animal-instincts and those distinctive claws taste their first blood!  From their the young
Howlett goes on the run and is joined by his “brother” Victor Creed, played by renowned
thespian Liev Schreiber (who surprised me by revealing that he’s been a comic book
reader and X-Men fan for years), and the two seemingly kindred, mutant spirits live an
adventurous and perilous life seemingly for decades due to their unique ability to heal
rapidly and fight fate.

With that set-up one imagines that Origins will be one action sequence after another,
and don’t worry it is -- this is after all Wolverine’s story, and the story reveals how upon
finally finding himself in the service of a covert paramilitary organization of mutants
appropriately enough called “Team X”, the young  MAY | MAYO 2009

Hugh Jackman returns as X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE
is Unleashed on the Big Screen!
Review by JC Alvarez

When Hugh Jackman first sliced and diced his way into Hollywood super-stardom as
“Wolverine” in the first blockbuster X-Men, the feature film adaptation of the popular
MARVEL Comics characters, it was apparent even then that this hunk of a heartthrob
would be destined for greatness -- and then it happened: he was official elevated to the
title of People Magazine’s 2008 Sexiest Man of the Year.  This came as much of a
surprise to his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, who wondered if perhaps Brad Pitt was too
busy to have accepted instead, but she has no problem at all bedding the massively
muscled alter-ego Jackman brings to life in the latest X-Men flick.  In fact Hugh has
quoted, that perhaps his wife has a thing for the “bad-boy” -- sans the adamantium
metal claws, I’m sure!

And it’s interesting to learn in the prequel film X-Men Origins: Wolverine that Jackman’s
mutant maverick wasn’t always the hardened bad-ass that has popularized him as an
anti-hero.  In fact, the story opens with one rather sickly youngster James Howlett who
is doted on by his father, but once tragedy hits and James finds himself in a furious
state, he reveals for the first time his deadly
Howlett grows tired of the fight and violence that seems to have followed him and
leaves it all behind in pursuit of a quiet life in the Canadian Rockies, with a gorgeous
woman, one “Silverfox” (Lynn Collins) who has become the love of his life.  It all seems
like the picture perfect life, but when his former life “the one that he best at” begins to
track him down, the man that will become Wolverine, becomes plagued with one
tragedy after another.

“We couldn’t move on to other (Wolverine) stories without getting the origin story out of
the way,” Jackman confessed, but now with the revelation of how Wolverine acquires
his adamatium laced skeleton, challenges the devilishly obsessed “William Stryker”
(Danny Huston) who is hell bent on controlling every mutant on the planet and forging
them into the ultimate weapon -- one he will call “Weapon XI”.  Jackman is hopeful that
the next time his lead character returns to the big screen, the story told will delve deeper
into Wolverine’s deadlier nature.  He shared with a sly grin, “I’d love to tell the stories of
Wolverine’s adventures in Japan; we’re free to do that the next time -- we have

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at least one more story before we get back to when he joins the X-Men!”
Joined in this flick by the aforementioned Schreiber, who eventually becomes the
menacingly blood-thirsty assassin “Sabretooth” who wants to at all costs make
Wolverine pay for abandoning him, the two tussle through several bone-crushing
wrestling matches, as Sabretooth hunts down other mutants to add to his “mutant
army”.  Among those mutants who escaped Sabretooth’s ferocity is perhaps the only
other X-Man as popular as Wolverine!  “Gambit” (played by Taylor Kitsch of “Friday Night
Lights” fame) makes his debut in the film, wielding a deck of super-charged playing
cards and acrobatic antics!  Marquee favorite, the utterly charming Ryan Reynolds was
thrilled to be asked to play the wise-cracking, swordsman “Deadpool” (who is rumored
to be ready to spin-off into his own film of his own).  “I was introduced to Deadpool by
my brother, and immediately knew I wanted play him!” and with wife Scarlett Johansoon
co-starring as the “Black Widow” in next year’s Iron Man 2, there are now two super-
heroes in the household.  Reynolds couldn’t be happier!
The film is full of action, adventure in the true MARVEL Comics style and it doesn’t stray
from the mythology that has been established by the previous X-Men films.  Director
Gavin Hood wanted to make certain that it all remained true to the same sense of reality
that those film’s established, even in this world full of super-powered mutants that co-
exist alongside regular humans who fear and hate their genetically gifted brothers.  At
the core, that has always been the more interesting story-line within the X-Men films and
comics: the dedication of these heroes to create a safe haven for those like themselves,
and prevent the exploitation of their race by others who feel threatened by how “different”
and “special” these individuals are.  The goal of the X-Men is to be part of a world where
regular humans don’t fear them, and learn to coexist with one another.  They can only
be defended by heroes as dedicated as Wolverine and the uncanny X-Men!

Jackman admits that he’d love to reunite with the cast from X-Men especially if it served
the purpose to tell a great story: “Oh man...don’t you think I thought of every way I can get
Halle Berry into this picture?”  Charmingly, Hugh has great affection for his former cast
mates, and with over 70 years of MARVEL Comics stories there’s no doubt that the X-
Men will eventually return to the big screen, especially if Hugh Jackman is there to don
the claws that made him a Hollywood legend!  But for now X-Men Origins: Wolverine is
prepared to sedate even the most rabid fanboy and is a worthy summer blockbuster
able to appease the hungriest movie appetite!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber and opens in theaters
nationwide in May released by 20th Century Fox.

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