and are caring a flaming naked lady zippo lighter however, you will look like a player.

4.  Get out

You can't get a date by sitting on your ass.  Hang out with friends.  Go to house parties.  Join a
book club.  Start a book club.  Go to AA.  Do something.

5.  Be happy

No one wants to date a Debbie Downer.  And women know how to spot them, because they've
been depressed before and can easily see the signs.  Sit and stand up straight.  Keep your chin
up, smile, and laugh.  Laughing is so sexy, unless you sound like a hyena.  But even those laughs
can grow on ya.

6. Online dating

I know there is some controversy over this, but it works if you go to the right places.  I will soon post
tips on how to setup an appealing profile.  Go to a well known site and skip the freaky ones.  FYI, OUT.  Stay far far away.

7. Eye contact

Make eye contact with a girl you find attractive.  She is not going to know you're interested if you are
ogling at your phone all night.  If she looks at you more than a few times and smiles, given that you
are not staring, she's more than likely interested.  Make a move hotstuff.    MAY | MAYO 2010

Top Ten Tips on How to Meet Your Future Girlfriend
I've been around the block so you don't have to
by Angela von Aschwege

1.  Go to a lesbian joint alone
Gasp!  You don't go anywhere by yourself.  Well time to suck it up ladies and be
comfortable in your own skin.  There is nothing more attractive than an independent
woman.  Now you don't always want to go to a bar alone, otherwise people will start
wondering why you don't have any friends.  But now and again, look cute, and go get
yourself a beer or soda.  Don't sit in a corner and look like a stalker.  Sit where people
will be forced to walk by you now and again.

2. Compliment without being creepy

Let's face it.  Some of us have a tendency to be a bit creepish. "That shirt is so cute."
-right.  "That shirt makes your rack look fabulous"-wrong.  Don't complement on
physical features, it's a little risky.  I recommend waiting until after the first date before
you comment on her killer behind.

3. Be prepared or conveniently unprepared

If you smoke, leave your lighter at home and politely ask for one
from her or her friends.  If you don't smoke, bring matches.  Even
if you don't want your future girlfriend to be a smoker, her friends
might still need a light, and you'll be there.  If you don't smoke


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8.  Have something to say

Make a joke about yourself.  Talk about something that just appeared on the television, without
being too political.  Tell them that their drink looks good and ask what's in it.  If you don't talk,
chances are you will be invisible.

9.  Go to other places besides bars

Depending on where you live, you get the same old people going to the same old places.  Check
online for GLBT gatherings and community events in your area.  Heck, join a GLBT cause and do
some good for your community while meeting people.

10. Single does not equal death

You don't NEED a girlfriend.  Being dateless won't kill you.  Sure, it sucks being alone occasionally
but if you surround yourself with friends and things to do, you will stop obsessing over the fact that
you're single.  Don't complain about being alone.  When you are finally comfortable being single,
that's when one is going to snag you up.

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Angela von Aschwege was born in
London, England but grew up in the United
States.  She has lived in the Lone Star
State for 16 years, long enough to consider
herself a native Texan. With over 100 hours
of undergraduate schooling, a resume full
of odd jobs, a laundry list of dating
experiences, and an active member of the
GLBT social scene, Angela has often been
labeled as a Professional Lesbian.  After
several years of performing open mic
stand-up comedy routines, Angela has
now focused on writing as an outlet for her
unique and comedic insight into lesbian
culture, and is happy to be a new
contributor to Ambiente Magazine.

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