by Herb Sosa

One of Brazil's hottest men also happens to be
one if its hottest DJ's.  Meet BRUNO PACHECO,
and try and concentrate!

How long have you been DJ’ing, and how did you get
I've been Djing since december of 2006 when I've done
a course in Brazil. At this time  I was living abroad coz I
used to do season modeling all over the world. I 've done
season in over than 15 countries and worked around by
22 . So, in one of my vacations in Brazil I did the course
and after that I get back to traveling. My first gigs I got at the
model's night where the models are invited as special
guests to go to the clubs, some countries they get paid
only to go to the clubs and have fun. I did a network with
the PR in each country I was living n then my first gigs
start to come up, but I can say I became a professional
DJ in January of 2009  In India, coz there I got a real
budget, there were a lot os promotions with my name
and there was a crowd expecting me.

Eu trabalho como DJ desde 2006 quando fiz um curso no
Brasil em 2006. Nesta epoca, eu estava morando fora do
pais porque eu fazia trabalhos como modelo ao redor do
mundo.. Eu fiz temporadas em mais de 15 paises e
trabalhei em mais ou menos uns 22. Dai, eu fiz o curso
em uma das minhas ferias no Brasil e logo depois voltei
a viajar. Minhas primeiras apresentacoes foram nas
model's night onde os modelos sao convidados especiais
a ir pra balada, e em alguns paises sao pagos pra ir e
se divertir. Eu fiz conexao com os promoters e minhas
primeiras apresentacoes comecaram a aparecer, mas
eu digo que me tornei um DJ profissional em janeiro de
2009 na India, onde eu ganhei um cachet de verdade,
houve muita divulgacao e promocao com meu nome e
havia um publico me esperando.

Are there any differences when spinning to a straight
or gay crowd?
Of course. Gay crowd is more tuned into the music, they
more critics with more expectations about the DJ's
performance at any party or club. In the straight scene I see
that often in the big festivals of EMusic.

Claro. O publico gay os vejo mais antenado em musica, mais criticos, com mais expectativas
sobre a apresentacao dos DJs em qualquer festa ou clube. Na cena hetero vejo isso mais nos
grandes festivais de musica eletronica.

Many DJ’s are much more image conscious lately, and a lot is said about your good looks –
How do you think being attractive plays into your success.
Nowadays, the image helps a lot to open some doors, coz the DJ's career has grown and won
glamour, thousands of people intend to be and sometimes pretend to be a DJ, different in the
past where nobody cared who was playing or saw Djing as an occupation. The social networks
have been used a lot to promote parties and clubs and the
image has been used to attract and drag the crowd
into the club too. I can't say Its gonna open all doors
coz some people are going to criticize without
seeing your work saying "he only plays coz he
is good looking". So, my conclusion is can be
advantageous sometimes and another can't.

Hoje em dia a imagem ajuda muito a abrir portas,
porque a profissao de DJ cresceu e ganhou
glamour. Milhares de pessoas querem
ser e fingem ser DJ. Diferente de
antigamente onde ninguem se
importava com quem estava
tocando ou via discotecar como
profissao. As redes sociais
tem sido muito usadas para
promover festas e clubes,
e a imagem tambem tem
sido muito usada para
atrair as pessoas pra
Nao posso dizer que
abrem todas as portas,
porque algumas
'pessoas vao criticar sem
ver o seu trabalho, dizendo "E

How would you describe your sound

House Music and It's strands.  

House Music e suas vertentes.

Os clubes no Brasil hoje em dia sao muito desenvolvidos e muito bem
organizados, com um otimo servico e sistemas de som e luz impecaveis.

Aliado a isso, a cena no Brasil cresceu muito, as festas e os clubes estao
sempre melhorando a cada dia a qualidade das mesmas. E com o nosso
publico que eh sempre pra cima, divertido e animado, este conjunto de
coisas nao tem como dar errado e faz a cena ser ainda melhor.

What is next for you?  Any upcoming music or performances you want to tell us about?

I'm gonna perform in Brazil in the next weeks. I just finish an international tour by Canada, india, Mexico and Chile. In the second semester I
gonna start a live project mainstream called Electrappeal with a brazilian singer called Nicky Valentine. Its gonna be DJ plus live vocal
plus percussion where I gonna do in a octapad. We gonna release an EP with 3 songs and videos of Electrappeal.

Eu toco no Brasil nas proximas semanas. Acabei de terminar uma turne por Canada, Mexico, India e Chile. No segundo semestre vou
comecar um projeto live chamado Electrappeal com uma cantora brasileira chamada Nicky Valentine. Vai ser DJ + Vocal Live + percussao
onde farei num Octapad. Vamos ter lancar um EP com 3 musicas e videos do Electrappeal.

Where do you see yourself and your career
in 10 years?
Hopefully in the biggest festivals of electronic
music in the world.

Espero que nos maiores festivais de musica
eletronica do mundo.

When will we see you in the USA?

In July of this year.

Em junho deste ano.

For bookings and press inquires in the
USA contact:
George Coronado
Give Me A Beat Productions

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The clubs in Brazil
nowadays are very
developed and very
well organized with
a great service,
awesome sound
and lighting system.

Besides of that the
scene in Brazil has
grown a lot, the
parties and the
clubs are always  
improving the
quality of

Our crowd is so
uplifting, fun,

That mix of things
can't go wrong and
make the scene
even special.
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