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EDITORIAL | Miami Beach's Urban Weekend |
Enough is Enough

What a few days it has been!  It all started with the chaos that was yet again
Memorial Weekend, aka Urban Weekend in miami Beach.
Urban Weekend is a series of events promoted & planned by various radio & club
personalities - mostly from out of town - to bring the Hip-Hop and mostly black
community to South Beach.
Miami Beach is not the first city to host Urban Weekend, and certainly not the first
to experience excessive levels of violence, crime, hundreds of arrests, shootings
& total trashing of a community, we are simply the most resent hosts in the past
few years.
As a longtime resident & activist in Miami Beach, I have simply had enough of the
property damage, cars being broken into, not being able to leave my home- much
less go out in my own city for real personal fear of violence - all surrounding this
weekend.  This is not an issue of race.  This in not an issue of social or
economic profiling.  this is an issue of a total lack of disrespect andcare for the
city & its residents, not to mention other tourists.
I decide to write a letter to the Miami Beach Mayor & Commission, as well as a
few friends & neighbors.  Next thing I know, this thing sprouted wings!

- 105,000 hits on the herald.com website - where my letter was reprointed.
- Thousands of notes of support on FB, Twitter, etc.
- Local, National & Intl media calling to interview me.
- #1 News Story on DredgeReport.com

May 28, 2011
Esteemed Miami Beach Mayor, Commissioners & concerned citizens.
Please view the attached YouTube video (one of many) already posted for the
world to see, about Memorial/Urban Weekend 2011 in Miami Beach.
      It shows our city as nothing short of a warzone - Filthy streets, a drive by
shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets.
This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city,
tourism & residents.  It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins - there isn't a
residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our
vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our
community, citizens & property. THIS is the image the world see of our "American
      When did perceived political or social correctness override the safety &
well-being of a community?  This is not a race, economic or ethnic issue, it is an
issue of visitors who have a total lack of respect for our community, its property &
citizens.  I know hotel rooms are filled, but at what price and for how long?  How
many events, meetings, conventions & vacations have been CANCEELLED
because of this nightmare we endure each Memorial Day? Almost everyone who
lives her that I know, get out of Miami Beach for Memorial Day - including many of
you - because of this unruly & dangerous mob that we seem to invite back every
year and turn a blind eye to the irreparable damage they leave behind.  
      If this was PRIDE weekend, The Boat Show, Fashion Week or Art Deco
Weekend - would we allow this to go on each year?  I am certain that if the real
numbers of cost & crime are compared with like events we host throughout the
year - Memorial/Urban Weekend is tenfold the headache,
cost & damage of any of them.  IS IT ALL WORTH IT FOR OUR
     I am not willing to wait another year to see how many more
people will be killed; how many more hotel rooms will be trashed;
how many more cars & homes will be broken into; how many
more residents need to leave in fear of hide in their homes for
their safety; how much more police, fire rescue, sanitation  &
additional security dollars need to be spent to try & keep our city
safe & livable for all each Memorial Weekend? - a Hell of a way for
Miami Beach to honor our soldiers.  Every resident & voter I speak
to mentions Memorial/Urban Weekend as one of the top major
problems our city has, when considering elections & our leaders -
PLEASE TAKE NOTE, make the difficult but correct decision to put
an end to Urban Weekend in Miami Beach and help us SAVE
OUR CITY.  We are not Disney or Universal.  We cannot close a
gate at night & go home.  We ARE home, and inviting &
accomodating the world to come and share our paradise - not
destroy it and hold us hostage in the process.  Unruly and
unlawful visitors are NOT WELCOME in Miami Beach.

Herb Sosa
Miami Beach, Florida

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