chance to say her good-byes, Cavallari was already moving in and re-arranging the

Like Heather Locklear was introduced to turn up the heat on
Melrose Place, the
expectation on Cavallari to resuscitate the world of
The Hills would be no small feat.  
With Conrad wanting out, the rest of the ladies on the show including Montag, didn’t
seem to have the draw or inspiring personality that would bring audiences back for
another season.  Kristin remembers, “It was like: if the ratings drop, it was all on me.”  
And MTV pulled no punches on the marketing front with an ad campaign heralding
Bitch is Back!
 “There was a lot of pressure, but I can’t hold up the whole show by
myself,” Cavallari admits, “Everyone has to.”  

And what about that rather bold slogan MTV used to draw audiences into the show’s
changing line-up?  It seems unfair that whenever a young woman is defined as
outspoken or aggressive, it’s fair game to label her a “bitch”.  With an audience of
mostly girls ages 16-25, who look to her as a role-model it seemed rather nasty...
confrontational!  Cavallari certainly has her own take on it.  “It’s sending out the wrong
message.  I’m very honest, and I go after what I want.  I speak my mind.  If that’s a
‘bitch’, well then fine.  It’s easy [for the sake of the show] to label someone a bitch.  I
knew what I was getting myself into.”  

But very soon life on
The Hills, at least a life intervened by a multi-camera crew and
lights set-up will be but a fond memory, as the final season has just premiered on
MTV.  Cavallari does have mixed emotions about the impending series end.  “It’s
bittersweet.  We’ve been working together for a while.  I was kind of expecting it, with it
being the last season, but we are a family...and I know we’ll all move on to bigger and
better things.  It’s going to be sad -- we’re still  in the middle of shooting, so it hasn’t hit
me yet.”

Emotions?  Feelings of regret?  From a young woman who comes across purposefully
one-sided on the reality series!  Kristin Cavallari immediately becomes a study in
contrasts.  She knowingly laughs, “The show doesn’t capture every aspect of my life.”  
Indeed it doesn’t.    JUNE | JUNIO 2010

Kristin Cavallari | A World Beyond
The Hills
By JC Alvarez

In today’s world of scripted-reality TV dramas MTV’s The Hills has the fortitude of having
been the forerunner of the genre.  Way back when the show’s producers decided to
turn their evasive cameras in on a group of silver-spooned high schoolers from Orange
Country, the first experiment was born: Laguna Beach.  It made stars of it’s centrifugal
character Lauren Conrad and later Steven Colletti, who went on to join the cast of the
hit television drama series
One Tree Hill, but there was a third member of this love
triangle that made an impression with LB fans, and several seasons later when LC
had made the decision to leave The Hills it appeared the time was appropriate enough
to shake things up.

Enter Kristin Cavallari.

Like the iconic Joan Collins storming the courtroom on Dynasty in the 80’s, or Heather
Locklear landing the keys to
Melrose Place in the 90’s, in the new multi-media
millennium of reality-television-come-lately, Cavallari made quite an entrance on her
first day on
The Hills.  Like her aforementioned predecessors, Kristin sauntered into
church in her Sunday best, a guest attending Hills co-star Heidi Montag’s much
ballyhooed nuptials, and even before Lauren has had a


Fresh-Squeezed Paradise

Cavallari participated in Adam Bouska’s NOH8 photo project
protesting the passing of California’s Proposition 8.  She’s an
advocate for the gay community and supports same-sex
marriage.  “To see how heartbroken people were when Prop 8
happened, and when people are so in just woke so many
people up!  It’s so unfair.  Who made up these rules?  Everyone is
an equal.  If it’s not affecting you, why would you be against
same-sex marriage?”

In a show of solidarity and of course to uphold her impeccable fashion sense, Kristin
even sported during the course of her publicity appearances promoting her return to
The Hills the “Fight For Equality” necklace.  The profoundly empowering design
demonstrated the wearers dedication to the equality movement and benefitted the
American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and the True Colors Fund which was
spearheaded by Cyndi Lauper.  Celebrities
aren’t required to choose a cause as a prerequisite to maintaining their popularity, and
certainly don’t have to get their hands dirty.  But as some will come to learn more about
Kristin Cavallari beyond the image of her brash, reality show persona, there’s more
here than meets the eye.

Cavallari is dedicated to several charitable causes, and not the kind she just lends her
name and image to.  She gets into the trenches especially with One Kid One World.  “I
just went to El Salvador, and I’ll also be going to Kenya soon, to help rebuild schools...
we completely redo them, bring in text books and provide for the children’s education.  
If these kids aren’t attending school, they’re just getting into a whole lot of trouble.  You
start with one kid at a time.”

Its Cavallari’s honesty and fierce attitude that have endeared her to her growing gay fan
base.  She’s looked into the face of adversity and persevered regardless of what
anyone has personally thought of her.  A quality that a disenfranchised culture can
identity with.  And when asked about her up-and
-coming status as a gay icon, Kristin shyly laughs.  “I’ve a lot of gay friends.  I’ve been
surrounded by gay people my entire life.  To me it just is what it is -- it isn’t anything out of
the ordinary.”  But of course the expectation that the community places on
it’s divas could be quite daunting.  “I love that!  I think I can handle it.”  Kristin decides she’s
prepared for the challenge.

So much dimension from a young woman whom audiences have come to digest from a
singular perspective, Kristin Cavallari embraces the phenomenon that The Hills has
become and the opportunities that it’s given her.  “Lauren, Steven and I got started on
Laguna Beach, and I’m really proud that we’ve all gone on and proven we can be really
successful when this reality show thing was just getting started.  
We’re always going to have this.”  And embraces the next phase of her life.  Challenges that
will include more TV productions:  “I’ve learned a lot being back on The Hills about
production and seeing the magic happens that goes on in front and behind the camera.”  
Perhaps even movies: “I’d love a career like Cameron Diaz; she can do anything from
comedies to performances that will blow you away like in Vanilla Sky.”

There’s a profound joy in Cavallari’s laugh.  It convinces you that this is an individual who is
very conscious of the path set before, in control of her destiny and not at the
mercy of the  gifted whims of an editor combing the bits of her life for that winning sound
byte.  But whatever it is that Cavallari will be sharing with her audiences, either in the realm
of reality television, or movies, you can bet that as she exits The Hills that infamous
statement “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” will very well apply to this ambitious beauty.

Kristin Cavallari is currently featured in the final season of MTV’s
The Hills which airs
Tuesday nights on MTV.  For more information on
One Kid One World the charity she
currently is involved in goto:

The Fight For Equality necklace is available through and continues
to support AFER and the True Colors Fund.

Photos by Matthias Clamer

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