it shows that Goss has the goods as well as the track being one of my favorites.  His
next track, `
Back to Arkansas', is substantially better than `Down The Mountainside’
(sorry I personally wasn’t feeling that one). `Back to Arkansas' is moody and
memorable and ultimately a very likable song. It gives a feeling of being caught up and
nostalgic, I like that about this track. It's in these perfected and polished qualities that I
find my admiration for Goss. The track “
Til The End”' continues that catchy and
thoughtful appeal. Goss's voice manages to excel in just about every track here. His
versatile tone is just all embracing and I really like that about him.

Tom also manages to captivate amidst a slower, more emotionally intoxicating sound.
On songs like `
Sometimes We Fail' he slips into the listeners ears with his
impressionable voice and forces us to understand his testimonies. The best example
of this power is found in `Lover', one of the all time greatest love declarations I've ever
heard. The piano playing behind Goss's bellows, is beautifully orchestrated.  Having
read the dedication to his partner Mike, makes this song emotionally even more
comforting and touching.  Upon just one listen you will understand its beauty intensely,
wonderful song just wonderful.  The closing track ‘
Legacy of You’ is a track that relies
on the acoustic guitar and Tom's flexible voice, it works beautifully.

Songs like “
Break Away' have a very modern rock feel to them with Goss's use of
electric guitar sounds contributing to the musical arrangements. `
O’ Love’ rests easy
on the eardrums. It's a very beautifully country woven, Beatle-esque track. This brings
me to the best track on the album, a track that may very well be my favorite song on the
`Take Me On’. This track is just phonic fuel in this writer’s opinion. From the
musical arrangement to Tom Goss’s beautiful complementary vocals, `
is just outright superior. Just one listen will permanently cement itself in your
musical library. There are few songs
    that leave this deep an impression in one’s soul, but I have no
    reservations or hesitations in saying that ‘
Separate Peace” is one of
    those songs you will always want to linger and never grow tired of.
Tom Goss will be performing on:

May 22nd, 2010
In Pensacola, FL @ the Unitarian Universalist Church                             1-850-475-9077

May 25th, 2010
In Fort Lauderdale @ the Broward Centre of the Performing Arts      1-954-462-0222

May 27th, 2010
St. Petersburg @  Flamingo Resort                              1-727-321-5000

May 28th,2010
In Jacksonville, FL @ Three Layers          1-904-355-9791

May 30th, 2010
In the Parliament House in Orlando       1-407-425-7571

For more information on Tom Goss please visit:                                           

Sources and References: Markus Payne Management                         
.    MAY | MAYO 2010

“Back to Love”
A Review of Tom’ Goss’ 2009 Hit Album
By Armando Diaz, Jr.

“I wanted to create something that was instantly accessible,” says
 “Something that would touch a wide audience, and something
that was fast and clean but also carried a concrete message.”  

And he’s coming to Florida!

Tom Goss could not have accomplished a more accurate mark on his set destination.  
“Back To Love” is a clean, warm and cool breezed infused mid-summer drive.  You are
seduced on this drive by the instant cooperation of robust guitars reminiscent of your
youth.  You know which ones they are.   The melodies are an instant “head-bop”, add in
the extraordinary sometimes haunting yet very sweet vocals, and you have yourselves a
happy go lucky drive with the chords flowing over and caressing your skin.  I felt as if I
was transformed, sitting on a school bus, the sad character in
Soul Asylum’s 1993’s
Grave Dancers Union, then I wake up from my teenage drear and disdain, to the
fabulous, sunny delight, bright and natural, healthy forties.

Back To Love starts off with the very catchy
`Forty Years’, a song
about continuing to move forward, leaving behind the shadows,
sunlight, your home that you knew, to do your best to make out
good and just be gone  . It's a great way to start off the album for


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


Tom Goss grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, moved to DC in 2004 to enter Catholic
seminary in hopes of becoming a priest.  After that didn’t go as planned, Goss later
found himself through his charity work and through his partner, and began to make
music more of a full-time ambition.  His debut, album, Naked Without, was released in
2006 and was followed by Rise in January 2008.  

On a recent interview with T
he , Tom is asked about the birth of his
creativity and his level and intentions (if any) of expression.

“TNG:  How did you get started as a singer? When did you first start playing for an

Tom Goss:  I got a guitar when I graduated from high school, and it wasn’t long
before I was writing songs and playing for everybody.  I was a huge Dave Matthews
fan, and a large part of my playing was just sitting around the parking lot at
concerts playing songs my friends and I all knew.  So it was more about just being
with and entertaining friends, and being able to have the music that we liked more

TNG:  What do you hope your music would express to first time listeners thinking
about coming out to see you?

Tom Goss:  When I write my songs I always try to have the song be more hopeful at
the end than it was at the beginning.  I hope that listeners can recognize that, and
appreciate that… and can, as a result, feel as if there is more hope in their life than
when the song began.  I don’t pretend to know other people’s lives or experiences,
but I write about a lot of different things, and hopefully people can find a positive
message that they connect with.”

Goss plans to hit the road in support of Back To Love, delivering the message of his
new album to a wide range of listeners.  “I want people to listen to
Back To Love and
leave with a sense of hope and love greater than before,” says Goss.  “I want to start
conversations about love and loss, anger and forgiveness, hope
and fear, but most importantly integration, of self and of each other.  And at the same
time, I want to deliver the best batch of songs that I possibly could.”

In 2008, as well as the production and release of his first video, which was featured
nationally and eventually rose to #2 on MTV LOGO’s The Click List.

If you've never experienced Tom Goss in full then you need to give this album a chance.
Tom Goss is definitely one that everyone should take notice of for he has what most of
these media darlings lack, simple unconditional talent. From his head down to his
toes he's absolute musical creative perfection.

CLICK HERE for more Armando Diaz, Jr.