ES  | “The book tells all kinds of stories, from all different points of
my adulthood -- from being 20 and into my 40’s.  There are things
that weren’t so nice.”

It’s overall very entertaining.  There’s a lot going on in it.

ES |  “There are parts that are heartbreaking, and others that are
scary and still others that are
mental gymnastically smart.”

Kind of like your stand-up.

ES  | “There are two lines in the book, that are from my act but I didn’t
want the book to be an account of my stand-up.  Stand-up is so off
the cuff.  I didn’t want my story to be like that.  Individually the jokes
can be brilliant, but not 250 pages of that.”

You also dish out some of your relationship experience, which is of
course complicated by the fact that dating in a metropolis like New
York City can be a challenge for anybody -- you compare the
revelation to an experience you had when you decided to adopt a cat.

ES  |“We live in a city where it’s impossible to keep up!  It’s OK that
some days I’m an asshole, and it’s OK that some days I’m Prince
Charming.  Some days I’m 5 years old!  It comes down to trying.  I
fare far better when I judge people by what they are
trying to be
rather than for what they are.  And I have fish now...they’re relaxing.”

Your friend and fellow comedian Bob Smith, the first openly gay
comic to be featured on
The Tonight Show,  encouraged you to write
the book.    MAY | MAYO 2010

Comedian Eddie Sarfaty joins the Tea Party!
By JC Alvarez

Not that he needs an excuse to speak his mind, comedian Eddie Sarfaty has never
shied away from imparting his brand of humor to his legion of fans.  A veteran of the
stand-up comedy circuit Eddie is counted among one of the first gay comics to openly
express himself.  Yes...he’s known for therapeutically letting it all hang out during his
sets, and it’s certainly endeared him to his growing audience.  The featured comic on
LOGO’s Wisecrack, Sarfaty has been spreading the gospel on his recent Mental
Comedy Tour in support of his book
Mental: Funny in the Head.  His comedy is
relatable and often speaks from his life experience, but as I caught up with him
recently, I discovered that Eddie has been living somewhat in his head lately.

One of my favorite moments of Mental is at the top of the book.
It’s the coming out story because everyone can relate.

Eddie Sarfaty  |“Or not.  I visited a friend’s house for the holidays...a friend who is like 45
and I started to say something and his mother was like...
grandma doesn’t know -- and I
was like really?  We can’t expect people to get over the discomfort of the subject if we
can’t get over our own discomfort.   You kinda have to own your dignity to get out of that

Well it’s nice that
Mental does have a range and that you don’t
take yourself too seriously in it; it still has the infamous


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


You just poke fun at yourself!  I’m sorry -- I’m not picking on you.

“You will never be able to beat me up as much as I’m able to beat myself up.”

But where Eddie is concerned, it could all just all be funny in the head.

For more on Eddie Sarfaty goto

Eddie Sarfaty will be coming to South Florida to teach a special workshop in comedy at
the Red Barn Theatre in Key West, May 10-22.  The class is open to new comers and
seasoned performers interested in developing material, fine tuning their writing, and
honing their professional skills.  To register call and contact the Red Barn Theatre Box
Office at 305-296-9911 or go online at

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ES |  “The last thing I wrote that wasn’t a joke was a paper during
finals week in college, but I had written my first short story which was
to be published in an anthology -- it was the ‘grandma coming out
story’ and people responded to it!  I started getting all these e-mails
which really surprised me!  I’ve never even thought about writing to
anyone [a celebrity or actor] -- it sort of seemed so disparate
.  But it was really nice.”

Things just came together!

ES | “Four stories later I had an agent
and a publisher.”

OK...let’s get current, because you’ve been on the move and keeping

ES|  “I just got the TV reconnected in my apartment!  I have the
attention span of a Yorkshire terrier!  It’s completely insane.  I’m so
out of touch.  I just end up sort of using it for Netflx.”

I don’t like having a television in my bedroom.

ES |  “Why?  What do men
do in there anyway?”

Like I know.  That’s where I spend most of my time returning e-mail,
and on the internet.  I used to have really great handwriting...

ES | “I know...and now it looks like you missed that year of
schooling.  I blame so many problems that are coming to light like
ADD, depression on our [growing] dependency on computers.  
Sometimes I write beautifully...other times it’s
hurried.  It could be neurological.”

I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

ES  | “I was signing a book and I couldn’t calm down enough.  It
should look like the person who is signing the book, was capable of
writing the book.  I didn’t take typing in high school because,
I didn’t
want to be somebody’s secretary
.  And like takes me forever
to type stuff.  But what I’m grateful for is writing really helps me to
pick my words more carefully.”

You’ve been performing all across the nation entertaining your fans
and promoting your book, you must have come across all sorts.  Let’
s talk politics.  What do you think of that
Tea Party Movement?

ES | “Tea hosting!  That was a financial aid job at my college.  
Everyday at 3 o’clock they would serve tea in the Rose parlor of the
main building.  It was highly coveted cause there were cookies

I’m referring of course to the surging rise and attention on Sarah
Palin and her geared-right patriots, and the fiscally conservatism of
Tea Party revolution.

ES  |“They keep calling it a ‘movement’, but it’s just a big collection of
angry people -- I’m looking forward to the in-fighting.  I don’t like
picking on people in my act, certainly when they’ve paid to see me
be funny -- and they might pick on me back.  And I don’t need that!  
But Sarah Palin sure does a lot of stupid and dangerous things!  I’m
certainly not telling jokes that are antagonistic to gay people.”