to create such a noticeable minority for us.

In a world as humanistic as ours, those
inequalities seem almost superfluous and
unnecessary, and still, there is nothing that
can help soothe an integration for ALL of US.

Distinctions, separations, and all the
idiosyncrasies that burden the lesbian
community are exactly what categorize us
as a minority - a minority who has yet to
overcome the stereotypes of the straight
world simply because we refuse to integrate,
simply because we fear discomfort, simply
because we over-indulge in the familiarity of
THEIR world. The "straight world" cannot let go
of their perceptions and familiarities unless
we let go of ours as well. After all, we've been guilty of continuing to impose them, even
TODAY, when the world (this city, especially) embraces diversity in terms of sexuality
and beauty.

For me, it's great being a straight lesbian. Sexual preferences will never define the
politics of societal interaction for me...make an effort to have the straight world embrace
you, for there is no grand reward in being embraced by the community whose driving
forces and intentions find ONLY that as the ultimate end. Complacency offers only
mediocre rewards; a challenge won offers us the chance to prevail.  JUNE | JUNIO 2009

Straight Lesbians
by Vanessa Brito

As much as I've always wanted to be a part of the community, it seems almost ironic
that I would put forth the slightest effort to remain in a place I have learned I don't
belong to. The "lesbian scene" has become an influx of women who have given way to
the trendy and not-so-taboo lifestyle. Sitting around waiting to find the worth in it has left
much to be desired. I wonder, where the rest of them hide? Is there a place out there
for the lesbians who wish not to follow the trivial conventionalism of the lesbian scene,
or must we continue to live in contempt, enjoying the FREEDOM and VERSATILITY of
the heterosexual world to avoid the social ineptitude of those we are inclined to love
and desire?
The STRAIGHT world isn't that bad, especially when you refrain from making the sexual
and gender divisions in your thoughts to accommodate your preference. Most lesbians
seemed to have forgotten the struggle of ALL women to establish equality and
strength, and yet they continue to separate themselves so fervently, it seems a new
human gender has formed. There are Males, Females...and Lesbians. We are no
different than straight women, what we feel, what drives us, our emotional intensity,
and STILL, the community has managed

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July 30-Aug 9, 2009
Miami & Ft. Laud.
Straight Lesbianism (a definition): a state of mind compelled by the depleting
image of lesbians living in metropolitan areas (i.e. Miami). This state of mind, though
oxymoronic in nature, serves as a gateway for higher echelon lesbians to fluctuate
between the heterosexual social scene and homosexual love affairs. Straight lesbians
mend the vital resources of both worlds and in a paradoxical state purposed to
establish a strong repertoire for future generations of straight lesbians.

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