the results. You can launch two events identically.  And, one can be
a huge success while the other does not attract a crowd. I try not
to “regret”, but to learn from mistakes. Decisions are always easier in hindsight!

Which of your projects has surprised you the most – good or bad?
Martini Tuesdays was the biggest surprise because it changed my entire
career path. “Euphoria” Fridays at Jade Lounge was another night that just
grew into an incredible success. We just ended six years at Buck15 Lounge.
That was always a fun night. It was sad to see it go when the venue closed.

As you have matured, so has the LGBT community in South Beach.  What do
you see as the successes and why?  What do we still need to work on?
It is still a young gay community.  Most of the gay organizations are less than 15
years old, in contrast to some other cities. When I moved here, it was very
transient. Most people did not live here full-time and were just here for vacation
and to play. Now, people have careers, homes with mortgages to pay.
Honestly, I find it very difficult to answer that because people will always tell me
things that they would like to have in the community. But, when I organize the
social event that they asked for, they do not attend.

You greet everyone with a huge smile – always, and it is contagious.  
What makes you smile?
I try to be happy and optimistic. I love meeting people & socializing.

What is an ideal night for you… other than one of your successful events.
               You would think that I would enjoy being home on a night
                off. But, I always like to be out-and-about. I love to see
                what is gong on and I like to socialize.

               Favorite place(s) in Miami, to be seen or to just reflect &
               When I am at the beach, I feel relaxed and as if I am    JUNE | JUNIO 2011

EDISON FARROW | Bringing the Community Together
One Martini at a Time
by Herb Sosa

I never set out to be a promoter. This was completely
unexpected. I was just planning for a group of ten friends to meet
once a week at hotel bars. It (Martini Tuesdays) quickly grew into
an “event”. It obviously filled a need and attracted a large crowd.
That was ten years ago, and this has been my full time job ever

Edison Farrow, a Miami Beach nightlife institution, never set out to live here,
much less start one of the most successful brands,,
bringing the best of nightlife & entertainment to South Florida.
"I came to Miami Beach for one month in 1995, just to go on auditions. I loved it
here and stayed for four months. Then, when I went back to New York, I missed
Miami. So, I decided to move here. There is a great quality of life here. And, there
is a great, fun, care-free energy here", said Farrow.
I grew up in Long Island New York. I am the youngest of five children. I lost a
brother to AIDS in 1996. And, my Father passed away in December. Now, we are
spread out all over the country, but we stay in contact and remain close. I see my
mother often and we speak on the phone every day.

You didn’t start off to be a promoter, but you have set the standard for others
to emulate.  Any regrets?  What would you do differently?
It has been interesting. Being that this was not my plan. I have just learned to “roll
with the punches”. It is a VERY fickle business. You can never predict

Civil Right

on vacation.The longer you live here, the more
you take things for granted.
Sometimes, we need to make time to enjoy
what we have around us.

We have seen you on stage, on screen and in
the music studio as well as promoting &
bartending… any future projects you want to
talk about?
No plans for me as far acting/performing. That
was a past life. At this point, I am looking for my
next weekly event to start. I had three weekly
events in three different venues. In March, two of
the three venues closed. So, I am looking for the
right venue to launch sometime new and

What have you yet to conquer?  
In the promotion field, I feel that I have tried
everything over the past ten years. The only
thing that I have not done is owned a venue. I
have thought about it at times. But, in this
unstable economy, it might not be the best

You always look your best, how do you do it?
I try to eat right and exercise. It does not get
easier as the year go by! But, I try to change
things up and exercise in a way that keeps me
interested. I just joined Deco Bike and am
loving riding the bikes around town for
transportation and exercise.

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MIAMI BEACH | Paradise

NEW YORK | Sophisticated

SUCCESS | Happiness

The Perfect Party must have… | Fun energy

First thing I look at on a man | Face

First thing I look for in a man |positive attitude

I was star struck when I met |Bill Clinton

My favorite thing to wear is |Jeans

Hair products are… |American Crew - Fiber

The best way to get my attention is to…|smile

I want to be best known as  |
bringing the community together
I do everything myself (website,
flyers, emails, promotion,
bookings). I studied website
design, which has really helped
me. I spend a lot of time updating
information on the website. I like
to post information about Miami
news and gay life that I think the
community would enjoy reading
about. Plus, the weekly events
need to be updated.

When I am launching a new
promotion, it takes a ton of time
designing ads, and promoting the

The first part of the day is all spent
on the computer, website, emails.  
Then, it depends on the day.
Sometimes, I get everything done
quickly. Other days, I never leave
my desk until late at night.
30% Commission