has more rounded
and grounded opinion when he or she hears multiple points of view.  I love to work in
my yard and I volunteer at a botanical garden near my home. I’m a perpetual student
that loves to learn.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People talking in movie theaters.

There have been a lot of half truths and down right lies said
about me on the internet and in print.  Being in the light is a
very difficult thing to do.   I was not ready for all of the
overwhelming good and bad attention that I get.  Doing a
muscle worship video, some nude photos and porn do not
make a person an escort.  I don’t have a problem with people
that choose that line of business, and trust me, I have had       
offers, but I am a simple man with simple southern ethics and
I would have to give up such a large piece of myself to do that
work – I just couldn't.  Becoming a familiar face and body in the
gay community was not something that I set out to do, but I
have learned to accept the role and embrace my fans.  
They are all great people.
                                                                                                          - Bo Dixon
What are your long-term goals and aspirations?

1.       Continue to compete in the NPC
2.       Working on a calendar photo shoot for my fans.
3.       Opening my career up for any new adventures life brings my way.
4.       Hoping for marriage with my partner as it becomes available.
5.       Continue to manage my Facebook Fan Group and hopefully work on a      

In closing, tell us something funny.

At an event in Fresno for AIDS Life Cycle, I was asked to sell pieces of chocolate cake.  
Someone said, “If I can eat my piece of cake off of you, I will donate more money.”  After
negotiations ensued, I ended up having a crowd of people watching as a man ate a
piece of cake off of my hip for a huge donation to the cause.  Unfortunately, he decided
he wanted more for his money and pulled my posing suit off and put his face in my
chocolate cake.  The cameras went wild.

I learned a valuable lesson about “cake with benefits.”   The organizer apologized, but
no more.


A special thank you to Jeff Dorta of PROJECT PUBLICITY, INC.
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