“Swing Out Sister has been making soul-blessed, jazz tinged,
Latin swirled, Burt Bacharach-influenced pop music for nearly
20 years now…Drewery and Connell have maintained their
wondrously loungey ‘60s-licious stance.”
 – Billboard Magazine

Swing Out Sister
Swing Out Sister is back, just
in time to deliver, “Beautiful
Mess,” the perfect, hazy, lazy,
beachy, daydreamy summer
album. Corrine and Andy’s
fizzy jazz-pop-retro-fusion
cocktail is just as cool now
as it was when we first sipped
“Breakout,” almost twenty
years ago. Grab a glass!

There are few artists in the
pop music landscape who
manage to stand the test of
time while remaining
completely unique and
relevant.  Swing Out Sister
has managed to do this over

Swing Out Sister | Beautiful Mess | The Perfect Summer Music
Mixer |
Music Review

“Swing Out Sister are still crafting the kind of songs you find
yourself dreaming a whole day away by in cinemascope-
songs of new love, lost love and love dances.”
– Urban Network

“Swing Out Sister is still cranking out smartly produced and
thoroughly evocative tunes that do justice to the duo’s myriad,
if almost mainstream, pop influences – Bacharach/Hal David,
the 5th Dimension, the Carpenters and primetime Motown.”
 – The Washington Post

“…jazzy, well-crafted songs brimming with classic ‘60s soul
sensibilities and arrangements…charming and refreshing.”
    – URB Magazine

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their remarkable 20-plus year career and as a result has built a devoted international
fan base. On May 19, 2009, Shanachie Entertainment will release Swing Out Sister’s
highly anticipated ninth studio album, Beautiful Mess, showcasing the band’s ability to
create fresh cinematic sound-scapes with their sophisticated, intimate and jazz/Latin
tinged pop and surprise-filled arrangements that pay homage to the great soul tradition.

Fronted by the stunning vocalist and fashionista Corinne Drewery and keyboardist Andy
Connell, Swing Out Sister celebrates the eclectic cultural mix of the UK’s constantly
changing music scene on Beautiful Mess. With a clever mix of jazz fusion, hip hop
hooks, sixties pop, 70’s R&B/funk and free flowing Latin groves, Swing Out Sister
concocts the ultimate Beautiful Mess over a twelve track recording that gives a glimpse
into the minds of two creative geniuses who never tire of finding new ways to make us
dream through their music.

Swing Out Sister was formed in 1985 in Manchester, England by keyboardist Andy
Connell and drummer Martin Jackson, former members of the indie bands A Certain
Ratio and Magazine.  They were joined by singer Corinne Drewery, who had no prior
professional experience. Luckily her vocal sound and phrasing was a perfect match for
Swing Out Sister's vision, as evidenced on their first single, "Blue Mood," and their
breakthrough follow-up, "Breakout," which scored a Top Ten hit in the UK  as well as in
the U.S.   In 1988, Swing Out Sister was nominated for two Grammy Awards including
‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo’ for “Breakout.”

Corinne’s sophisticated sense of style and model good looks prompted Glamour
Magazine to say, “Her crème fraiche voice and Breakfast At Tiffany's clothes may be the
chicest things to MTV since Sade's braid.”  Swing Out Sister’s hits followed  with
"Surrender" and "Twilight World," all taken from the album It's Better To Travel -which the
band certainly did-earning them worldwide recognition. Kaleidoscope World, their 1989
album, explicitly declared their debt to orchestrated pop-soul by employing the
arrangement skills of legendary Jim Webb, whose work with The Fifth Dimension had
greatly influenced the band.  
By 1992, Swing Out Sister, now down to Drewery and Connell, hit the pop charts in the
U.S. and UK with their cover of Barbara Acklin's "Am I The Same Girl?," the vocal version
of Young-Holt Unlimited's "Soulful Strut."  

After several tours, the group enjoyed success in many countries, including Japan,
where in 1997 they received a Grand Prix award (Japanese equivalent to a Grammy) for
best international artists for  their song "Now You're Not Here," featured on the album
Shapes and Patterns.  Throughout the 1990s, Swing Out Sister released a series of
splendid albums that sustained their large, devoted following.

Shanachie released Swing Out Sister’s critically
acclaimed recordings Where Our Love Grows
(2004) and Live (2005). Now with the release
of Beautiful Mess, Swing Out Sister confirms
that they are here to stay and that their
creative powers are as vital as ever as they
continue to bring irresistible melodies, passion,
originality and real music to serious music fans.

Beautiful Mess is the perfect summer music mixer.  
Swing Out Sistes is back - with crisper vocals by Corinne Drewery,
tighter sounds by Andy Connell, and an overall Summer Must
Have for your poolside playlist.  It is all the greatness & fun you
remember from SOS, only that they have grown up along with
the rest of us - a Beautiful Mess indeed!  
- Ambiente Magazine
Beautiful Mess Track Listing
1. Something Every Day
2. Time Tracks You Down
3. Butterfly
4. My State of Mind
5. I'd Be Happy
6. Butterfly Lullaby
7. Secret Love (You're Invisible)    
8. All I Say, All I Do
9. Out There
10. Beautiful Mess
11. Something Every Day [Little Wizard Mix]
12. Butterfly [Little Wizard Mix]
US-only Bonus Tracks:
13. Something Every Day [Late NIght Studio Take]
14. Breakout [Late NIght Studio Take]

Swing Out Sister US Tour
June 3 | San Francisco | Bimbo’s | 8:00pm
June 4 | Los Angeles | The El Rey Theater | 8:00pm
June 6 | Washington, DC/Columbia, MD | Capital Jazz Fest @ Merriweather Post
Pavilion | 7:00
June 7 | Philadelphia | Café Live | TBC
June 8 | New York City | BB King’s | 8:00pm

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