my rocking chair and day dream or meditate and build my world in my mind to create it outside
of it. I have always enjoyed my own company, but I love people, conversing and
sharing thoughts. Making connections with other humans is very important for my spiritual
growth. I am a very deep person, sensitive, loving and nurturing. I wish I could make all the
pains of the world go away, I would give my life if I could change it all. That is why I came here
on earth to help with the healing that is about to transcend, and that is why I have done all that I
have done in my life, my path, my journey to this day has been selfless.

A | May I ask are you boxers or briefs?

M | I have both, I enjoy boxers to hang around with just a t shirt, and I wear the briefs if I am
going to go out, boxers give me wedgies if I wear them with tight jeans.

A  | With the overall tone of "Enslaved" and it's perspective on the human condition, is there
light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who are lucky enough to awake?

M  | Yes there is hope, I believe in us, the strength humans possess is beyond words, most
are not aware of it, but my human family is amazing, they have just forgotten who they are and
just need to be nudged. If you notice in the back of the album there are two birds flying away
from the prison. I believe we will all awaken and free ourselves from the chains. I believe
humanity needs to be loved unconditionally, stop being told that they are bad, sinner in need of
repentance, instead they need to be praised loved and given more credit than the religious,
political and the financial institutions and it's wardens who have created the vicious cycle we
see before us today, have given us. The time for change is now, and I will do everything within
my powers to bring that awareness and help humanity free themselves. I may not be to
popular with many of the systems, but I am not here for popularity I am here to do the right

A | Are you in love at the moment?

M  |  I am in love with Love, with life with the feeling I feel inside of me, and  the feeling
affected vocals of “No One Will Be Coming”, whose lyrics combine elements of George
Orwell’s 1984, alien enslavement, and the Book of Revelations. Each song, however, has a
place of its own. "

Mr. Mark Angelo has given us an album that begs to be listened to over and over again.  It’s
especially a great cruising CD, you know those nice long “I feel like thinking” drives.  Each
time you listen to it, you might just pick up another sound or another lyric you may have
missed before, and that's what puts the pieces of this album together.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Mark on a busy performing and interview week, as he
was also present at this year’s 2010 Miami Beach Gay Pride.
(Armando) - Mark congratulations on your performance at the Museum of Art Fort
Lauderdale! How did you like that?

(Mark) - I love to perform, or should I say I love to share a piece of me with the world. When I
am on stage, singing the words that I write from the heart, it allows me to connect with
humanity. I tap in to something greater than me when I write and many times they are
messages that I am suppose to bring forth to help with the healing of our planet, so
therefore my performance is an extension of my higher self. I enjoyed performing at the
Museum it was a great experience.

Armando | So Mark you're a transman on a mission!  Your album is a call for self
awareness, tell me a little bit about your "call to action".

Mark |  My call to action is to create awareness and awaken the inner spirit in humanity, to
have people realize that there is more to life than what they have been programmed to
believe. We have been to taught to hate ourselves and each other    MAY | MAYO 2010

“…And you call this freedom”
Review of Mark Angelo’s album “Enslaved”
by Armando Diaz, Jr.

On Thursday, April 15, 2010, the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern
University, continued its FREE Third Thursday monthly event series with a special
music performance, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm by Fort Lauderdale folk rock vocalist and
acoustic guitarist Mark Angelo Cummings.  

Mark Angelo es un artista GLBT orgulloso de ser cubano-americano.  
El ha estado escribiendo y tocando su música desde una edad muy joven.
Su viaje le ha inspirado a llevar adelante el mensaje de amor y aceptación
para todos.  La inspiración de Marcos viene de lo mas aya.  Estando en
sintonía con la energía universal que nos conecta a todos, es lo que separa
a sus canciones de los demás. Su música nos ofrece inspiracion y
empoderamiento, y tocará a su corazón de manera como ningún otro
escritor lo ha hecho antes. Su folk rock  áspero, y el estilo directo de sus
mensajes te llevará a pensar fuera de la caja.

Mark writes and sings his own songs. The title track and wake up call, "Enslaved" is my
favorite song, with "It’s Been A While" a very close second, as it seems to be the story
of my love life. Even as a man I also felt touched by the bittersweet track “Little Glass
Princess”, how insecurity can be born from the
environment around you and eventually became your own
prison.  “Love Only Knows Love” carries a happy go lucky tune,
with a very intense straightforward message about the
indefinable and endless boundaries of love. Throw in the
with ulterior motives, because the more we are divided as a species through our
color, gender, sexual preference, political, religious and financial views, the more those in
power have control over us. Divide so they can conquer. It is evident, is it not, look at the
world we live in? Everyone is fighting each other about something, yet fail to realize we are all
in it together and have more in common than we have differences. I want the people of the
world to finally get along, and learn to respect and love each other unconditionally, but it
starts with self love, something I have learn to do. Once you are aware of the enslavement
that we have been living in for many years, and learn to escape and break the chains then I
believe we are free and finally happy. In the mean time we are like hamsters on a wheel and
not knowing that we are actually slaves of our thoughts, which are not even our own they are
someone else's programs and indoctrinations, and slaves of a system I like to call the matrix.

A | Do you have any special ritual(s) you do before hitting the stage?

M |  I warm up my voice, I connect with my higher self, which in fact is me in another
dimension, we all have this other persona in a higher realm that has evolved and are helping
us evolve in this 3rd plane. It sounds bizarre I know, but it is very deep and spiritual,
something I am all about, hence the words to my music. I create a healing ritual before I start
so that I can send healing thoughts and frequencies to those around me. I have been told my
music is very hypnotic and soothing and makes people feel good. That is my goal to make
people feel good, feel loved and help them grow spiritually.

A | Do you have a favorite comfort food?

M | I love Sushi, that is my all time favorite, but cereal with protein powder instead of milk with
nuts and blueberries inside is always a nice calming treat for me. I eat very bland and
healthy. So when I want to be bad which is not often it's usually pizza.

A | When do you feel most at home?

M |  I love to be at home, creating, thinking connecting with source. I love to rock on


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

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Mark Angelo’s 16 track album “Enslaved: is now available through iTunes, I purchased the record
myself and it was very much worth it:

For more information on the folk singer/guitarist please visit:
or contact him directly via e-mail

Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale/NOVA Southeastern University
1984 by George Orwell
Interview with the morning show

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that reflects in everything I touch or feel. I love my Violet, I love my fans, and most of all. I love the
person I have grown to be.

A  | What can we expect from Mark Angelo in the coming year?

M | I want to tour, to get many to hear my voice and feel my love and help them love themselves. I
want to make more records, at the moment I have over 85 songs and plan to write more. Writing
is my passion, creating is as important to me as is breathing. I want to be a house hold name, I
want people to remember Mark Angelo for many years to come, but not for egotistical reasons,
instead I want to have made an impact in their lives and help them heal, love and free themselves
from the enslavement of this world.

It is impossible not to recognize a rising artistic talent in Mark Angelo. I find with all the
renewed over-saturation in many of today’s musicians, very few of them actually display a mastery
of craft, and even fewer of those actually have something to “truly” say. Mark clearly possesses
both - the music just reaches through the ears and grips a hungry mind.  This is a great record -
and one of the only albums I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone, regardless of their
Be who you were meant to be,
do what you are meant to do,
live your life to the fullest,
that is law.      
                                        – Mark Angelo